anyone looking to jump? what's your advice?

  1. I've seen on this subreddit folks who have responded and said that APE killed this play and how AA screwed us. Read some of my other posts. So there are some in the audience that may be struggling with the same thoughts. So looking to see if others are thinking the same and where they likely will transfer to.

  2. You guys are probably ripping on a terd bucket that has 20 shares. Please sell pos Ill buy them at $8.

  3. You should sell now. That way we don't have to count on you to hold when shorts start closing. You could look at the sticks doing the best right now so you can get in on them at the top and sell at the bottom too.

  4. You should definitely jump. From 34 to 8 is more than 75% loss. You are the supreme example of a fucktard! Please tell us what you buy so we can ascertain how awesome you’re doing. Buy high, sell low! Next time sell when you’re 95% down! Make history! Love it!

  5. My thought is either LAZR or NIO. NIO is at a great price but a little concerned aboutbthe chinese audit. LAZR will definitely be bought out by a manufacturer. Maybe even TSLA

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