AITA for going on an outing without my partner?

  1. He tricked her into this. She literally chose him over the movie she really wanted to see, with her friends. And he went behind her back and took her ticket. There’s literally no way I could be with someone as selfish as OP. This guy only cares about himself.

  2. On two levels - one, if she has any sense he is dumped and two, the gall of this guy to even use the term "partner" to describe the hot mess of a relationship he just dropped at our feet...

  3. Come on guys, this whole post is obviously a troll written to drive traffic to George Takei's clickbait website. I mean really, the math doesn't add up at all. Has no one questioned that? The girlfriend can't see the boyfriend because she lives too far away, but she can see a group of friends that lives close enough to the boyfriend such that he doesn't have to worry about gas? Uhm, ok.

  4. YTA. You pretty much stood up your girlfriend and you have to ask this sub if you’re the asshole? I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up breaking up in a few months. Come on man, how expensive can gas be? It’s not like your travelling province to province. This is for a local movie and you took her ticket? You sound selfish and a bit of a bigot. Get yourself sorted out before you lose her.

  5. Not only stood her up, but took her place in the activity he didn't want her to do without him? This has to be a joke. Of course he is TA, and by now probably single.

  6. Gas is high enough that I worry about going with friends as it is because I get 17 mpg in my truck. So that part I can understand. I don’t understand stealing the ticket from her after having her cancel though. Even with my hunk of junk I still have the decency to go pick her up.

  7. I think he already lost her. If she's not willing to even look at his messages safe to say she's thinking about dumping him.

  8. A few months!!! I would be surprised if he's not single already. This is major dickhead behaviour and no sane woman with an ounce of self esteem wouldn't have blocked his number already.

  9. I know we have seen all kinds of crazy and complex stuff on here but in a pure way this is the highest level of insanity I’ve seen here in a while.

  10. I hope the friends in the group have dumped him too. Can you imagine having this guy in your friend circle? You absolutely wouldn't be able to trust him with anything after this.

  11. This is my thought process too. I don’t think that this is about the movie really. IMHO I think he was expecting her to sit at home twiddling her thumbs missing him.

  12. YTA. You made her ditch your friends to hang out with you just for you to ditch her. You should have from the get go said you wanted to the movie too instead of lying saying you wanted to see her.

  13. YTA. You didn't want to see your partner, you wanted to see a movie. You however, failed to clearly communicate this to her so she cancelled with your friends because she wanted to see you. What you did clearly communicate is that she is not worth the gas money to see her.

  14. Are you trolling? in what world could you possibly ever not be the asshole? You are so much the asshole that I can see it from space. YTA. Holy shit. I'd break up with you over that kind of nonsense. What the hell is wrong with you??

  15. I ask myself "Are you trolling" all day in this sub. It is absolutely baffling the things people do and then can't see how they are TA... BAFFLING.

  16. YTA How can you not see that what you did was shitty .She deserves some one better you will probably find out your now single lol

  17. This is weirdly detailed and petty for a post that is obviously written to be a very obvious AH that no one could mistake for anything but YTA.

  18. YTA - You had her cancel her plans because you wanted to watch a movie, not because you wanted to see HER, and then bailed on her to watch said movie. How is this even a question?

  19. She could always go the elementary school route and have one of their friends text op "BTW GF told me to tell you she wants to break up"

  20. How can you be so oblivious?! YTA and an ignorant one at that. This could have been resolved all fine and dandy, if you just said that you wanted to see the movie too. But noooo, you needed to be petty. You said you wanted to spent time with her, made her cancel and then just up and left her behind. Do you not know how that feels? Can you not even imagine that? Actually, you kinda know how it feels, because you felt awful when she said she will go to that movie. Oh but you not only made her experience that, no, you gave her the feeling of being left behind.

  21. "I am upset that you are doing something without me, so I am going to stop you from doing that thing and THEN drop you like hot coals to do the thing instead. Have fun being ~aloneeee~" YTA

  22. YTA. So you didn’t want to see your partner, and she made plans. You changed your mind and she prioritised you (silly girl). Then you stole her plans and excluded her. If she has any sense at all you’ll never see her again.

  23. YTA! So many times over. Your ex-girlfriend is a saint to put up with this much assholery for this long. I also can’t believe that you had to post this here because you couldn’t see how much of TA you really are.

  24. YTA. I can't believe you would remotely think you aren't. You are a petulant, horrible boyfriend. It'll be interesting to see how mutual friends react when they hear the story.

  25. YTA. You literally took her place in her original plans that she canceled so she could see that movie with you. It feels like the movie was important than your girlfriend. And there was a lot of compromises missed. Could she have chipped in for gas? Could someone have picked her?

