AITA for laughing when my sister told me to "keep my woman in check?"

  1. I’ve apologised to Rose several times for my sister’s behaviour. It’s so upsetting that she’s being treated like this when she did such a nice thing on such short notice.

  2. NTA. Write your sister. "You were in an emergency and needed help. My GF was kind enough to step in. I honestly feel that you're jealous that your son likes her so much. Otherwise, no rational adult would see a kid's crush as anything but cute. We've decided that we need to step back from you. Please get into therapy. And if you contact my girlfriend again, I'm going to encourage her to get a restraining order. I love you, but I really feel like you need help."

  3. I think she´s jealous. She doesnt like that her kid likes someone else this much. She wants kiddo to only love mommy. Which is very unhealthy and creepy. He´s 5. It´s only natural he´ll latch onto other people and find his own identity.

  4. NTA. I’m concerned that your sister is sexualizing her child. I wouldn’t say he has a “crush” on Rose - just that he likes her. Children are allowed to have favorites without it being described in a sexual way. All the favorite uncles would be astounded to hear it! I have 4 sons, I have gotten ice cream and painted with each of them hundreds of times - it’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon and I would be disgusted to hear someone describe it as sexual or a date. I’d wonder what they’re projecting onto me- my paranoia says keep an eye on the boyfriend around the child and around your girlfriend. Good luck

  5. I googled it and a "crush" isn't necessarily sexual. It can be an intense positive interest in someone based on interests. (Phew! I've been using this term for years...) NTA - OP needs a face to face convo with his sister to establish boundaries and expectations moving forward, including an apology to his GF.

  6. NTA yet however that will be determined by how you protect Rose from your sisters abuse going forward. Rose did your sister a lovely favor and your sister and her bf are being straight up AHs. You need to tell them their behavior is entirely inappropriate and that they need to apologize to Rose.

  7. Your sister and her bf sound crazy to me. Who honestly believes Rose is taking your nephew on ROMANTIC DATES?!?! You’re NTA, and neither is Rose.

  8. Yeah, as much as Rose and I love spending time with my nephew, we can’t babysit him for a while if this is how they are going to react. It’s a shame though, he really does like Rose.

  9. NTA at all... Rose didn't do anything wrong from what I gather, nor did you. It sounds like she and Luca had a great day together.

  10. I agree that OP’s sister sounds jealous of the connection her son has with Rose which is why she is characterizing it in a negative way and lashing out. Very sad because there is no benefit to her son in this situation.

  11. So basically your sister is sexualizing the relationship between their 5 yo kid and his almost aunt? NTA but wth is wrong with your sister and her bf? I feel sorry for Luca.

  12. NTA, but you do owe it to Rose to run interference btwn your crazy sister/bf and her. Rose graciously dropped everything to watch this 5yo all day and your sister thanked her by freaking out. That's AH behaviour.

  13. NTA. I’m not sure why taking a 5 year old for ice cream needs to be labeled a “date” that is a little weird. However your sisters behavior is way out of line. Seems to me like gf was an excellent babysitter. Kid was safe, had fun and was tired when she picked him up. Sister is definitely the AH, I’m just unclear on why you’d use the romantic language when describing taking the kid for ice cream. And if your GF used that language when describing the day maybe that’s what made your sister uncomfortable. Though most likely she’s just jealous that her son is enamored with someone else.

  14. "date" has different meanings depending on the context. I used to take my little male cousin out on "dates". I was in my early 20's and he was about 7-8 range. We'd go to the Science Center or Children's Museum, maybe an outdoor concert or festival. We called them Dates. Which is when two or more people go on a social outing together. Group Date, Blind Date, Auntie/Nephew Bonding Date. They can be in any combination of a friend or family dynamic. The weird part is Sister making it a Adult Date and being so jealous of her kid liking another adult.

  15. I know when I was a kid we’d call them dates, but more in the context of play dates. So like a ‘daddy daughter date’ was just time that dad and I would do something together, and a mom-daughter date was the same. It was never an inherently romantic or sexualized term, and still isn’t. Just a lot of people put that filter on it for some reason.

  16. When I was young and my aunt was visiting we would call our outings "dates", it's not that uncommon of a thing for it to be used in a non-romantic way honestly. Coffee date with an old friend, lunch date with a coworker, ice cream date seems pretty normal to me. My aunt still calls our catch-up convos "wine dates"/ or happy hour when we're just talking on the phone catching up.

