Should I get health insurance?

  1. When I was your age, I had gotten my first adult job and had been on my own insurance for 9 months. I was riding my bike to work and a lady in an SUV blew a stop sign, T boned me, and dragged me 50 feet under her car. I was wearing a helmet, so I'm alive, but I broke 13+ bones, most of them in my spine, skull, and torso, and I had damage to three organs.

  2. Personally I wouldn't risk it. If you were in an accident, had a stroke or aneurysm, or were diagnosed with a serious chronic health condition like MS or cancer it would be financially devastating.

  3. 18 years old when I had my stroke. People don’t think it happens to young people, but it does. If I didn’t have health insurance my bill would of been over $300,000. Get health insurance folks.

  4. You could look into high deductible plans. They pay for your annual preventative visit and a few preventative prescriptions. Everything else you pay yourself unless you have a really large medical bill. You could put money into an HSA which is tax advantaged for any medical costs you incur.

  5. OP, I’m not sure how you’re planning to get insurance, but the healthcare marketplace for your state would have various options including a high deductible one.

  6. Yes. Two months after I went off of my parents insurance, through no fault of my own, I suffered a bad head injury that cost me $36k. Wish I woulda spent the money on insurance, but there was no healthcare marketplace back then and it would have cost me more than $700 a month. If you can get it, do it.

  7. Can you afford an ambulance ride and an operation for a broken arm or an appendicitis? This is tens of thousands of dollars. If not, go ahead and get the insurance

  8. I would think very carefully about my "thyroid issue" that gets checked every year. I don't know what you mean by that, but when they check it, can the answer be either 1) you're fine, see ya next year or 2) Something bad has shown up, prepare to pay bills for treatment upward of $100,000?

  9. Health insurance is always a good thing to have because you never know what could happen!! Check the insurance marketplace on and you’ll hopefully be able to find affordable coverage :) Or, as the previous commenter suggested, see if you're eligible for Medicaid! One other option is if there are benefits available through your employer!

  10. I'm your age 26, had to get on one. I unexpectedly broke my hip. Cost 4k out of pocket with ppo, would've been 80k. 100% not worth the risk nor having insurance.

  11. High deductible plans (5k, 10k, etc.) have much lower premiums (monthly payment to have the insurance). They're very useful to protect yourself from going broke due to serious injury or illness.

  12. I'm going to be in debt for the rest of my life because I didn't have health insurance in my 20s. I got a viral infection, it spread to my brain in like a week or two, tjen spent months in the hospital and then more time in physical rehab because I was so weak I physically could not stand/walk.

  13. Is this related at all to meningitis / encephalitis? I know someone that almost died from this, and they had to go through speech and physical therapy. They negotiated their hospital bills down by just saying, “this is what I can pay, sorry”

  14. I’ve been pretty healthy, but at 38 I injured my neck. I thought I pulled it, turned out to be a dissected artery that sent me to the ICU for a weekend with a stroke.

  15. Definitely get insurance. But not all plans are the same. If it’s through your job, check with coworkers that have it already and see if it would be good for your needs. If it sucks, look into Obamacare plans.

  16. Yes, you may be healthy but there are a lot of people around you that do dumb things that can cause you injury.. then there is nature.. one fall on ice the wrong way will mess you up. Health insurance is one of those things you really need because unlike extended warranties, you actually will use it at some point.

  17. I have it i pay $330 a month and never use it and when i do go to the doctor i still have to pay cause the insurance never covers anything. I have united healthcare with a $3000 deductible. Blah I’m 28

  18. I got it really cheap. And there's another program now (I think? Not sure if it's the same one) that keeps getting advertised to me on Facebook.

  19. get health insurance your health can take a nosedive completely unexpectedly or you could get hit by a drunk driver or catch covid like. unless you have thousands of dollars socked away in an emergency fund, get health insurance. depending on your income you might qualify for medicaid?

  20. Dude get insurance. I’m healthy, see the doctor a few times a year and had some gnarly stomach pains so I went to the hospital. Turns out I had early appendicitis, surgery the next day. I had no idea I was sick. I woke up fine but by 11am I knew something was wrong. I have no idea what the bill will be for everything but I’m thankful I have fantastic insurance. It’s better to have and not need than to need and not have.

