AITA for calling my mom an unloving terrible mother?

  1. Absolutely call CPS. Two teens of the opposite sex should not be sharing a bed, let alone a room. Pretty sure you’re required to have a bedroom too. It’s neglect.

  2. Piggybacking this. CPS will check to make sure they have a suitable place to sleep and frown upon teenagers of the opposite sex sleeping in the same room much less the same bed.

  3. NTA, she is a terrible, selfish, unloving mom. I'm sorry you are in this situation. Do you have another relative you can live with? I wish I had a better response, but I will say too deserve love and to be happy, and to be well taken care of. ((((Hugs))))

  4. NTA at all. His kids are MUCH younger. You are teens. You are sharing a bed. You have serious medical conditions. He and his kids mock you for your pain and he sounds like a right ass.

  5. You might find this tough to see but your mom most likely does not love you. She probably feels you are a burden to her because you of your health. We already know she doesn’t bother taking you to doctors. She’s actively letting her step kids and new man trample on you to curry favor with them. She’s trying to play loving mom but only for them. Other people have said it but it really needs consideration: call CPS. She’s saying you won’t let her be loved but you know what OP? YOU deserve to be loved. Your mother is telling you to feel bad for wanting to have the most basic human decency, you aren’t even asking her to love you. She has no right to tell you you need to set yourself on fire so she can bask in the glow of love and family with her new family. NTA!

  6. NTA. I really hope you have someone you can call for help. Grandparents maybe? Aunt or an uncle? I have bad pain conditions too so I understand how much your bed becomes your oasis. It must be making your pain so much worse to have to share a couch. This is not okay what she's doing to you and your brother. You guys should be her first priority. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this.

  7. NTA, she’s horrible. you don’t owe your parents anything because you didn’t have a choice to be born, and she’s completely abandoning you for kids that aren’t even hers. i know its a hard decision to make, but you should discuss calling CPS with your brother, i am also very thankful for your brother because you seem to have a connection with him through your bad home life. your mom might realize what an asshole she has been and it might not even have been entirely her fault (manipulation, assault, etc) but right now she’s completely neglecting you and your brother and you wouldn’t be an asshole for getting yourself out.

  8. Nta read that last sentence and apply it to yourself. Your mother should also be applying that to you as well. Her happiness is important, but as a mother your wellbeing should far outweigh that. You're 14, and your brother is 16, you shouldn't have to share a room, let alone the same bed. You shouldn't feel bad about what you said, you said it out of passion and anger. You apologized for it already. You should still sit down and express these feelings with your mom tho, or if there are any adults or free counseling talk to them. You and your brother deserve the future, your mom is not providing that at the moment.

  9. NTA. Do you have any relatives you know of who could and would look after you at all? This is very sad, you do have my sympathy.

  10. I feel for you. I kind of experienced the same in my childhood (over and over again) with my father. I know how hard it is to see a parent who should protect you being literally "blind from love". I would also call CPS, even if nothing should happen, your mom would still get a reminder of what her job is, so maybe it would work at least as a little reinder to her, that she is a mom, she chose to be a mom and needs to be responsible. If you ever need to talk (even just to vent), just let me know. Either way I wish you and your great big brother the absolute best!

  11. NTA. You were willing to share a bedroom with an opposite-gender sibling which a lot of people would object to. The 9yo just didn't want to share? Time for her to learn that lesson. Sorry your mom is so inconsiderate.

  12. NTA. Call child protective services or the equivalent. She needs to have all the kids taken away. She is a cruel unloving parent.

  13. NTA. Why should her “happiness” cause you guys misery and abuse? Your mom is being selfish and she’s just another parent that chooses their lover over their kids.

  14. NTA. Do you have any relatives nearby who you could stay with? If not, talk to a teacher or school counselor. Tell a doctor, nurse, someone, anyone who could possibly care enough to call CPS.

  15. Like many are said, tell medical practitioners and school personnel. Child Protective Services CPS) can be backlogged. Multiple reports will help get you action. You need help as well as your brother because you BOTH deserve to be teenagers in a supportive environment. I would be wary of this man with so many partners. He could target you next. CPS will help you both get out of this dreadful situation. Their intervention may be the wake up call that your mom needs. You only get the teen years once and you should be able to enjoy those years. Good luck.