  17. ESH but Rose and Luca. You should have gotten your sister in check about Rose a long time ago and not let her comments continue. It is up to you to deal with your obnoxious family members. It doesn't matter what Rose said. You admit she is non confrontational and has just been taking the abuse. Your sister now deserves to get verbally reamed by you in detail of what is wrong with her and her boyfriend's behavior and that until they apologize to Rose for doing not only an excellent job of babysitting, but for their ongoing verbal abuse, you don't want to see any of them. Rose should not have apologized - once again your fault - you should have handled this. While hanging up on her seemed appropriate it just escalated the abuse Rose received, so you increased the abuse Rose got instead of handling it like an adult and speaking to them. This does bother Rose, she is just too nice and it is your family. She also needs to find her voice, but it is still up to you to deal with your family, not her.

  18. it might be best for him to ream his sister, but that can out rose in more shit and thats why she does not want him to confront her. The sister shouldnt be reamed(although she deserves it) she needs a firm talking to, she needs to be scolded like the child she is.

  19. I want to know what Abby wants Rose to do about the “crush”. Treat the poor kid like dirt, totally ignore him, and tell him to get away from her? Abby frankly sounds jealous as hell that her son likes Rose more than her right now.

  20. NTA.... Why would you be, your sister thought your girlfriend was being inappropriate but still left him with her????? I mean come on. Your sis is overreacting majorly. You did nothing wrong laughing in her face. You gotta stand up for you woman, particularly when she ain't In the wrong.

  21. NTA, your sister is very rude and it's a shame that her boyfriend is following suit. I'm glad that you blocked both of them and as much as this sucks, do not watch your nephew for her again if she is so concerned about his feelings for 'Rose'. Not sure why a grown woman would think that a child's "crush" on a grown woman is "romantic", sounds like she sexualizing his feelings when he probably just looks up to Rose or enjoys her company because she's nice.

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  23. NTA you can't control other peoples actions, you can only control what you do. Your sister is jealous of your GF and the fact that her son enjoys GFs company more than hers at the moment.

  24. NTA your sis needs to get herself in check. Rose did her a massive favor & she repays her like this? Don't allow her to treat your GF like this, it's not fair to her & even though she's a passive person, doesn't mean you have to be when it comes from your sis shelling out abuse. I'd tell her not to ask for favors anymore.

  25. I can’t speak on my sister, but her boyfriend strikes me as a “manly man” and takes a lot of pride (and shames those who don’t agree) in his version (his toxic version) of masculinity. I don’t think they are “forcing anything on him” but growing up around that damaging mindset and environment can be very harmful. Maybe he likes Rose because she believes that kids should be kids and enjoy whatever they want to enjoy, or maybe he likes Rose because she’s cool as shit. It doesn’t really matter, because kids get attached all the time - and it shouldn’t warrant this reaction.

  26. NTA Wow, your sister is a jerk. Next time, she can pay for a whole day of emergency babysitting. If she had an *actual* issue with what Rose and Luca did that day, it got buried in her weird complaints and "get your woman in check". Which--you're right--was really funny.

  27. Nta. It's time to have a serious conversation with your sister. Treating someone so horribly after they came through to help is abysmal behavior and shouldn't go unchecked.

  28. Honestly, I don't know where to begin with this one. I don't think you're necessarily the asshole for hanging up on your sister. But I do think that you should have called out your sister's jealous behaviour. Though hanging up incensed her more, you could have said that what she has to say to Rose could be said to you and to leave her out since their play date was harmless and not romantic at all. Especially since he's FIVE. Five year olds have no clue what romance should be really like and even if he does have a crush, it's harmless. Why is your sister so fussed that he likes his Aunt? I geuinely think a larger conversation needs to happen.

  29. NTA. Rose did Abby and her bf a favor. She watched Luca and gave him what sounds to be an awesome day. Encouraging and validating Luca's crush? The kid is 5 years old. Abby and her bf should be thankful that Rose came through for them in their time of need.

  30. NTA. That’s quite a big reaction from them. It’s normal for kids to have “crushes” on people, they just think it means you can play together forever. It seems like your sister is jealous of Rose. It’s like those mothers who hate their sons wives because then it means they’ll have to divide their love.