  26. YTA. And honestly I'd be surprised if you have a partner any more. That was a really horrid move you pulled.

  27. lmao what the actual fuck. You made your girlfriend cancel on y'all's friends and then basically stole her plan.

  28. YTA. You took her ticket after asking her to see you? Diabolical way of forcing someone out of their plans when you asked to cancel and being conniving man. You couldn't have come along? I can't imagine how the rest of this relationship has gone.

  29. this is genuinely the most self-absorbed thing I've read in my life, YTA and congrats on getting dumped lmao

  30. YTA. You literally made her cancel her plans then not only ditched her but TOOK OVER HER PLANS. You were jealous and petty and manipulative. I’m thinking you don’t have a partner anymore and I can’t imagine it’s only due to this.

  31. YTA. Seems you got a bit jealous that she was going to see a movie that you wanted to see. So instead of joining her and her friends, you took her ticket and then ditched her? You should not even have to ask if you are the AH as it is readily obvious that you are.

  32. YTA. You got mad at her for watching a movie you wanted to see without you, and now you're surprised that she's upset because you did the exact same thing to her. She was willing to make time for you but you turned her down not once but twice, first by refusing to drive out to see her and then by blowing her off to see a movie with her friends. You took her place with her friends to hurt her and punish her. What you did was very selfish and vindictive and you owe her a major apology. Stop being so nasty to your girlfriend or she's going to dump you.

  33. Never in my time on this subreddit have I seen such a cut and clear case of OP being a complete and utter AH. Did you even need judgement here? Like what?

  34. YTA. completely. what the fuck is this fr?. She was completely understanding everytime you changed your plands and the second one didnt even had a valid reason you just wanted to. And yet you decided to ruin her night completely because you're an asshole. Tbh i hope she realized and gives you a hard time. i'd like to explain further on what you did wrong but its just so evident to me its hard to believe you cant tell

  35. YTA. This is approaching a new standard in assholishness. Nobody is this stupid are they? You don't deserve to have any human relationships, much less a girlfriend if you thought that behavior was re,otely ok

  36. You threw away a two year relationship for the sake of a movie, I hope it was worth it. YTA

  37. You didn’t want to waste gas to go see your partner, so she made her own plans. Then, when you became a jealous grinch about it, she cancelled those plans to see you; to which you responded by TAKING HER SPOT IN THAT OUTING.

  38. So your girlfriend changed her plans twice to accommodate your requests. If you wanted to see the movie why didn’t you reach out to the friends to see if they could get another ticket and go with the group? Instead you told your girlfriend you wanted to see her and then jumped on her ticket. Also, since you had told your girlfriend you wanted to see her and therefore had changed your mind about the cost of gas, I don’t understand why the price of gas came up when she asked you to pick her up.

  39. Personally I really enjoy the absolutely unhinged ability of objectively narrating something that’s clearly a messed up petty move. Like how do you get to this level of detachment from someone you supposedly like? What kind of mental gymnastics do you have to go through to not see that what you’ve done is purposefully meant to be hurtful. Do you know how to communicate with your partner before you escalate?

  40. You know yta, that was a horrible thing you did. You got your partner to cancel plans just so you could take their spot. Manipulative and selfish.

  41. YTA - are you even seriously asking that right now??? Look, you had a totally reasonable argument - and then it sounds like you drove all the way over there and ditched her, TAKING HER TICKET. WTAF?

  42. I-I hope you mean ex-girlfriend. I really, really, really hope she has dumped your insanely egocentric, selfish, cheap ass. Holly cow, are you an asshole... YTA

  43. YTA YTA YTA YTA. you didn’t want to drive to see her, which she understood. She made other plans. You got jealous of her plans and changed your mind. She cancelled her plans for you. Then, YOU STOLE HER PLANS AND DITCHED HER. You are the asshole.

  44. YTA - It’s not even close. You wrecked your partner’s plans for your own selfish reasons and then slid into her spot, leaving her ditched and alone. Honestly, your gf deserves better than you.

  45. You didn’t just go on an outing without your partner, you manipulated her into canceling her plans then took her place because she was going to do something you decided you wanted to do instead. You can’t actually be surprised that she’s angry at you for basically telling her “Well, I really wanted to see that movie, so yeah, maybe I screwed you over, but thats what I wanted and that’s more important than spending time with you!”

  46. YTA. I’ve never wanted a post to be locked for people being uncivil to the OP when I clicked on it before like this.

  47. OMG, YTA, without any question. You just demonstrated in no uncertain terms that you don't give a f*** about her. Basically, you broke up with her without actually saying the words out loud. If she's not responding now, it means she got your message loud and clear.

