AITA for getting a lock on my display case and causing my siblings to be bored

  1. NTA. They don't like it because now it's their stuff that gets ruined. How about teaching kids you don't break other people's stuff? You don't need expensive toys to keep kids busy either.

  2. Jumping on top comment to ask, do your parents know what dollar tree is? They sell a bunch of cheap stuff for a dollar, including toys and coloring books. I don’t know if they have these outside of America but it’s thought.

  3. Also so funny that the parents think it’s completely acceptable for their children to ruin people’s things until it’s their own things on the line! By their logic, just as Manga = colouring book, Makeup is basically face paint, clothes are dress up etc. They’re being selfish and childish and bad parents to boot! If you’re paying rent is there anyway you can move out and pay rent else where? NTA

  4. NTA. You can tell your parents that anyone can like anime and mana at any age. I'm 37 years old and not only am I an avid anime fan, but I game and collect figures too. It doesn't make me or anyone else with a similar hobby a child. It's just what we like. And that should be respected, along with the fact that what you've collected is your property. So you have every right to protect it. If your parents don't like it, then too bad. They can find something else for your siblings to destroy.

  5. I did try to convince them that adults can like anime and games and figures and some people even make a career out of it. But they just laugh in my face and say that I'm lying.

  6. I highly doubt it would matter if they understood that it wasn’t children’s stuff. They would let the kids destroy OP’s stuff no matter the hobby or interest, because they don’t respect OP. They’re entitled and bad parents.

  7. NTA, your parents discovered exactly how out of line this is when the kids started messing with their stuff instead. Funny how they thought it was totally fine for them to ruin your things but not theirs.

  8. Wood blocks are an idea. Durable and can be used in so many ways as well as relatively low cost. Could repurpose a jenga set if needs be, and it already comes as a established game.

  9. idk where OP is based but also there’s buy-sell-free groups on facebook where some people basically give away toys their own kids have outgrown and if the siblings are in THAT need of toys, they can easily get some for cheap.

  10. NTA- You are not depriving your siblings entertainment, your cheap and selfish parents are. You work and pay for your collection while your lazy parents are bushing it off so they don’t have to pay money to entertain your siblings. They didn’t see it as a problem until the kids started using their stuff. It’s ok for them to ruin your collection so they won’t be inconvenienced. May I suggest saving enough money to move out and let your parents figure out how to entertain your siblings?

  11. Definitly NTA, sounds like they can't raise the kids and want you to suffer from it. Would recommend finding someone else to pay rent to!

  12. NTA. Ask your parents why it's an issue when their things are ruined, but not yours. That's not fair of them to expect you to lose your items to amuse your siblings.

  13. NTA, they are your things purchased with your money for you to do with as you please, if the kids want plushies and figures that bad im quite certain that cheap toys can be found at the dollar store.

  14. NTA. Your parents should respect the boundaries you set with your items, especially with those you purchased with your own money, and as long as you bought the lock with your money as well they shouldn't have an issue with it. Buying a lock should show that this boundary is important to you, and you are willing to go out of your way to make sure it is followed.

  15. NTA, I collect Marvel Comic Books and Action Figures and would hate for them to be played with or touched by anyone but myself. The lock display is a great investment.

  16. NTA — honestly, I want your siblings to keep destroying your mom’s makeup. If she allows her kids to disrespect your stuff, they can disrespect hers too (and the kids were her decision anyway, not yours, so you shouldn’t have to suffer the consequence of them).

  17. Obviously NTA, and you should move out whenever you're able to do so. Would also recommend picking up some inexpensive toys if you would feel comfortable with that. It isn't your siblings' fault they don't have stimuli in the home, and it would be kind of you in addition to helping protect your property. Your parents are awful.

  18. NTA. Your parents are lazy and refuse to discipline and take responsibility for their children. Unless these kids are toddlers, there is no excuse for their destructive behavior. Your parents should be buying their children toys, not expecting their older sibling to provide them.

  19. NTA. Maybe forgo a few figures or mags a week for some rent. Also, tell your parents to buy your kids some toys, rather than stealing yours.