  31. NTA. Not at all dude! Your sister is jealous that her son has a crush on someone who isn't her. (I dont mean that in a creepy way, i mean that it's mama's boy and mama's boy pays attention to rose when rose is around and that's not being mama's boy(if that make sense))

  32. NTA - you need to send your sister a message explaining that Rose did her a huge favor and properly watched her son the entire time. Her comment was inappropriate and your taking a break from her for a couple of weeks.

  33. NTA. Sounds like your sister is jealous that Luca enjoys spending time with Rose and talks about her a lot. Maybe she (Abby) feels like she's not #1 in Luca's eyes, so she lashes out and accuses the "other" woman of stupid, petty things? You know like how some moms act when their son grows up and has the gall to fall in love with another woman and she's not the most important woman in his life anymore?

  34. NTA - This is your perfect justification for bowing out from all assistance in that area. Childcare is the parents' responsibility, not yours.

  35. NTA. When her boyfriend was calling you, you should have told him that Abby was being a drama Queen and he needed to keep his woman in check.

  36. NTA. But please stop referring to this as your nephew having a "crush". At his age he doesn't know what that means, nor should anyone label it as such. He's so innocent. Does he like, possibly love, Rose? Yes, definitely. But at his age, it's not truly a crush. He has found somebody that he identifies with; somebody, that for some reason, seems to resonate with him. Rose most likely treats him like a person, she's fun to be around, and they get along great. I used to have a SIL like this, ALL the kids gravitated towards her. Poor Rose and nephew for how your sister treated them. Neither deserve this.

  37. NTA. Not a psychologist lol but I feel like there are two potential explanations that stuck out to me as to why your sister is acting so bizarre.

  38. OMG. Your sister needs to reign in her flagrant jealousy of your GF. How dare she sexualize a 5 year old's activities because she's obviously jealous of him liking your GF. Let alone HER OWN 5 year old. This is absolutely gross on so many levels.

  39. NTA. Crush can mean an avid interest in someone in an unromantic sense but I personally would stop referring to it like that. Luca doesn’t have a crush on Rose, he just thinks she’s fun to hang out with. Normalizing their relationship (nephew and aunt) without words usually used in a romantic sense might help your sister calm down. It also might not, because anyone who thinks getting ice cream and painting with a five year old old is “leading them on” needs to seriously take a step back.

  40. NTA, obviously. But your sister sure has some issues. "Too romantic"? Her son is five! He got icecream and painting, which most 5 year olds enjoy. It's weird she projects adult stuff onto her son, doesn't sound healthy (wait til he gets older and experiences actual romance...). He is too young for her to be already starting to be a crazy jealous mom because of his (totally normal) baby crush.

  41. How long has your sister disliked Rose? Sometimes when someone has a child, if that child starts having a “favourite” person outside of themselves, they can get really jealous and like territorial almost? It’s possible that your sister is jealous of Luca’s fondness of Rose, and is therefore taking that insecurity out on her. It might explain her behaviour, but it sure as heck doesn’t excuse it! You and Rose are both NTA, and I think your sister and her bf need to sort out their insecurities themselves. Until then, be firm with boundaries and make it clear that they cannot treat your (seemingly lovely) girlfriend that way! Good luck!

  42. NTA. Sounds like your sister is jealous because your nephew likes another woman more than her. Your sister is totally going to be one of those nut job moms who will say shit like “I’m the first woman he’s ever loved.” Just real, creepy, weird, “boy mom” things. Give it a few years and she’ll be on

  43. NTA. Your gf did them a favor. They don't like it bc your gf made them look bad. She put a lot of effort into a good time for a little kid. Your sister is nuts.

  44. NTA. Rose sounds like the positive friend we could all use but I feel bad she was being harassed. I hope everything works out eventually

  45. NTA. Most people would have said a lot worse. Abby is oddly jealous of Rose because her son adores her. Comes off as an emotional incest/narc situation at worst (obvi I know nothing of their relationship other than this short post, so I'm saying worst case scenario Hallmark movie type scenario, probably not truly the case). Anyway, you deserve a trophy for not cursing her out after your GF offered to babysit and had an awesome time with little dude. What she did was worthy of praise, not ridicule.

  46. The kid is FIVE. There is NO such thing as a romantic date at FIVE years old. Your sister needs to check herself.

  47. NTA. Your sister is being inappropriate about this whole thing. She needs to explain why she hates Rose so much, because right now it looks like a creepy jealousy thing because Rose "took" you from her, and now she's sexualizing her son's feelings and acting jealous about that as well. It looks weird and creepy.

