Tonight on Dynamite.

  1. They also gave him an incentive laden contract which stipulates he'll be provided with all the lasagna he wants.

  2. This has double-turn written all over it. Mox works heel, beats up the cat, busts him open, hits the Death Rider, goes for the pin, lights go out, then the whole arena starts to glow orange, before…

  3. Can we have a three way death match between Garfield, Luigi Primo and Yabo the clown? It might finally push Cornette into that heart attack he's been building to.

  4. "It says Jon on the contract... But it's not Moxley..." Jon Arbuckle comes out doing the Vince McMahon gorilla-arms walk.

  5. He’s about to turn to the camera with blood in his fur and exclaim “I HATE Wednesdays!” Before pulling out the lasagna fork.

  6. Jim Davis the creator of Garfield is from Indiana. He is licensing the character to various companies around the state including him being the mascot of the fair grounds arena.

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