  20. NTA, why is their stuff more important then yours? Your family is selfish and if I were you I would move out and cut them off at the first possible opportunity.

  21. NTA. You are a tenant, and not responsible for entertaining your sibings, either in person or by providing the means for their entertainment. Your parents are peeved because they have been cut off from easy means of keeping the kids quiet (at least no cost to themselves), and are dealing with the rather destructive habits of your siblings with their own things.

  22. Present your parents and extended family with an itemized bill of every item that your siblings have damaged. Tell them that at this point, it has reached the level of grand larceny. NTA

  23. NTA. Your parents can't control your younger siblings and used you as a distraction with zero repost for your interests and possessions. If you pay rent, I suggest moving out. It's not worth it. It's your parents' job to teach their children respect and self control.

  24. NTA. And they sell locks that go around the doorknob and can't be opened without a key. You can find one on Amazon for around $10. Or get some cheap things that are similar to your collection and designate them for your siblings. Then they can play without breaking your stuff.

  25. NTA, but your family sure is. This is some serious entitlement and judgement. I would hate if someone touched my collection the way they did yours. I don't care how childish your parents think you are, they have no right to dictate that your siblings can play with and destroy things that you paid for and worked hard to earn.

  26. NTA. Everything that's happening to you is really upsetting. I collect figures, plushies and manga and I'm in my late 30's. Figures are not toys. I have a young kid and even they know not to touch any of the figures or books because I've taught them not too. Your family is just experiencing, with their belongings, what the kids have been doing to yours. Why are they allowed to be annoyed at their ruined things and not yours? They sound like AH for not understanding why these things are important to you.

  27. NTA. I'm almost 30 and I collect dolls, figures and adore manga. I'd probably pop a blood vessel if my things were destroyed because of lazy parenting.

  28. NTA you paid for that stuff and it's yours not your siblings', your mom can let them play with her make up if she sees nothing wrong with them breaking expensive things that aren't theirs. These are not your children so it's not your job to provide entertainment.

  29. NTA. Your parents and siblings as so entitled. The kids shouldn't be in your place without permission from you, and even then your parents should learn to discipline your siblings for how they act. It's your money, so you can use it to buy whatever you want.

  30. Even if you were 10 years old and bought stuff with your own pocket money over time the answer would be the same. Your mother is an asshole. You are NTA

  31. NTA If anime is for children let them watch Corpse Party or something else more gory and lets see if its for children then

  32. NTA! Those are your things, your personal property that you paid for. Your family has no respect for you or the concept of personal property. I would advise moving out as soon as you can. I don't like it when parents don't teach their kids to respect other's things.

  33. Mangas are certainly not children books. I am a great fan of Jirô Taniguchi among others and would be furious if a kid drew on the books with the permission of their mother!

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  35. NTA, tell your parents that since you pay rent, you are entitled to a private space. Your parents can not have it both ways. If you pay rent, then you get to say what or who is in your room or on your door, or you can be treated like a kid and not pay rent.

  36. NTA and the post made my blood boil to read it. you should take the cost of what your siblings broke out of the rent money since your parents allowed it to happen. how old are the siblings?

  37. NTA and they make locks that fit on your door that you can buy on Amazon for like $20. Can’t even tell you have one from the outside

  38. NTA, you are just a person who is tired of property damage and those younger siblings will likely find other methods of fun, likely tv or video games.

  39. How can a whole family be so wrong about this? You’re obviously NTA! Its your stuff, your money, your passion. You don’t have to accept it being used, let it alone destroyed, by kids. Don’t let your family turn your brain upside down

  40. NTA - your parents are just mad that your destructive siblings have moved on to destroying THEIR stuff. Ignore them and get out as fast as you can. Maybe even take your grandma with you.

  41. NTA and 100% deduct the cost of anything destroyed from your next rent payment. Maybe when they understand the cost of your possessions they will respect them nore

  42. NTA I mean come ON! They have no respect for your collection, dismissing you and the kids don't even look after what they play with! Keep that lock on there TIGHTLY!