  48. NTA - Rose babysat for a full day at their request. This is a case of choosing beggars - instead, they should be thanking her for her time and willingness to help out at the last minute. It’s exhausting to babysit toddlers and kids.

  49. Nta at all. Having a future SIL like Rose would be a dream come true. I think she’s just jealous of how much your son likes Rose.

  50. Painting and ice cream are very fun child activities. Of course the kid was both tired and happily gushing about their day, it sounded like a great day of fun. NTA

  51. NTA. I would be GOBSMACKED if someone suggested I was being "romantic" toward a 5yo child because I took them out for ice cream. Like ??? That is NASTY and inappropriate AF. I am genuinely concerned for the mental state of your sister who implied anything of the sort. That is paranoid AF, hostile, pathological, and sooo offensive.

  52. NTA Your sister needs to get herself and her boyfriend in check. He’s 5. They can have crushes and at 5 it’s going to tend to be a motherly figure, apparently in this case someone better and more mentally stable than his own mother. Who has an issue with a harmless kiddie crush?

  53. NTA, uhh most kids love ice cream and to paint? She did what she thought what would be fun for the kid. Sister seems jealous that her kid enjoyed spending time with your girlfriend since she doesn't like her.

  54. Your sister is mad because Rose stepped up to babysit when asked and she and nephew had a great day? I’m confused about what Rose did wrong? Why did she bother asking Rose to babysit if she was going to have a problem with her doing very normal babysitting activities with him? Sounds like she’s jealous of how much her son likes your girlfriend; it’s very odd to become quite so annoyed by her son talking about how good a day he’s had..unless she’s projecting something strange onto the time they’ve spent together. I wouldn’t even say it was a ‘crush’ at age 5, he just really likes Rose and that’s perfectly normal and innocent.

  55. NTA. Rose needs to stop apologizing. Ice cream and painting are an awesome way to spend the day when babysitting a 5 year old. Your sister has some issues she needs to work through, and you should shelter Rose from the whole mess.

  56. NTA, and until now your actions weren’t a problem because you were respecting Rose’s desire to brush things off and not confront your sister. HOWEVER, that can’t continue. Rose is now being harassed by your sister and it’s reached the point where confrontation has to happen and boundaries need to be strictly communicated and enforced. It may make a few tense/awkward interactions, but that’s necessary when a line has been crossed this much.

  57. NTA. It sounds like your sisters jealous of how much her son likes your girlfriend, and instead of working on that jealousy herself she’d rather make Rose feel bad for showing affection to (and receiving affection from) Luca.

  58. NTA. It appears your sister is jealous of Rose, and jealous of how much your nephew adores her. I’ll bet Rose interacts with him in a way that makes him feel A Very Important Person, and not just as some little kid and he is responding to that and your sister can’t handle it.

  59. NTA. Your sister is jealous. Plain and simple. Exchange your nephew for a niece (with no HARMLESS romantic feelings) in the days activities, and Rose is the best babysitter ever.

  60. Nta. Your sister sounds jealous as hell that her kid likes Rose and enjoys spending time with her. Whats she gonna do if he adores any of his female teachers? Report them to the school for “inappropriate behavior”, which can easily destroy a teachers entire reputation and career? She also needs to stop sexualizing her own child, cause thats concerning. Its also deeply concerning that she thinks your gf is a pedophile cause she took a child to get ice cream and then painted some butterflies or whatever. Does your sister have any past history of being molested or groomed when she was a child? Either way, I really hope your sister gets some help and soon. Especially before your poor nephew starts dating. May the gods help anyone he brings home if shes still a jealous mama who thinks she should be the only woman in her sons life.

  61. NTA - Your sis and her BF sound like theyre jealous that your nephew likes Rose better than them. Such a weird way for them to twist the FAVOR she did for them.

  62. Your sister is being outrageous when she should be grateful Rose was available to babysit for the day. You are NTA. Not even close to being TA here. But your sister on the other hand is a ginormous AH.

  63. NTA, but honestly, there's gotta be something that caused her to not like her so much, even if it's something you guys have never done (like jealousy or looks, something out of your control.) i would sit down with your sister, explain everything that's bothered you and then straight out tell her, going forward she either respects how you want Rose to be treated going forward, or she's cut off, no talking, not favors, etc for X amount of time.

