My brother received this creepy card in the mail. Should he take any action?

  1. Report it to the police. They'll be able to get Moonpig to release the details of who ordered the card if they think there's sufficient need for it. Then if it is the ex I'd strongly recommend a restraining order. This behaviour is threatening and unacceptable

  2. Lol what world are you guys living in?? There is no clear threat, so they cannot do anything. If this was a part of other harrassment, sure but its not. They can make a report and that's it, it's in a file just in case it escalates. That's it.

  3. Maybe if you pass this onto the police, they could approach Moonpig and see if they can identify the account from which the card was sent. Provided that the person didn't use false details, maybe they could trace back who sent it (even using the IP address if necessary)? Just a thought.

  4. Firstly, police are going to do nothing until it's egregious. People seem to have an overly idealistic view of what police do.

  5. Thank you! The police wont do anything about the card, the best they will do is file the report so if anything g else happens, there is already a paper trail

  6. First of all creepy as fuck, but you say his ex "seemed a little crazy" can you elaborate more on that, what exactly did you gather that gave you that impression?

  7. Well I feel like a lot of comments are kind of dismissive to the possibility of real danger and I just want to say- hurt people are dangerous. So, assume that your brother is in danger in some capacity. Tell him to at least change his locks, and get some security cameras set up. If he can afford it maybe hire a PI in addition to making the police aware.

  8. Talk to your brother and ask if he knows who it’s from. That is very creepy, but he’s got more information about it than you do.

  9. He has no idea who It’s from. My family seem to suspect his ex girlfriend but he doesn’t think she would do this. I didn’t ever get the chance to meet her as I’ve been in Canada for the last couple of years, so I can’t make my own judgements on it. We have no idea about the significance of the date, or in fact any other parts of the card.

  10. Definitely take actions. The website might say they won't release any info to you, but they'll have to if the police asks.

  11. At least part of the card said “stay safe & make sure you keep warm at night.” I think you’re brother is going to be safe. If you don’t mind me asking what was the reason your brother and his ex broke up?

  12. The ex sent it for sure. I had a psycho ex to and it won't stop until you make a serious retaliation like legal action or police involvement

  13. The fact they used a fucking provider to make the card is laughable and so highly traceable. Bring it to the police and contact Moonpig and demand they release information or just blast them on social media.

  14. Set up a camera where you can see whos at the mailbox,sending letters to your brother. Try asking your brother about his ex's mannerisms or how she spoke then her writing reflects that.(If he remembers the way she spoke,or texted,use of spelling,grammar,etc)

  15. Yeah, as someone who had to deal with a stalker once, call the police, show them the card and file a report. That way if something happens the police will at least have a file about it. I might suggest you arrange to be out of town on that date. Just in case.

  16. Definitely tell your brother to call the non-emergency line for your local police department. He should review any camera footage he may have of his property. He may want to ask police to come out to do a search of his property to see if they can find anything that might lead to the person who delivered it (if it didn’t come in your regular mail, and if the police even does this). And maybe they’ll send an officer to check on your brother periodically for a few weeks if your brother wants them to, I don’t know. The police might not be able to do anything, though since I’m not sure what is considered free speech and what is considered a threat where you live. Additionally your brother should possibly take legal action against Moonpig if it comes down to it. I’m not a lawyer but this seems like it could definitely be interpreted as a threat on your brother’s life and he would absolutely have a right to know who sent it.

  17. I would absolutely advise he stay in the public eye that day, or perhaps with family members. God forbid something actually happen, there will be others around.

  18. I would ask his ex if she sent the card and go to your local police department and file a report if they don’t do anything with it you might want to go to a PO they might be able to help.

  19. Contact the police. It may or may not be the ex-girlfriend but it’s best to let them know and possibly build a case if things escalate.

  20. Definitely contact the police to make a report on it. Also, I'm very curious what the front of the card has on it, it looks like a guy

  21. Tell the cops. Moonpig may not be able to tell you the sender's info, but if the cops take this seriously and get a warrant they should be able to get the info

  22. They possibly won’t even need a warrant. I expect Moonpig has a police liaison person/team to deal with requests from law enforcement, for cases where the police consider something to be a potential threat.

  23. Yes. Contact the police and make a report. You can do this through a non emergency phone line. I'm not sure what the number is for it in your area, but you can probably find it on Google.

  24. Just inform the police maybe than can ask the ex about it and if she did send maybe she’ll back off? I don’t know what else you can do

  25. Get him to call 101 and report it. If nothing else, it’ll then be on record in case more things happen, ready to build a case if needed. There’s recently been a renewed focus on combating stalking - admittedly it’s mainly focused on the harassment of women, but they’ll still take it seriously. They’ll likely contact Moonpig for the sender’s info, then go have a chat with the sender to establish the motive behind it and use that info to decide how to proceed.

  26. I’m American, so If I’m reading the date on the card card right, I think it’s probably good that you have 26 months to prepare.

  27. Absolutely let the police know about this. Maybe they can get some sort of info from Moonpig you can't, you never know. To add, I would make sure your brother is the hell out of dodge on that day. Maybe a hotel or with you, if you don't live with him.

