I'm a 32F butcher from Australia, and I believe the world is losing touch with its food, so I want to help teach you. AMA

  1. I also run a podcast that covers some true crime aspects - in one of the episodes, we covered Katherine Knight, a butcher/abattoir worker who slaughtered her partner.

  2. When it comes to flavour, that has to be goat - it's lamb without that horrible greasiness. Best sausages I ever ate were goat.

  3. Hygine in some areas is on-point. In others, you'd stop eating meat if you knew. My old boss used to say if people knew half what happened to their meat before they bought it, they'd never eat it again.

  4. Would you say that you've gained a tremendous amount of overall strength since you started? I've always admired the sheer strength and accuracy it takes to be a really good butcher.

  5. You have no idea. I pulled a muscle in my belly once and I didn't realise how much I used it until I tried to break a cow the next day. The strength is in certain directions, however, usually in the pull/push/lift motions - but I can't do a push up to save me. I also have very good leg muscles from bracing. But lifting and carrying 2 x 20kg lamb carcasses? Piece of piss.

  6. It's complicated. The more time I spend around meat, the less of it I want to eat - that's just natural avoidance from dealing with it all day. If I don't have to cook it, I still find meat enjoyable, but I'm partial to a good cesar salad or crunchy apple if given the choice. I have a vegan friend and am related to 3 vegetarians bordering vegans, so I understand where that feeling comes from

  7. A beautifully marbelled scotch fillet, cooked to blue and served with steamed veggies topped with garlic butter. Heaven.

  8. OP, I have a few questions if you don't mind but it's pretty late where I am. Would it be ok if I write you another time? (questions regarding meat/baby food; chicken and deep frying)

  9. A whole dressed carcass? Yes, I've done goats and pigs. They take time, but the meat is amazingly tender. If you stuff the chest cavity with the right spices, the whole thing melts with flavour.

  10. Beef and red wine is just bangin', or pork and apple cider. Venison or buffalo with redwine depends on the cut and the vintage. Camel works great with a white wine garlic sauce. And of course, you have your traditional duck and bourbon sauce.

  11. Is it true that when you come across a cancer part in the meet, you cut it out and the normal part is going for sale? How often do you spot cancer in the meat?

  12. Generally, it's not cancer, it's an ulcer, or an abcess, or a healing bruise, or something harmless like that. If the affected area is big enough, we throw it away.if it's small, we just cut it out and sell the rest, as it's harmless meat.

  13. How would you suggest to get more in touch with food? I know this is quite a general question but what are some of your ideas that you think people could use to start?

  14. I am interested in why you moved from Organic meat to the supermarket, usually I have seen it go the other way, from lower to higher quality. What prompted you to make the shift? (Or is Organic meats a brand name in Australia?)

  15. Because the owner of the shop made his money, closed the shop and moved interstate. I had a choice of supermarket 1 or 2 at the time, as there are few independent shops here and they were all "full" at the time. :)

  16. The only difference is the price and the fat content (sometimes). Otherwise it's exactly the same and you're being ripped off. That's why I hate when people want ground eye fillet, it's a waste of good steak and proves the person has NO idea about their food, and has more money than sense.

  17. The ever-increasing numbers of people asking basic questions is a big give away. Gluten free sausages have been a thing for 30 years that's why we don't advertise it. Yes, the thing labelled "slow cook chuck" is good for slow cooking. Yes, you can slow cook anything and it will be delicious.

  18. I boned out a possum for a lady so she could make a stew for her grandfather. They're illegal to kill anywhere but Tasmania, so they get shipped up here. Otherwise, camel or crocodile, I guess (not the whole croc, don't want to bring Sobek down on me).

  19. I was eager to know this from someone who knows their way around meats, but is it really bad and unhealthy to eat chicken skin? My mom keeps telling me that but I don't believe her lol. I just wanna know the truth.

  20. No, it's not unhealthy. That's a remnant from the "fat is the enemy!!" Marketing blitz. Also, lots of people layer it with Salt, so there's that too.

  21. A few years ago British grocer Tesco got in trouble because horse meat was mixed with ground beef. Have you ever cut a horse, and do you have any industry perspective on the ethics of eating/selling horse meat?

  22. I have never slaughtered, cut or sold horse meat. My aunt had horses (she passed in 2020), so I have a personal perspective on the assholes (my ribs were never the same after the percheron kicked me).