  64. I'm gonna die laughing when this blows up in your sister's face because she doesn't get free (amazing I may add) babysitting anymore. She needs to learn she can't treat people like that and still get their help You're NTA, but stick up for your GF and tell your sis where to shove it if you need to.

  65. NTA and I guess that's the end of you helping your sister with anything. If she thinks you need to keep Rose in check, maybe she needs to get cut off from the potential of you helping find her a babysitter on short notice.

  66. NTA. Your sister Has "mommy fever". She is jealous od your gf relationship with her son most probably. It is also making her fixiated on her child. Still doesnt excuse her behavior.

  67. NTA. WTF?! How is going on an ice cream date (a kid's idea of mini heaven) and painting (a chance to get messy and paint) too romantic?! Who sexualizes stuff like this?!

  68. That sister is some peice of work . Also seems to be very jealous of Rose . As a mom who raised three boys I hated when they were little and liked an adult more than they liked me. Never reacted on those feelings because they were petty . It seems like maybe your Rose is who your sister wishes she was , maybe beauty wise or just in her sons eyes. I think that boy spent the best day of his childhood and his mother made it so it will never happen again. She sucks . You and Rose are amazing. Also NTA i would have hung up too.

  69. NTA. Ice cream and painting are normal activities for a 5 year old... How is that inappropriate at all? It sounds like your sister can't handle having her son enjoy spending time with anyone else other than herself.

  70. I’m willing to bet your sister doesn’t like your gf bc she is jealous of the attention your gf gets from your nephew. But it is BS on your sisters part to frantically beg someone to help watch her kid then get pissy when she finds out they went for ice cream and painted (like wtf I do that with my nieces and nephew and my kids) and sexualizes it, like she’s so jealous of your gf she’s trying to make it look like she’s a pedo. 🙄 definitely stay away until your sister apologizes and have a serious talk with Your gf about how she honestly feels. Bc I’m betting she’s trying to not make you feel bad by hiding how she feels ( I do it too with my SO when his sister is on one of her bs moods ) you don’t have to validate your sisters feelings bc honestly they’re irrational. Your gf isn’t out to “romance” your nephew, she’s just trying to be a good aunt and help your sister out. Your nephew has a “crush”, an innocent infatuation with her, and that’s fine. But your sister is 💯t a

  71. NTA - obviously. But given your sister and her BF are batdroppings crazy, refuse forever to help find a babysitter, or babysit yourself - even if it's TEOTWAWKI and your sister is a space shuttle pilot who needs to go zap an asteroid. Warn other family members as well that you were harassed by both of them.

  72. NTA. I’m the favorite aunt of most of my nice and nephews, probably because I’m the one most willing to play with them in “childish” way. What you describe between Luca and Rose is totally normal for children. What is not normally is your sister sexualizing this much her child. A lot of people wrote that you have to defend Rose, but I think you have to speak with her before, asking her if she prefer you to handle it and how, or she prefer to do it alone or together. Because you can’t step over her, she is an adult so it would seems very sexist even if you wouldn’t do it on purpose.

  73. WTF did i just read!!! I first thought i got the child's age wrong. Who on earth thinks that the relationship between a 5 year old and a grown woman is romantic! WTF is wrong with OP's sister

  74. That was actually the right decision. Your sister is being absurd. You and Rose have nothing to apologize for, sounds like a great day for any kid.

  75. NTA. Your sister and her bf sound far too immature to be raising a child, they're gonna really fuck that poor little kid up if they keep acting like this

  76. NTA - I mean this in the most possible way. Does your sister and her BF has a screw loose? Someone bent over backwards to take care of their child and gave him an amazing experience and they the tenacity to accuse her of being inappropriate? I would avoid them for the sake of your amazing GF.

  77. The activities were "too romantic"?? What the fuck does your sister smoke in the morning to give her such sick and twisted ideas? That's so creepy and inappropriate.. I am glad you hung up on her. Don't engage with her. NTA

  78. NTA - Your sister needs to but herself in check. Rose steeped up and babysit for her at the last minute. She engaged and entertained the son. Your sister than is shaming her for entertaining the son. The BF needs but out. Not his child, nor his decision to have Rose watch him. When your sister stops acting like a horses backside, then you can have a conversation with her (and not the BF). Block your sister's Rose's phone, as your sister hasn't learned manners yet.