  43. Replace it all with hentai horror manga and when they lose it just be like ‘oh I’m sorry, I thought it was for children’

  44. Leave the house. Staying with people who don't have any respect for you isn't going to work out for you. If they abuse your grandmother, called Elder Abuse. Do not give them access to break more of your stuff. Let your siblings destroy your mother's make up. Tell her she doesn't need it. NTA.

  45. NtA, and when they say you need to give them your stuff, you can say that they seem to only have issues when your siblings cost you money, and destroy your things, but doing it to their things is not ok??

  46. NTA, your family needs to respect your boundaries. If you wanted this drama to die down faster you could buy some toys from goodwill for your siblings to play with. You shouldn’t have to, keeping your siblings entertained should be your parents problem, but it might calm the drama.

  47. NTA at all. I know how expensive collecting statues and figurines can get. I collect video game statues and figurines as well. Spent quite a bit. I live with my GF and she has a 5 year old and he even knows they're not toys and for display. You're absolutely doing nothing wrong as you've paid for them and used your own money. Sounds like your parents need to maybe spend some of their money on things for your siblings.

  48. The entitlement parents feels sometimes baffles me, NTA, it's your hard earned stuffs, so do whatever you want with them, you didn't buy them for anyone else's entertainment.

  49. From the sound of it, they just don't respect you and they're using anime to justify it. I'm sorry they suck. You're NTA, and I hope you find a safe space to enjoy your stuff. If you really want to be petty (and it's safe to do so!), if the kids destroy stuff belonging to your parents tell them that kids only play with kids stuff, perhaps they should've thought about that before buying clothes/make up/destroyed item?

  50. NTA. That stuff is expensive and definitely not for kids. A lot of that stuff has a choking hazards as they’re collectors items and not for play. What happened to the toys the kids already have? Do they really need something knew to play with that often? As for your manga I have no words. They aren’t cheap either.

  51. Nta. You are not responsible for the entertainment of your siblings. Open a separate savings account at the bank and out the "rent" you pay on there. You are not being respected as an adult or as someone who contributes financially to the household.

  52. Your little siblings have no toys at all? Maybe your parents or that extended family should buy them some so you're not expected to offer up your things on the altar of family peace.

  53. I'm sorry, manga is for children? Damn, guess it's ok to let kids read all that hentai /s. Even if you're not talking hentai, there are so very few animes out there with NO fanservice. Even if it was just them destroying your stuff, you'd be NTA, but if it's like this, there are some choice mangas I'd love for your parents to read to their kids (who aren't entertained somehow and it's your fault if they destroy their things? that's just kinda a yikes). Maybe they can start with one of the ones that gives me nightmares, Mieruko-chan, followed by some baka and test for their morning cartoons. Seriously, their double standards are just disgusting.

  54. NTA. You aren't depriving your siblings with entertainment, you are refusing to use your money to buy them stuff for them to destroy. Your parents are literally demanding that you buy your siblings toys. NTA!!!

  55. NTA. Try to move out as soon as possible. Liking anime is ok no matter what age group and no one gets to judge you for it. Your parents sound totally unreasonable and don't accept your boundaries. This is not a good home for you to be in.

  56. NTA. I don't know about you but I'd fight my siblings hand-to-hand if they broke expensive stuff that belonged to me.

  57. Tell your parents it’s the exact same thing as them destroying their stuff when it happened to you, why should you let them break your things if your parents won’t let them do the same to their items? NTA

  58. NTA. Throwing figures against walls because "they got mad their hands won't move" isn't boredom. It's petulance, and that needs to be corrected. Why not buy them some cheap plushies for them to play with?

  59. NTA. Interesting that it wasn’t a problem when your stuff got messed up but now that it’s their stuff getting destroyed suddenly they’re really upset. Seems pretty hypocritical of your mom to be fine with hundreds of dollars of your property being ruined and then turn around and call you selfish because the steps you took caused your siblings to ruin her things. Maybe she should be the one more willing to share since she’s their actual parent.

