WIBTA. If I sold my truck?

  1. NTA. It's legally your truck, you can legally sell it. Partial payment monthly...so what, so you're still partially funding her truck? Hard pass. And nothing's gonna stop her from stopping payments in a few months and now you're paying for a truck you don't have. Don't be a fool and sell the truck.

  2. NTA - and don't accept the partial payment thing she wants. She wants it but doesn't want to pay what it's worth. Sell it to someone who will want it and pay fair price.

  3. Nta. If she wants the truck she can buy it. If she can't afford to buy it outright then you deserve to be able to sell if you don't want it. If she helped pay for it in anyway just pay her back when you sell it.

  4. NTA. Nope. No loaning the truck. No partial payment crap. If she wants it, she buys it. She is an EX now. Sell it or she buys it, those should be the only 2 options. And if she buys it, make sure you have a valid, solid, legal contract. Get her off your insurance as well. For all you know her new bf will be the one driving the hell out of this truck. NTA.

  5. definitely NTA. if she wants to use it, she can buy it herself. you can be nice and give her first dibs if you want, but sell it if you don’t want it. and if she tries to make you feel bad about not being her private truck rental agency, tell her to get bent. hahaha

  6. NTA - It's your truck it's your choice. If you keep it it will just be a complicated pain in the butt. What if it breaks while she's borrowing it? Will she pay for the repairs? No if she wants that truck she can buy it from you.

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