  79. Ask your sister's boyfriend to keep his woman in check because she's getting very uppity with her mouth lately, lol. Actually don't because crap will get worse with that response. NTA and just inform your sister that neither Rose nor you will be available for Free babysitting for the near future since she is so uncomfortable with the activities Rose engaged in with your nephew. Tell her if she needs Free childcare to call on your parents or boyfriend's family to do so. She complaining about child friendly activities done by a Free babysitter. That's jealousy and entitlement wrapped in 1 package.

  80. NTA. It sounds like your sister is jealous that her little boy would admire anyone but her. The answer is simple in my eyes. Until your sister learns some manners and how to say Thank you- you don't do her any more favours.

  81. NTA. Rose sounds like a perfect babysitter. Your sister on the other hand is behaving incredibly inappropriately

  82. Nta poor Rose she doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. You need to get to the bottom of your sisters jealous behavior. They did normal things any baby sitter would do any other day. But it’s Rose so it’s a problem? It’s not fair to Rose or Luca especially if your sister cuts off contact. Go have a serious talk with her about her behavior.

  83. NTA. Is your sister jealous of your girlfriend somehow? That’s the only thing I can think of to explain her behavior. So strange.

  84. I guess somebody better call the cops on me because apparently by getting ice cream with my kids and letting them paint I've been taking them on romantic dates for their whole lives.

  85. NTA. I think it's comical how your ungrateful your sister is and her ability to turn the situation around to make you and Rose feel bad. Disrespectful? You have go to be kidding me. She asked you for help to find a last minute babysitter when you were out of town and you did. It just seems like your sister is a little threatened by Rose. I hope your sister can learn to realize that just because her son seems happier when Rose comes by, it's not because he loves Rose more than your sister. It's just because he doesn't see her all the time. Rose can always be the "fun one that won't punish me" because she is not his mom. Sounds like Rose did a great job baby-sitting. I think you guys need to stop apologizing to your sister, because you guys didn't do anything wrong. I'm glad you stood up for Rose.....I mean who tf even says "keep your woman in check" outside of the 1950s and being a woman saying this....smh. Next time she asks for help, don't.

  86. Nta. Literally just read another post about how a grandma hates her sons wife because she's not good enough for him, and the grandma ended up disliking the kids to. This very much feels like this is where this mother and son relationship is heading. She's just going to be jealous over any attention another women gives her son.

  87. NTA, It sounds like your nephews crush on Rose is making your sister jealous. Maybe just go low contact and see if distance makes your sister see reason. And, BTW, Rose sounds like a keeper!

  88. NTA and your girlfriend taking him on a “date” is so cute. I used to go on “dates” with my dad when I was younger and I loved it and thought it was the most fun thing in the world.

  89. NTA. I would, if you are not already, apologize to Rose in front of your sister and boyfriend for their ridiculous behavior. The day Rose had with your nephew was totally age appropriate. It appears sister has exiled her free babysitters. The real victim here is the 5 year old.

  90. WTF did I just read?? Is getting ice cream and painting not smth appropriate to do for 4 yo kids?! Sounds to me like your sister is extremely jealous of your gf. Hwr accusations were completely irrational and your gf should not have apologized. There was nothing to apologize for. And if anything, you underreacted when she came screeching to you. Set her straight and then go LC for a while. Maybe your sister will come around but I have my doubts. NTA, btw.

  91. Tell your sister that she needs to look inward and possibly seek professional help to examine either her jealousy of another woman in her son’s life (good luck to that poor kid’s future spouse what a possessive MIL she is going to be) or why she is sexualizing or “romanticizing” a normal babysitting outing. Perhaps your sister had some sort of experience that has given her an extremely sick outlook on child/adult relationships.

  92. NTA. Sorry OP but your sister is a bad person. I really feel bad for your nephew but I think you should go very low no contact.

  93. Hanging up on Abby was the right decision. You don’t have to tolerate her abusive behavior and neither should Rose. Your nephew is lucky to have people care for him and your sister doesn’t seem to appreciate that. I shudder to think what would happen if and when your nephew wants to go on actual dates.

  94. NTA. Your sister is so out of line. Your gf, on short notice, went and watched her kid that she has no biological relation to, (I'm assuming for free) and not only just watched the kid sit at home, but gave him a WONDERFUL day. And she has the nerve to be ANGRY about that? That her son had fun while he was being babysat? To the point where she's asking you to "control" your gf, who is her own person???