  23. Best method for cooking sausages? Do different sausages benefit from different cooking techniques? Eg. Venison, beef, boerewors, etc

  24. Hey there thanks for the AMA. I’m from Ireland where meat hygiene is incredibly important and we have health campaigns to warn us of the dangers of not separating meats and using the same counter tops for different meats and it’s pretty endless, as such I’ve grown up to be quite aware of meat and kitchen hygiene. I moved to China a few years ago and had to start ordering imported meats. Mostly due to how unhygienic the butchers are. Some examples are the chopping board never getting cleaned, fish, chicken, pork, beef & everything else descaled and cut on the same board. Putting chicken into the freezer at night and taking it back out into the display in the day. Not washing anything. And use the chicken in the display to wet their fingers to open the window plastic bags and then putting the chicken into the bags by hand without even a sink nearby to clean before or afterwards. My question is how much of the western hygiene standards are precautionary and how much are actually important? Nobody here is getting sick the way the adverts back home would have me believe.

  25. I've been getting interested in butchery skills and home butchery over the last few months as an extension of doing more advanced cookery. It also means I can pay more respect to the foods and animals I consume.

  26. I say this a lot, but ask your local butcher. They're generally happy to give you pointers or demonstrate anything you want to know - I've shown the same guy how to bone out a lamb leg three times, he says he's almost got it :). An in-person butcher will be more likely to pick up anything you're missing as you talk to them, than what any internet source can offer!

  27. How does a farmer/food producer get started and sell to you and restaurants? I’m curious how does one go about getting clients

  28. This one I can only answer in the specific experience of what I witnessed with the organic butcher shop. The farmer came in, chatted to the owner, the owner said OK, send me a body in a couple of weeks. The farmer did so, the owner looked over the body, cut it, aged it, sold it and listened to feedback. It was damn good beef, so he picked up the farmer as a source. Their partnership went on for about 15 years, and the farmer would occasionally dip into town to check in and make sure everything was alright. Butchers are old school, so you're always going to want to try old school ways of contact - face to face first, etc.

  29. The first thing you're taught is to make mince and sausages. The second thing is how to sharpen our knives. Most butcher shops have knife sharpening services available, as we do it a minimum of once a week for our own kits.

  30. Thank you for the most interesting ama I’ve read in a long time! Your answers are great, and I have a few questions of my own (sorry I’ve you’ve answered them already)

  31. How can you distinguish a good butcher and good meats from a bad ones (quality of meats/quality of cuts) as a person who knows nothing about butchery or meats

  32. Kangaroo leather is more supple, and usually doesnt need as much oiling to remain so. It's also in ready supply, as we do a cull every year to keep the numbers under control (you think mice are a plague, try 5ft tall ones!). A lot of Aussie leather work is done with kangaroo leather.

  33. I'm an 20 years ago just started living alone what's the easiest part to cook that doesn't take so much time? I saw video they say steak is fast and easy

  34. Ok so random but I just bought 1/4 cow. Last night I cooked a steak that was TERRIBLE!! The recipe called for top sirloin, I grabbed tip sirloin thinking it was just another name for the same thing. Then I seared each side in oil for 3 minutes, then cooked in oven for 12 minutes (as recipe indicated). It was nowhere near done, so I did another 10 minutes and it was done. Omg we couldn’t eat it though. It was tough and chewy like really firm gristle or something. We gagged until we just threw it away and ordered a pizza. I realize it was a different cut meat…but wtf??? Why was it so…cartilaginous or whatever? 🤢

  35. Truth? I worked at the shop slicing small goods during my uni degree and was too lazy to find another job. By the time I'd been there 12 months I saw 4 apprentices and 3 butchers come and go from the business. I figured I could do better and see it through.

  36. Pet mince is what's left over - chicken pet mince is basically chicken skin, bones, feet, all ground down into a slurry that, surprisingly, smells like boiled peas.

  37. I stopped eating meat roughly a decade ago, because it really sunk in that I don’t have it in me to butcher my own meat. I feel that if I can’t bring myself to kill an animal, I don’t deserve to eat it. With that in mind, do you ever feel guilty for killing/butchering an animal?

  38. No, I don't. As I like to quote, fish gotta swim, bird's gotta eat. We're made for eating meat, maybe not so fancy, but we are. To deny it is to deny being human.

  39. When there is another poorly referenced campaign every day eith spurious "facts" about meat, in your opinion how could the "bad" industry ever reclaim a reasonable standing and put forward honest facts about high standard meat rearing?

  40. Take the non-pretty cuts - facings off steaks, odd bits, bits you didn't mean to cut off- mince them up. Add 100ml water for every kg of meat, 100g rice flour for the same, plus herbs and spices. Mix together, mince a second time. Run it through a filler (looks a bit like a dalek), using natural (gut) or synthetic (collagen) casings. Tie, twist, hang for a day to let them drain and 'set', then cut and display.

  41. Why does the chicken now sold in grocery stores taste so badly?!? Like a consistency of wood if it’s not milk soaked for a day before. What is that?

  42. I heard from a anime, that if you find yourself with no food in the woods, you can actually eat moose testicles, not sure if raw, or just very easy to prepare, of course the hardest part would be to catch the damn thing and take it down but, i am curius if there are any truth to it.