  28. Report it to police. Depends on what they do because this can be seen as a threat and there's a date where this supposed incident is going to happen. If they don't do it, contact the card company to explain that this is harassment and is a threat to harm your brother. Explain that a police report has been filed and that they need to give information or they will be hearing from police.

  29. wouldn’t be possible. when placing an order with moonpig, they make the card then send it to the address you’ve given them. the person would only place the order online and would not have contact with the card. that’s what normally happens.

  30. Call the cops and if you can have him out of town during this time. If he isn’t sure who this is or why they’d mail him this he needs out

  31. In fact, contact the Police, tell your brother to tell them all the info he knows about her, and be specific on their last months together. Do everything you can to schedule a visit from the police to your brother's ex, and make everything possible to make them keep track of her. She could just act like she has nothing to do with it, so please insist to the police, and make sure they bring the letter with them. Is extremely important that anyone she may have met that has any relation with your brother is left under protection after that. There's a high probability of her being the one who sent the letter, since it says "we are in this together" highlighting that she believes that your brother and her are sharing the same, or close level of suffering, after they broke up. January 24th 2022 is an ultimatum, could be that she's pregnant and that's the date scheduled to give birth, or she's telling your brother that if he doesn't get along with her again, she's going to do something really bad to herself, or him when that date arrives. Also, before contacting the Police, try to take out of him any information of bad relationships with someone you may not know about, tell him if he has done anything bad to anyone that you may not know about, and tell him to tell you even the ones that happened in a really short period of time, and even with someone he doesn't interact much with, or even someone random he has only met one time. Collect that info, and make a list of the people he knows and the ones that are random. Of course, tell him to describe them physically and their emotional state when the interaction with your brother occured. Write that down for each individual, and give it to the police, or you could give it to your brother to read and tell the police.

  32. After that, having the police noticed that it's her (or other person investigated by them) you could sue her for harassment without any doubts. Or the person, if not her.

  33. You can file a report but there’s no way to prove it was her. It would be a good idea to set up a camera to catch whoever is doing it in the act.

  34. This looks like a gag gift. Besides the “Peter” (which could easily be a personalization option on a website), the phrases and typewriter font are generically creepy, and placing the text on the left panel seems intentionally disconcerting - not from a genuinely erratic mind.

  35. Make sure there is something he can use in the night just on his nightstand to defend himself if anything happens, and make sure he is cautious and safe when he goes out and everything.

  36. surely moonpig should have exceptions for shit like this, that's stupid. I'd definitely inform the police, don't take any chances. Does he know why 24/01 would be so significant?

  37. This is fucked and weird if it isn't fake. I just know that I would go to some other european country before that date.

  38. All I know is that the date is weird, it might be "24/01/2022", but I found a font that it's the most accurate one I could find (Tox Typewriter) and it's not a number one, it's a capital "i". So it could be "24/0i/2022" which makes no sense

  39. Maybe he pissed somebody off over the internet? And now they’re fucking with him and trying to scare him. It’s so easy to find people’s personal information, nowadays. I highly doubt it’s anything serious, but you never know.

  40. Inform the police about the letter, and tell them that you suspect his ex gf. I remember when watching a video about stalkers, they say they are much more likely to cause harm if they are an ex vs if it were a stranger.

  41. Get him a copy of The Gift of Fear by Gavin DeBecker. He likely knows who did this- maybe the ex or maybe someone else- get him talking and he’ll likely mention them- though maybe just in passing.

  42. Advise him to be on high alert, like to an exaggerated level like in the movies. Then get yourselves cameras and guns buddy, that's all I gotta say.

  43. Could be a prank could be karma could be some crazy fucking random. Either way, i ain't no snitch but if that happened to me. oh baby today im snitchin for sure

  44. That 'due date' sounds pretty concerning.. she may want to hurt him, or even kill him! tell him pack steel. We know how psycho bitches can be.. dont ignore the signs! Thats how killers kill their victims; But lets not get ahead of our selves, anything can happen thought. He must watch his back at all costs!

  45. This would scare me. I agree with a previous poster- I’d get the heck out of down on that day. Maybe for the whole month. And come back with a gun.

  46. I'm a paralegal. I would contact the police and see if they will contact Moonpig for this person's info. The cops may do nothing, but it's still important that you file a report in case anything else happens in order to build a record. You can also contact Moonpig and explain the situation, but police would be preferable. If they won't release info to you, you can put together a subpoena for this information to Moonpig by using your county's local forms. You can always consult (hr mtg) with an attorney about your options and hire them to subpoena Moonpig. I'm sorry this is happening, I would consider deviating a lot from the norm in routine and consider skipping town for a bit.

  47. If it hasn't been suggested already, in addition to a police report he can contact the Federal Postal Inspector to file a report there since the US Mail was used to harass him and admits to stalking.

  48. Using the US Postal Service in any crime is a federal offense - good one; I wasn’t even thinking about that part.

  49. GDPR means there's no chance of them sharing the details with you. However there is provision in the law to share with the police.

  50. January date is actually not January - it actually reads zero and the alphabet i. Check the font. Also ask your bro if March/September 24 mean anything.

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