  21. I’m a pretty healthy person; I’m young, I work out 6 days a week, and I eat fairly well. Didn’t stop me from getting cancer. Insurance is a waste of money, until it isn’t. But the money I spend on my insurance doesn’t compare to the amount I would have spent on treatments and surgeries had I not been covered.

  22. To me it is kind of crazy that we have lived thousands of years without health insurance and the system has been changed to where you can not see a doctor with health insurance.

  23. I am 49 without health insurance and haven't been to the doctor since 1992. It's up to you to decide the acceptable amount of risk. You could always get in an accident or you could be 49 and afford to go do something because you didn't spend 100,000 on a product or service you never used.

  24. You’re getting downvoted to hell but some people do not understand how insanely corrupt the health care system is, and how cash pay can be a legitimate option for people who cannot afford extremely unreasonable premiums to get a $40 annual check up for free when you can pay $60-80 out of pocket and not premiums. Some services are actually MORE with insurance than without, because they know they can bill your insurance X amount based on contracted rates. This includes stuff like MRI’s. Physicians are able to buy ownership into an MRI clinic then refer you just to that clinic if you need an MRI. Can insurance come in handy if you have a serious illness like cancer? Sure, but it can also cripple your finances if you live a middle income life and your options for premiums are not friendly

  25. Yes. Shop for a high deductible plan or the coverage you can afford. None of us can count on good health lasting.

  26. At that age, I figured that the most likely thing would be an auto accident. I have auto insurance. I took the bet that I was healthy.

  27. Absolutely, yes. I am a generally very healthy person who never had any real medical issues… until I was diagnosed with MS at 36. Thankfully, I’m doing really well because I can afford medication that works for me. If not for insurance, I could be both in a wheelchair and total financial ruin. Don’t risk it.

  28. High deductible plan with a health savings account (HSA). A HSA with a HDHP can be rolled over and has investment and retirement long term benefits. It’s worth looking into.

  29. There is still only a short window of time every year during which you can sign up for a plan for the next calendar year, if you aren't acquiring your insurance through a job change or Medicaid/state-based gap services that provide suboptimal coverage when one loses health insurance unexpectedly, due to something like loss of employment. The financial and situational qualifications for those programs are generally extremely stringent and prohibitive.

  30. The individual mandate was largely removed with the 2017 tax reform. All court battles upheld the tax and there are a couple of states that still have a mandated.

  31. Young people get hurt and sick every day. At worst I'd get catastrophic insurance with a high deductible.

  32. Last year, I ate some old sweet potatoes and thought I got food poisoning… turns out it wasn’t food poisoning but appendicitis. I was in the hospital for 3 days after surgery. I want to say the cost was $26k if I didn’t have insurance. May have even been more than that. I suggest insurance since you could never be in an accident but your body could rebel against you at any point!

  33. I don’t know what your income is like but if it’s low you can try Medicaid. Or you can use the advanced tax credit for health insurance. The plans suck and you usually have a pretty high deductible to meet before they cover anything. But I’m pretty sure yearly physicals are free and if you happen to need any medication for your thyroid there is probably ok prescription coverage

  34. You should. You can get a decent rate at your age and get a higher deductible so the payment is lower. Just in case you really get hurt! It will limit your financial exposure.

  35. Get health insurance. Yes it is worth it, especially if you live in a country that does not have universal healthcare. Injuries and disabilities can come out of nowhere and you don’t want to go into debt over an unexpected situation. Hell, if nothing else, to cover the check ups and preventative care that will help you live longer anyway.

  36. I was like you when I was about your age. Young, relatively healthy, and I was known for not getting sick even as everyone around me caught whatever was going around. Then I got a pain in my side. After it not going away for a few days I went to see the doctor and it turned out I had kidney stones that had me so blocked up the doctor would have sworn I was passed out from pain if I hadn't been standing right there talking to him. This resulted in me having my first surgical procedure and ultrasound treatments. I can't remember what the total bill was but I do remember it being in the 6 digits. Fortunately, I had health insurance through my employer at the time and only paid a fraction of it (as in 4 digits) out of pocket.