  60. NTA. Your parents are now learning that it’s no fun to have expensive possessions ruined. Why should it be your stuff that gets ruined instead of theirs?

  61. NTA. Your property is YOURS and you shouldn't be expected to justify your tastes or allow others to destroy it. She can buy toys for the kids from that. A trip to the dollar tree (or Walmart if she wants to be fancy) once a week could give your siblings plenty to play with for a small amount of money. Next time she wants the kids to use your property as a plaything, tell her your contribution to their play time is the RENT you pay which she can use to buy them their own damn toys.

  62. It’s not your job to entertain your siblings and it’s definitely not okay to expect you to be okay with having your stuff broken. Doesn’t matter what they think of it, it’s yours and you paid for it with your money. They are just mad their stuff is being ruined, maybe they need to engage with your siblings and keep them occupied with actual human attention.

  63. NTA, but your parents sure are. Even if they were children's toys, that doesn't mean your siblings are just allowed to destroy them. These are collector's items. Honestly, I would start looking for roommate.

  64. NTA. If your parents need your financial contribution, I would withhold it until they have paid you back market value for everything their poorly-raised children have destroyed. They owe you for all of it. You bought those things, they are responsible for their kids' actions, so they incur the debt when your property is ruined.

  65. NTA- i would literally tell them if they want you to let your sibs play with your possessions, you will be deducting the cost of each item from your rent. And isn't it funny how they don't like it when the sibs ruin their stuff? I would be saying things like "oh makeup is so unnecessary! And it's overpriced! ". Also maybe time to move out.

  66. Hun you are 20 years old ????? Instead to spending too much money In an awesome anime collection is time to MOVE OUT then you will have your own space ( Rommies or whatever ) and you can show your collection ( I can’t stand children ) they annoy me

  67. NTA and your parents are AHs. Regardless of how old the kids are, ripping plushies apart and throwing toys at wall should not be tolerated. Your parents allowed this behaviour and now themselves are suffering from consequences of their actions.

  68. You really need to move out. If you pay rent there, you can pay rent somewhere else where people won't feel entitled to treat you like garbage. Find a place, then hand them a 30 day notice with a bill for everything the kids have destroyed.

  69. I'm sorry you're going though this OP, but your family is straight up manipulative. Wasn't a big deal when they were breaking your shit but as soon as the parents shit gets messed with you're the devil? Your siblings need to be taught some fuckin manners by your parents because this is straight up them being lazy at this point.

  70. NTA as a parent with older and younger children I would buy the lock FOR my oldest if I somehow couldn't keep the younger ones of of their stuff.

  71. NTA & personally I'd be petty enough to buy some NSFW figures and manga and leave them lying around since it's your room you're paying to live in, let them justify it being "childish" after that.

  72. NTA. I collect figures too and I would be absolutely furious if my siblings would destroy my figures and my parents would think that's ok. It can be incredibly hard to replace a broken figure since you would probably have to buy it pre-owned to horrendous aftermarket prices (this various between figures ofc). Just because you bought it for 70 dollars doesn't mean you can replace it for 70 dollars. I would put together a list of the figures they destroyed and put the after market price (what it would cost you to replace it now) and give it to your parents. If they think your siblings can break those figures they sure can pay for their replacement too. Let's see if they still think it's ok to break them after they see the amount of money they just destroyed.

  73. OP, I am very sure no one will call you the asshole here, you're very much NTA. But I am curious, what did your siblings destroy in terms of figures and manga? Your parents are out of line, they don't treat you like an adult and expect you to pay rent as well? Yeah, GTFO of that house. I'm sorry to hear about your grandma by the way, if you can take her with you, that'd be great.

  74. NTA they are mad that the kids they do terrible job parenting are destroying THEIR things rather than YOUR things. Move out. And if they whine about the kids tell them that they should just grow up and let them play with their makeup or whatever. Turn it back on them.