  43. You got any secret butchery codes? I’m a 30F butcher in UK (or a pretend butcher really, I can only do basic shit). We call old meat ‘delo’, wondered if it was the same in Aus?

  44. Yeat, I speak rechtub klat. Out of practice a bit, and was usually only taught pervy phrases or stuff you don't want normies to know :) "gib stit on the lrig", stuff like that.

  45. Those of us on the front lines have seen it for a while, but the monopolisation of our food into big superstores is only hurting us.

  46. How do you feel about offal? A bushie cooked me sheeps bowel and it was delish, but I always have trouble getting anything of the sorts

  47. Tongue is beaut, don't much like the rest of it, smells funky and seen it rotting too many times to ever thing it yummy. The only intestines I eat are sausage casings

  48. Have you heard about that tick that makes people allergic to meat? I don’t think the science community is taking it seriously enough.

  49. We butcher animals at work and I'm sure you have great skills. We do pre-1850s so it's just knives and hatchets historically.

  50. Why do you think some people have moral issues with eating some animals, but not others? Even those who are considered similliar in their social abilities such as pigs and dogs?

  51. It's the "cute animal" psychology, coupled with the "useful" psychology. We only started eating cattle in earnest when we didn't need them so much to pull our plows. Cats and dogs still have a "use", they're usually cute, and they generally don't have the good-quality meat to justify it.

  52. Not op but I offer this: When you get take out, get an extra side of rice and freeze it in a freezer bag at home.

  53. How hard is a lamb to process compared to a deer or pig? Lamb is stupid expensive here. And I’d really like to get some. Me the wife and her dad processed two 400lb pigs in a weekend. Just curious how hard a lamb is, I’d assume it’s closer to doing a deer?

  54. Closer to deer, yes. Bit stiffer, but that's the fat. Much easier to wrangle, lambs are only 20kg/ 42lb? (Mental conversion, take with a grain of salt) dressed, while pigs are almost 100kg (220lb?)

  55. when vegans come up with the argument that we wouldn't eat dogs so why other animals deserve to suffer, while on this ama everyone's basically asking for ways to eat our own damn species.

  56. how difficult is it to dislocate the hip socket of a 1 month old calf? asking cause we had an attack on our farm and the inner organs were missing and the hip visibly dislocated

  57. The only thing holding the hip joint of any animal on place is a single tendon. It's easy to pop, especially with a twist.

  58. Fellow Aussie here, why is lamb so expensive? We have sheep farms as a primary industry but prices for the meat show it's a total delicacy. What's the logic behind this?

  59. Because people will pay for it, like everything else. You can complain that lamb cutlets are $43/kg, but when you still walk away with 1kg, they have your money and don't care.

  60. We are losing touch with food because housing, utilities, gas and groceries are at all time highs and they're squeezing every last cent from us. But go on ...

  61. It happened long before now. If it didn't, I would have had to advise a 40-something mum yesterday on how to cook sausages.

  62. It's only chefs who talk about everyone "losing touch with food", citing city slickers that "don't understand" that the food they eat was once alive and etc.

  63. It's true none the less. My favourite trick is freaking out the kids by showing them the fridge with the hanging bodies. Then mum and dad has to explain that their sausages were once alive.

  64. i love biltong. i cannot find it since i moved from NSW and i would like to know what is most similar to it and where i can easily find it! thanks :)

  65. Biltong is thick-cut jerky, from what I understand. You can make it yourself or try Billabong or Swagman jerky. I love Swagman, 1kg lasts me about 5 days num num

  66. Does the physical labor of butchery allow you to have a ripped or muscular physique? Am curious esp being a female butcher dealing with many kgs.

  67. You can definitely ask. Some goes into chicken sausages, some goes into pet mince, the rest goes into fat and bone for upcyclong into fertiliser.

  68. I've been doing it since I was a kid in one form or another (great-granddad was a butcher, so are some cousins). Just natural for me.

  69. It's a long time coming. We as a race waste so much of the animals we eat. If we consume less, means we slaughter less, means we breed less, means more of the animal is used again.

  70. If you need me to amputate, yes. If you need me to follow a muscle seam down and remove something, sure, won't be pretty, but it could be done.

  71. I like boning out and breaking a lamb leg down. When I get bored at work, I break down a lamb leg onto individual muscle groups instead of the cuts, because it takes time and keeps my skills sharp. And customers never complain about the extra-lean diced lamb that results from it :)

  72. If you’re eating meat, you’re out of touch with food…we are not even supposed to cook our food. And yet here you are giving advise….

  73. A few times, but mostly on the internet. One of my friends decided she couldn't be friends when I started the apprenticeship because she was vegan, but that's the worst I've gotten :)

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