  37. Glad to hear you’ve been convinced, OP. I was a normal healthy 25 year old and woke up one morning with an urgent cardiac problem and that has led to six months of illness. There were no risk factors, it’s not something I could have avoided, it was just shit luck. I had no insurance. Seeing a hospital bill for over $100k is really depressing, let alone when you haven’t been able to work full time since getting sick. Hopefully nothing like that will happen to you. But if it does, you’ll be so glad you were prepared!

  38. I know you said you’re getting it, but I wanted to add my story to the mix, nonetheless. I, too, am pretty healthy, but I was run down in January. I got some bloodwork, and found out that my hemoglobin (part of the blood that Carries oxygen was less than half what it should be. I was supposed to get an iron infusion, and was expecting a call to set that up.

  39. Do keep in mind, employer plans only cover you as long as you are employed and there is typically a waiting period at new jobs. Marketplace plans can be very good, especially if you qualify for a tax credit

  40. Some employers give you a choice of higher and lower deductibles. You can save money with a higher deductible. Meaning your maximum expense out of pocket would be $5000 rather than say $1000 or $500. Your premium (the amount you pay monthly) will be lower with a higher deductible. Assuming you have a freak accident or unexpected health problem, needing to pay $5000 vs needing to pay $1000 will not be a big deal. It is illogical because a hospital would offer you a payment plan and you, as a young person are unlikely to have the healthcare emergency anyway. What you REALLY don't want is to owe $500,000. Chances are you will not have a huge healthcare expense, so save money on the premium.

  41. I’m a Financial Counselor at a large hospital in Denver. My job is to work with patients that are underinsured or not insured. My advice is to get insurance. It’s heartbreaking telling a family that isn’t covered by insurance and they don’t qualify for Financial Assistance. They are liable for the bill after it’s reduced by self/pay. It is devastating to people. I see million to multi-million dollar accounts all the time.

  42. I see that you’ve updated saying that you are going to get insurance, but I thought I’d l throw in my 2 cents for anyone else that might be in this situation and need (even more) evidence that it is absolutely necessary. I was a naive, healthy little 23 year old that thought I could get away without having health insurance. 2 months later, I got a MRSA infection. 1 trip to the ER and 4 Dr visits in the span of a week, on top of several meds for pain and the infection itself. Should have been admitted to the hospital but they didn’t because I didn’t have insurance. Get the insurance. You never know what life is going to throw at you.

  43. I want to say Congrats on passing a true test of Adulting - taking advice from your elders and applying it wisely. You, my friend, are quickly on your way to being a badass, intelligent and thoughtful adult. All the very best to you! 🤗💖

  44. Get a high deductible health plan - this allows you to open an HSA. An HSA is a great option while you’re young and healthy because you put money in tax free, it’s invested in index funds so it grows over time and then you can withdraw the funds tax free in the future to use for any future medical expenses when you’re old.

  45. One thing to look for when considering a plan: the IN NETWORK hospitals affiliated. Sometimes the cheaper plan sounds like a good idea, until you need an ER and the hospital 5 miles away is out of network and not covered. And you find out too late and get a huge bill.

  46. Yes, if you’re healthy you might be able to qualify for private insurance with lower rates and better benefits. Otherwise you have the option of public insurance which is a good option if you’re low income or have major health issues. Good insurance is always better than no insurance. Make sure to ask your insurance agent about the network, max out of pocket, deductible, coinsurance, premium, and what the plan will not cover. And make sure any agent you talk to shows you their license.

  47. If you belong to the low-income group or your high income becomes inadequate to cover the medical expenses in Texas, enrolling for a Friday health insurance benefits you in many ways.

  48. I'm a big advocate of health insurance. I recently found out about CrowdHealth and I signed up. I really like how they're disrupting the traditional model. Very affordable, the docs have been great so far. Check them out for sure:

  49. Yes, you should definitely get health insurance. Even though you are young and healthy, you could still have an accident, and those are very costly. The key is to work with an advisor and to design a plan based on your needs. You can use your good health to find better options and coverage. I would be happy to help you explore what is available in your state.

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