  75. NTA nah screw yo entire family no one gets to be pissy at you for protecting things you’ve spent your money on and you care about

  76. NTA. Parents are being entitled, and perhaps what they should do is actually get their kids toys for them. Usually figures meant for collecting can have small pieces and if the kid swallows it and chokes, that can spell trouble (and I feel they'd blame it on you as well).

  77. HECK I'm 28 and I collect the same things as you and reading this post makes me so damn upset. NTA! My aunt and uncle let my cousins do this to 7 year old me with all my Harry Potter memorabilia at the time.

  78. Go to the dollar store and buy them coloring books and crayons. If you wanted to be really nice, buy them crayola crayons because they work better and don't break as easily. Now they have their own stuff to color and shouldn't "have to" use your stuff.

  79. NTA .I always wonder in these stories what version of events the family is telling to extended family and friends to get them to all agree you are being ridiculous. Clearly, they need to be making stuff up to get people on their side. Either that or your entire family is LITERALLY crazy and somehow you got the normal gene.

  80. NTA, by any means. You're in that unenviable position of older/oldest sibling/adult, which means that you are expected to help bear the burden that your parents got themselves into by making far more kids than they can effectively parent. And you are paying rent on a room that seems to be community property for everyone except you. It's unfair to you.

  81. NTA. Since you have a job and have enough income to invest in figurines and collectibles, a solution might be for you to invest in a cabinet of things that your siblings are allowed to play with and put it in a common room so they don’t go in yours. Hit up some garage sales or thrift stores or pawn shops. Go on your local Facebook “free or trade” pages or Freecycle sites. In my area, there are literally hundreds of families with kids over the age of 16 that have way more plush animals that they don’t want to throw out but cannot find anyone else who will take them.

  82. NTA, and at this point you should consider moving out an option. Or if you wanna get petty, start buying some really mature content figure and comics/mangá, for example The Crossed HQ, put on some trash horror posters from the 70s/80s on the walls.

  83. NTA. You were already dealing with ruckus, alone, that your parents made for you by belittling you and encouraging your siblings to violate your boundaries. You tried different ways to stand up for yourself, now that one is working they’re dealing with the fact they created a shitty situation that has consequences. Keep standing up for yourself, and I wish you a very move out soon.

  84. Your parents clearly don't respect you or your interests. Definitely NTA. They are. Your siblings are just whiney kids and your parents are encouraging their bad behavior.

  85. Your parents is selfish and even stupid, they don't realize those are expensive, it would be better to sell them and buy some toys... Not saying you have to sell, just that kids playing with that kind of stuff is a big waste of money.

  86. NTA. You are not depriving your siblings of kids toys. Your parents are by not providing appropriate items for them to play with. Their kids, their job.

  87. So they ruin your things and your parents are fine. They ruin your parents stuff and it's your fault. Isn't that hilariously karmic how they went after their stuff when yours wasn't available.

  88. Tbh i would go to the kitchen and break all the plates. If you treat me like a child. I’ll act out as one.

  89. Manga and Anime are multi billion dollar, international industries that pays peanuts to most of its workers! Who the fuck do your parents think are keeping it afloat, three twelve year olds in a trench coat paid in uwus? Lots of adults love anime and manga even if they don't work in the field, never mind the adults who work in the industry because they love it, because they sure as shit don't get paid enough to do it.

  90. NTA. Save your money to move out. They don't see you as a person... you're an extension of your parents and they see your things as theirs. They won't start respecting you suddenly.

  91. NTA. It's not your job to provide entertainment for your siblings, it's your parents'. Additionally, it is perfectly reasonable for you to protect your collectables from those who are too Irresponsible to handle them.

