AITA for wanting videos of me high deleted

  1. NTA. They're footage of you and your personal life. It's weird he isn't ok with deleting them to be honest. He can always edit the videos down there are parts of him he likes. Unfortunately, you probably can't prove it. If you're just honest with him and try to explain where you're coming from emotionally, then hopefully he will listen. Otherwise you might need to set boundaries and take some space. He's not respecting your feelings and wants which isn't ok.

  2. I’m not leaving out anything. He has videos of my other friends in there from the same night I just asked him that anything where I had a blunt in my hand be deleted.

  3. NTA. Had this happen to me recently, did some stupid shit while totally blacked out (Like literally, I remember NOTHING about it) Requested that the proof be deleted but I doubt it has been.

  4. NTA - a word of advice please do whatever it takes to make sure he actually deleted them and not saved a copy! You know if one day these videos are circualted online they might ruin your job chances with some companies.

  5. Hmmm...NTA for asking no, but you may be for trying to force him to delete his videos. You can't demand to go though his phone to verify either, you have no way to get proof. Best you can really do is ask that he not film you anymore or post existing videos on social media.

  6. NTA. Push that envelope, and push those personal boundaries back a bit. You might hurt his feelings, and that might strain or end the friendship, if that's what you're asking.

  7. I agree with you completely I’m going to ask him today if he’s deleted them. If he hasn’t I see no reason why I should continue being friends with someone like that

  8. Absolutely NTA, I find it super disturbing how common it's become to live your entire life in front of a camera. Even more disturbing is the general nonchalant attitude that a lot of people seem to have about filming others now, even going so far as to distribute it online now without permission. It's a huge pet peeve of mine and I'm not even that old yet! I feel like a grandma over here having to say " hey excuse me, that snapchat you just made... I was in that video... Don't post that. Thanks" every other day!

  9. I agree with you it’s honestly kind of disturbing, because he’s not even in the videos it’s just me.

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  11. It’s more annoying than anything because I’ve bailed him out of trouble several times(literally going to talk to his parents so he could avoid getting grounded), but when I want him to delete videos of me he acts like it’s a capital offense

  12. I have to agree with you there but he’s so dumb that I guessed the password to his alt account( literally was just his last name with his favorite number) and then on top of that guessed the my eyes only password. I can delete them whenever I want i’m just kinda scared he’s been my friend since 5th grade

  13. Oh yeah and btw he lied again saying he would delete them last night but when I checked after I got his account info they were still there.

  14. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to not do incriminating stuff with a guy that likes to record incriminating stuff? You’re both assholes!

  15. I just feel like I don’t even remember him recording me or asking me too. When we do stuff like that I literally put my phone up (usually in a bag or something) just so I can enjoy it. I find it more annoying that he’s being like that about stuff he knows makes me uncomfortable

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