  48. YTA - seriously, how is this even a question? You said you didn't want to go then conned her into giving up her ticket so you could go instead, all the while fully ignoring her *and* taking over a fun night with her friends on what was supposed to be a date night? It's a miracle your relationship lasted this long and if you're consistently as selfish as you are in this story I hope to god this is as long as it'll last

  49. YTA canceled plans with her, she made new plans, you got jealous, made her cancel plans and then you STOLE her plans . You absolutely suck, she deserves much better

  50. So you told her to cancel her plans to spend time with you, and then cancelled on her to take her place in the cancelled plans? And you have no clue where you went so astronomically wrong here?

  51. Wow! The thing that don't even realise how wrong you are and you need a bunch of strangers on the internet to tell you that, says a lot about you.

  52. YTA. YoU told your girlfriend that you didn’t want to meet up because of gas prices. She was fine made other plans and then you told her that you wanted to see her because you were jealous and then just took her ticket. You left her stranded because of your jealously and you’re surprised she doesn’t want to talk to you. You literally could have just joined them instead…or gone to pick her up.

  53. Homeboy is likely a troll who just made the story up or rehashed it from somebody else, but for Humor’s sake, YTA.

  54. YTA. If anyone did this to me - partner or not - I would drop them like a hot potato. This is so incredibly rude and selfish. You justify your actions because of FOMO but you then quite literally paint a person you’re supposed to care about into being in that same exact position/feeling? Absolutely fucking not.

  55. You are not the asshole for "going on an outing" without your partner. You are the asshole for telling your partner you wanted to see her, causing her to cancel on her friends, and then going out with those same friends without her to do the activity she had wanted to do but had cancelled. That's why YTA.

  56. YTA. What's the name of the movie? If it's worth torching a 2Y relationship for it must be pretty amazing.

  57. YTA. You literally stole her plans from her after you told her you’d come see her. I would no longer be dating someone who had the audacity to steal my plans from me and not take me with them. Hopefully she never reads your messages, she deserves better. The only reason she cancelled on them was so she could see you. She felt badly about seeing something you wanted to see together. After you make her feel bad about seeing the movie without you with your mutual friends, you go and see the movie with your mutual friends without her. You didn’t care to see the movie WITH her in the first place. You didn’t care to see HER in the first place either.

  58. YTA. I hope she dumps your ass! And leave the rest of the female population alone. We don’t need you procreating and having more little demon spawn like yourself. You entitled prick!

  59. OK, if the group of friends and your partner already had tickets, what would it have hurt for you to buy your own ticket and join them for the show? Or make arrangements to watch the show together at a later time? I think she's not replying because she dumped you.

  60. YTA. You didn't want to see her so she made other plans then you got her to cancel the plans on the guise of you wanting to see her. However you bailed and went to the movie, she was originally going to see, and can't understand how screwed up you were. I wouldn't answer you either after the absolutely terrible way you behaved. I hope she dumps you because she deserves someone much better.

  61. Just unbelievably, outlandishly unkind. She really wanted to see you and you tricked her. YTA and the only good thing you can do is break up with her.

  62. YTA. If you were both dying to see this movie, and you had FOMO, why on earth wouldn't you assume she would feel the same way??? Have some empathy.

  63. YTA. the fact that you even have to ask makes you doubly TA. You made her cancel her plans bc you were feeling left out and then you took her place in said-cancelled plans??! That is a dick move if I’ve ever seen one. You’re a real winner.

  64. The dissonance between the title of this and the description is staggering. “Went on an outing 🤷‍♀️😁😜” vs “guilted my girlfriend into not going because I had immaturity FOMO and then swooped in and stood her up so I could do the literal same thing I didn’t want her to do.” Whew. YTA.

  65. YTA - this was manipulative and cruel. I hope you can learn from this and not repeat the same childish mistakes in your next relationship

  66. Not only are YTA but you showed her your manipulative and abusive tendencies. I hope you continue to get no more responses and that she finds a better partner than you.

  67. Omg yes YTA. YTA a hundred times over. You didn't "go on an outing without her" you manipulated her into canceling her plans so that you could take her spot and leave her out. That's a grimy thing to do to anyone, let alone your partner. Any one of those things is AH material, but you went overboard and did all of it. I'm glad she's not answering you and I hope she dumps you.

  68. 10000% YTA lol. this is honestly meaner than most shit i've ever done to people i hate. if this post is fake, bravo, but if it's real and it wasn't immediately obvious to you that you're a complete psychopath then dump your gf (if she hasn't already dumped you) and just be alone until you can figure out how to be a human

  69. ‘I don’t think I am as bad as some of you are making me out to be. Also, she hasn’t replied (to) me yet, should I be concerned?’ Uh, yeah. Sounds like your partner realized that you were such an AH and decided to drop you. Honestly, good for her. Unless you go through a serious character arc, she’s better off blocking you. Here’s some tough love: get your shit together, you’re acting like a self-centered brat. You did the equivalent of stealing her birthday gift because you wanted it.