  92. Right? Lol. I have two daughters into Anime and Manga. I got lucky that after I lost my job, I took a short term job in a uses book warehouse and every couple of weeks, I would bring homes CRATES of brand new Manga. It would take their dad and I HOURS to thumb through them to make sure that there wasn't something overtly not age appropriate. (Those ratings on the spine mean NOTHING sometimes! Lol) Now they are 16 and 18 and we let them use their better judgment but yeah. I'm picturing mom walking in an watching a small child happily coloring away on a graphic torture image or a pair of oily breasts. Hehehe

  93. if i own manga and anime figures and my younger brother has the balls to break them or draw on them, he is dead, I will personally see that he is yeeted off a cliff, that shit is expensive NTA

  94. NTA. Plenty of adults collect "toys." Action figures, sports cards, dolls, coin op, video games, bobbleheads, baseballs, model cars or airplanes, RPG, paper dolls, antique and vintage toys and players. Anime/Manga is no different. My girls are 16 and 18 and HUGE into it and I can't tell you home much money I have spent on costumes, merchandise, books, figures, and conventions for them.

  95. I’m sorry, your parents are mad their offspring are ruining THEIR things, so they want you to bring back YOUR possessions to ruin? NTA, and maybe suggest to your siblings if they didn’t break everything they touched, they could have some nice playthings. I don’t know how old these kids are, but even before kindergarten I knew if you broke it, you weren’t getting another one! And shame on your parents for letting the kids run amok.

  96. NTA - they don’t like their stuff being ruined so they should respect that you don’t either! Collectibles aren’t toys and even if they are, you don’t have to share when you bought them! Stick to your guns, you’re not being childish just because your parents don’t want to entertain their own children! They could take them to the park, out for walks and lots of other free things instead of destroying your stuff! Don’t back down otherwise you’ll grow really resentful of your family, better to put boundaries in place now!

  97. NTA - that shit is expensive and very much not for little kids to mess with! If they are cool with that getting destroyed they can go spend 70-150 on one of the lower end figurines and see how that works..

  98. NTA but I feel bad for your siblings who have no toys at all that they resorted to your mom's make up. Would you be open to taking them to the dollar store and having them pick 1-2 toys each?

  99. Many years ago, I used money from my first job to buy one of the first Hallmark Star Trek ornaments, the starship Enterprise. My JNS and V(ery) JNBIL visited and weren't watching their youngest son. He went into my bedroom and found the ornament. By the time I discovered him, he had ripped the nacelles off. By that time they hadn't been sold in years and buying a new one was more than I could afford. I told my sister that they owed me a new one, but she said that I shouldn't have had it where he could get it. He was 6. He was old enough to know not to deliberately break it.

  100. NTA obviously, but as a parent of 5 kids, ages 5 - 12... its not that hard to keep them entertained without trashing things and breaking other kids stuff, but it does take effort... You just have crappy (and probably very lazy) parents.

  101. NTA, I think it’s funny that they want you to unlock your stuff so the kids can stop destroying theirs. Maybe mom will understand when she has to replace that expensive makeup she collects, like you have to replace your expensive collection. Buy the kids some cheap action figures from the dollar store to play with. Don’t they have any toys or did they break them all?

  102. NTA. I collect tons of Funko Pops, and if my 7 year old cousins tried to use them as toys, then I would lose it. You are more than entitled to protecting your own collectibles that you paid for yourself.

  103. Do these kids not have their own toys? Or crayons and paper? Or a radio? A ball, a stick, anything? You’re not responsible for sacrificing your personal property to keep them happy. NTA

  104. I have a great many things to say, so I will boil it down to: You are not obliged to provide your stuff to these destructive hellions. End of sentence.

  105. NTA holy shit, I'm almost 30 and I collect anime figures. I would be absolutely livid if I were in your position. If I were you, I would keep hiding all the figures and let them be mad if they want to be. It's your money that buys the figures, and some of them are so hard to find later. Let them destroy your parents stuff and see how they like it

  106. NTA. But also, you're 20 years old and you're already paying rent so what is stopping you from moving out? Get your stuff, find some roommates and leave.

  107. NTA- Your parents are hypocrites. It's OK for your bros and sis to trash your stuff but not OK when they trash your parents' stuff? Yeah, i knw your parents said yours were toys, but it doesn't matter if they are or aren't, it's your stuff, you paid for it, you do what you want.

  108. NTA and tough shit. I collect as well and so does my daughter. I explained to her the value of some of these things and she understands that they're not to be played with. She enjoys reading the manga though because she said it's cool to read backwards lol.

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