Uhhhhm what part of the psychological warfare does this fall under? I’m unsure what witty rebuttal to give. Uhhhh HODL? lol

  1. They know the Apes are winning and want to try and get on our good side. Little do they know, Apes are like elephants, we don’t forget. Too little too late.

  2. It falls under the “oh shit, the people who have been paying us to write hit pieces for the past 17 months are about to all go broke, and we’ve spent the past 17 months alienating a large part of our potential reader base” part.

  3. Take note of all these "authors"/"contributors" and make sure they are held accountable for their actions.

  4. This to me is a signal that we are about to go on a run, they will say they were right and timed the market correctly. It'll run probably triple digit and then come down like our $72 run and they will say its over.

  5. I'm HODLing both. For me, whichever moons first will be BUYing MORE SHARES of the other. Rinse and repeat until the shorts are completely 🔥!

  6. Probably want boomers to buy it, so they can sell them an iou and first swing they will paper hand and sell for a loss.

  7. 3000 sell recommendations & now this? Only slightly suspect. Just because they told me so, I added more to my holdings today. NOT!

  8. They have to print things like this so they can say they were on the right side of history. It’s all about the story told not always about the truth.

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