I'm non binary AMA

  1. tomboy is a women who just dresses and acts more masculine but being non binary is having no attachment to either gendet

  2. I had long hair when I was 14. An alcoholic sitting on a bench mistook me for a girl and cat called me. I found this degrading and uncomfortable. Is that how you feel when people call you a girl?

  3. Why do you lead with this, non-binary? Is this the most interesting thing about you? Because I don’t find it all that interesting. It’s a statement of fact - like when I say “my name is Sue” or “I’m married.” I would care to know more about who you are than what you are.

  4. I don't lead with it in a normal conversation but I know that people have questions about enbys. that's why i said ama. That is what this sub reddit is for

  5. Is it possible to be non-binary but pronoun indifferent? And can you be non binary if you more feel detached to gender in general than it being an issue of wanting to be seen a certain gender? I'm having similar issues and not sure how to put it into words.

  6. yeah of course! pronouns don't equal gender. And non binary just means an umbrella term for people who do not identify with Male or female

  7. It wasn't really like a sudden thing. I knew I wasn't a girl and felt uncomfortable with she/her pronouns at a very young age but never thought much of it until I was 14. I dont know exactly how but ineas just lying in bed one night and it just clicked. I was so happy when I came out because I could finally look in the mirror and see something other than a girl.

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  10. How do you feel about people who pretend to be non binary for attention? Do you feel they derail the cause for the real ones?

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