  16. Sounds to me like child neglect. Is there anyone else in your family that you can go and stay with? As a mum I feel physically sick that yo are being treated this way. My advice - get out if you can

  17. Time to call CPS NOW . You own a phone ?? Record everything. You must be remove of that house . Please do it now . They can check the records of that man

  18. NTA. Oh, I'm so sorry for what you're going through. You are not overreacting. Your mother is neglecting you. She's selfish. When your brother moves out in a couple years, see if you can get emancipated and leave with him. Maybe you could get a job once you're old enough so that will make it easier to get emancipated.

  19. NTA at all. You shouldn’t have even apologized. I’m sorry you’re going through this. I know everyone’s saying call CPS. I wouldn’t do that. Tell a guidance counselor or someone you trust at school and have THEM call CPS. You have two layers of protection there and it will be harder (although she’ll still try because she sounds like a narcissist) for your mom to place all the blame on you. Make sure you tell the counselor that you’re forced to sleep on the couch with your brother so the 9 year old can get a room and make double sure you tell them your mom isn’t taking you to get medical help, forcing your sixteen year old brother to do it.

  20. NTA call cps but you snd your brother get your room back now. One of you record everything. Take the kids stuff out. Tell your mom she should be ashamed of herself. That YOU are her children snd she’s supposed to protect you. Tell her what she did was illegal. And you will report her if she doesn’t grow a spine.

  21. NTA. Everyone deserve to be happy, including you. Having to sleep on the couch with your brother is totally wrong, especially when you have enough rooms for everyone.

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  23. NTA and if i were you I would have gone a step further and told her that she had her chance at love when your dad passed away. She is holding on to a demon.

  24. NTA, but you should have some empathy. Talk to your mom, and ask her if she's ok continuing like this at the expense of your happiness. Is the boyfriend being any sort of father-figure for you? If not, you need to call it out.

  25. im sorry my friend that you have to deal with this. Let her know that you are her blood and they arent and shes choosing a man who will potentially cheat on her over you

  26. Are you and your brother close to your dads side of the family? Or any family member? If so, talk to them. I guarantee your mom has spoon fed them shit about how your still being taken care of as before, when that’s not the case. You do NOT have to suffer in silence because your ‘mom’ decided to check out on you. NTA

  27. Nta at ALL. Please call CPS, or tell a doctor or someone ar your school that you trust what is happening to you and your sibling. Is there any family members that you could perhaps stay with, even on your father's side that you are still in contact with? Let them know what is going on.

  28. She was your mother before she met this creep. Talk to some of your friends parent about what you should do. You may need to record or document her behavior. Good luck.

  29. NTA - Don’t apologize for how you feel sweetie. You are not to blame for your situation, and your home situation does not sound healthy. I know it may be scary to do so, but please talk to one of your doctors about your situation. You’re brave for speaking out here. Maybe you and your brother can talk to someone together? What you have described is no way to live, especially if you have a chronic medical condition. Do you have other family you are close to besides your brother?

  30. NTA and you need to call CPS immediately. I hate to say it but two different gendered TEENS sharing not only a room, but A BED??? That is absolutely not okay, and especially with your medical conditions, you need to be able to have your own space. Please get out of there, I actually fear for your safety not only having to live like this, but also within a racist homophobic shit hole in your house?? Please stay safe and get help

  31. 1.NTA should not have apologized cause there was nothing to apologize for 3. If the “man of her dreams” is a racist, abusive, homophobic Ahole then that says something about her 4. And this is imo you should start calling her out for the crap that she is letting happen in her own home

  32. Like you crying about your dad forcing you to go to the mosque? Just because she’s 14 doesn’t mean her problems aren’t real.

  33. INFO: How does a minor go to hospital and get treatment without a legal adult/guardian present? Minors cannot consent to medical treatment where I live.

  34. Uh, well if there was a nice way and an asshole way to address these issues. Your way would definitely be closer to the asshole side…but I don’t think anyone will blame you. Call CPS

  35. I'm going to guess that you're kind of new here. It's not "am I an asshole?" It's "am I THE asshole." Justified assholes are still NTA. But it's sure as fuck not assholish to call a parent on it when they are actively abusing you. And they are actively abusing OP.

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