  70. No you are worse than what we’re saying. it is clear you think everyone is overreacting. Isnt there a rule that this should taken down if your don’t accept your L?

  71. YTA I know this has been decided already but I still don't think you heard this enough. You made her cancel her plans saying you were going to meet up with her to then cancel on her and steal her spot WTF! You are so incredibly selfish and I hope she realizes this and runs as im guessing this isn't your first incredibly selfish act.

  72. YTA I have read so much weird behavior here, but somehow this was by far the worst and vile treatment of a partner I have ever seen.. how are you so delusional than you don't see how terrible and selfish this behavior was? I hope she dumps your sorry ass, I'm sorry but she deserves better and you need some time to reflect.. Jesus

  73. So after telling your partner you weren’t getting together. you tricked her into canceling her plans under the pretense of now seeing you, just so you could take her place and literally stand her up. And you genuinely wonder if you’re the asshole? I hope she left you. YTA.

  74. YTA and a user and selfish and don’t deserve a partner. You left her to make her own plans without you so she did without complaining, then you got her to cancel those plans, then you flaked on her AND made it so she couldnt do what she originally planned. Hope she has nice people in her life then she knows higher standards are available.

  75. You're a giant hypocrite and an asshole and she would have been if she didn't cancel but she did. SMH. Suffer her scorn, take the L and make it up to her.

  76. The good news is you’re about to be single so you won’t have to worry about using gas for your (ex) girlfriend!

  77. Yta and you’re kind of ignorant for even asking because I think you deep down already know that was a rude thing to do. Unless you’re just oblivious to how you basically did a bait and switch on her and did the exact thing you didn’t want her to do—You said she was dying to see the movie too? Y’all wanted to see it together. And the only reason she cancelled is because you wanted to see her because possibly you felt left out or jealous. So imagine how she feels? I would try a genuine sincere apology either on phone or in person and if she doesn’t respond, I would not personally blame her.

  78. Wow. I read your headline and immediately thought "of course this guy won't be TA. But then as I continued to read your story, more and more you continued to be TA. Jesus Christ dude that's not how you treat people you love.

  79. You are exactly as shitty as people are making you out to be. Until you figure this out, no woman in the world should date you. YTA so hard, I'm angry on your ex's behalf.

  80. This has to be fake. But lets assume its real. Reading trough the comments and the letter again one thing stood out that isn't being mentioned much because he is Such the AH that this moment could get skipped over. So he got jealous and told her that he wanted to hang out with her. This means he was willing to pay for the gas to see her and the movie. Then when he got her ticket from the friends all of a sudden he can't pay the gas anymore. You just lied to your GF face about the gas and are trying to use it as an excuse to not look like an AH.

  81. Good that she found out now how ridiculously selfish and manipulative her "partner," is - she's got some time to find someone much better.

  82. YTA I don't understand how you even think you are not. And then to ask if you should be concerned. One small thing sometimes speaks volumes of how a person is.

  83. Wow so you got funny she was gonna watch a movie you wanted to do together. Then you got her to cancel then cancelled on her to go watch it. Yea YTA I hope she dumps you.

  84. The reason you haven’t been able to reach her is because you no longer have a partner! You are completely 💯 TA! You cancel plans on her, so she makes new ones! You hear of these plans, and get JEALOUS! You have her cancel her plans and then swoop in and steal them from her! You are 💯 horrible! That girl deserves better than you! How absolutely awful! I’m so mad for her! 🤬 I hope & pray she never speaks to you again!

  85. Let me walk this through….you told your GF you didn’t want to meet due to gas prices (Which is a bit fucking lame really.), so she makes alternative plans, you get jealous and cause her to cancel them, then agree to take her place (I really don’t get what the thought process is there.), and won’t pick her up because “gas prices”, now you’re wondering IF you’re an arsehole and why she’s not responding? You’ve probably lost a relationship over gas prices and a fucking cinema ticket. Ffs.

  86. You aren't the AH, you're the actual sh*t. Also take the hint, you will be saving on gas money from here on out.

  87. Not only are you the asshole you're the absolute goatsee of assholes made even worse by the fact you have to ask the fucking internet about it. Seriously, how would you feel if you were your, I'm sure to soon be ex, partner?

  88. YTA- I totally anticipate an update that he is now single. If he had to come here and ask if he is the asshole I bet this is just the icing on the cake with how selfish he is.

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