  95. NTA. What is your sister's problem? Rose seems like an amazing person! What she did with your nephew wasn't romantic at all, so i have no clue where your sister and her boyfriend got that idea. Also, the "control your woman" comment was extremely misogynistic and inappropriate. I would go low contact with your sister and her boyfriend and confront them about all of this.

  96. Your sister doesn’t sound like someone that’s really worth having in your life if that’s how’s she acts. Family ISNT everything.

  97. NTA. This is insane. The child is five. He has no concept of romance. It's not uncommon at that age for them to say they want to marry one of their parents. Ice cream and painting is perfectly appropriate. Your sister sounds like she needs to be blocked.

  98. NTA , wth is wrong with your sister though, she should have been grateful your gf helped out , treating her that way is an absolute joke, they should be ashamed of themselves tbh!

  99. NTA. Seriously, something is wrong with your sister. My DIL and youngest son used to go on “dates” all the time. My youngest loved it. It was a way for his older brother and at the time GF to make sure he wasn’t left out. He’s 14 now and occasionally he and my DIL will go to the movies together.

  100. NTA that s pretty obvious your sister is over jealous to your girlfriend and find anything she does inapropriate, crossing the lines s almost like the babysitting was an unconscious pretext to justify her hate/ jealous feelings and another way to berate your girlfriend.Your girlfriend is very kind but she needs to stop apologizing : she did nothing wrong expect being kind enough to take care of your nephew and make his day fun .It s your sister who should apologize to her.

  101. Lol, tell Abby's boyfriend to "keep his woman in line" and see how she likes it. Rose seems like an awesome person who is very kind and nurturing and your nephew will almost certainly grow out of his crush very soon. NTA

  102. NTA. Sounds to me like your sister is pissed that her son seems to enjoy spending time with Rose because she actually gives him attention and makes him feel special. Hold on to her, if you two decide to have kids she sounds like she’d make an amazing mom!

  103. Your sister and her boyfriend are reacting in a way that is bonkers. Such up for Rose. She sounds like a loving person who is being harassed by your sister and her messed up view on the situation. The longer your sister gets away with being an abusive person, the longer it lasts. NTA but time to step up here

  104. NTA. This is about your sister's insecurity about her place in her son's heart. Many mothers go through this. Your sister doesn't understand her son loves her but because she is always there for her he naturally does not make a big deal about mom/takes her love and his love for her for granted. Rose has done nothing wrong she is being kind to a little kid. I used to babysit a lot and it was always interesting how some mothers would get angry because their kids would listen to me and ignore them.

  105. NTA. Your sister is just plain jealous of Rose. She cannot stand the idea that her son is a huge fan of your girlfriend. She views Rose as a threat to her relationship with your nephew.

  106. NTA and I have seen many, many comments detailing why. So I will leave that be. But one thing I'm not seeing - the sister's boyfriend. You may (not definitely, you know the situation best) want to remind him that the argument is between you and your sister and he can step off. The child may be the object of it, but the conflict is you and your sister - maybe she needs to keep her man in line.

  107. NTA! Your sister should have been grateful to have someone to babysit last minute. And to actually plan activities with him that he enjoyed! Your nephew has a harmless crush! Sounds like your sister has been bitten by the JEALOUSY bug!!

  108. Abby needed a last-minute babysitter, and in spite of her showing utter disrespect to your girlfriend, she stepped up and agreed to watch the kid. Maybe she doesn't like that her son has a baby crush on Rose? At any rate, going out for ice cream and painting in the apartment sound pretty innocuous to me, but then I am not a parent.

  109. NTA. I had a crush at that age on my parents coworker; got insanely mad when he showed up with his Gf. We laugh about it now. Every kid does this at some point. Your sister is crazy to act this way. Next time tel her nope; you keep your kid.

  110. NTA, and OMG what is wrong with your sister?!?! My 4 year old son has a huge crush on a classmate, and as long as he's not bothering her I have no problem with it. He can crush on anyone he wants if its not bothering the crush-ee. Sister sounds like she has some major jealousy issues.

  111. NTA. So just to understand - your sister is JEALOUS her kid likes another woman. And as a result, if your girlfriend does her a favor and babysits, she wants to be in control of what they do to make sure your nephew doesn't have fun with said "crush"??

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