AITA for wanting to break a family commitment for a career opportunity?

  1. Nta. They don't get to judge you on being financially irresponsible, and then also tell you to not take the job that could very well give you financial stability. Sounds like you're trying to be more than accommodating to your sister's needs, and they aren't being receptive of yours.

  2. NTA - Your sister's childcare problems are not your problems. Do not let them hold you back and lose out on an opportunity because it would be inconvenient for them.

  3. NTA!! Absolutely not! Take the job! She can find other childcare. Right now jobs are easier to come by due to covid and staffing shortages, but who knows how long that will last? You may not get this opportunity again.

  4. NTA. If your sister is so financially responsible, then she knows that taking this job is the right choice for you. To ask you to "hold off" just to be her babysitter one day a week is pure selfishness on her part.

  5. NTA. I understand that's an inconvenience for them but if you didn't sign a contract and you're not being paid you should take the job. If they are always on you about money and this job pays more, has opportunity for growth, and has benefits you should take it.

  6. Sounds like your sister could afford a babysitter for a couple hours a week. You on the other hand should move on a good career opportunity that's happening now. NTA

  7. NTA. You are an unpaid babysitter, yes? Well then, they constantly nag you to be more financially responsible, so take your step on the career ladder! Give her as much notice as you can because you're a decent person but do NOT pass up an opportunity like this. You don't know when the next one will arrive.

  8. NTA. It’s unfortunate timing but your mom and sister should be glad you’re working towards independence/self-sufficiency. Hope your new job works out and that your sister figures out the babysitting situation! Would it be possible for her to change the babysitting hours on Friday and you could maybe do it before/after work?

  9. NTA and a big fat nope to the holding off on the job. It’s a bit rich of them saying you’re not great with money and then asking you to give up what sounds like a good opportunity because it’s inconvenient for your sister.

  10. NTA. They don’t get to make comments about how you need to be more financially responsible, then turn around and tell you to put a decent job opportunity on hold for your sisters convenience. That isn’t fair to you.

  11. NTA. You let your sister know that there is a possibility of not being able to watch her kid anymore and both her and your mom say to hold off on the job? NO!!! Do not set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm. Go for the interview, I hope you get the job. Your sister has plenty of time to find someone else but give her the heads up that you are not holding off on the job. You don't know if there will be anything available in September and it would be stupid of you to pass on this opportunity in the hopes that there will be something else in two months.

  12. NTA, if you go into construction (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical) you are learning a skill that will let you work and live in any major city. It's a great opportunity and you will regret it if you pass it up.

  13. HVAC is great money!!! Congratulations on this big opportunity! Take it and NEVER give it a second thought, and don't let anyone who might be used to having you on call stand in your way. NTA

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  15. NTA. You gotta get yourself where you want in life. Like you said, she’s fine financially. She can just hire a babysitter or have your mom babysit

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