AITA for not inviting my fiancées younger brother into my bridal party?

  1. I mean he might care because it was public, I'm not sure why you would do the bridal party invites at an event with people who won't be asked. However OP and fiancee could compromise and make little brother an usher or ask him to do a reading.

  2. NTA. Ask your fiancée to deal with her mother directly, and tell her that you are only having people close to you in your wedding party. Tell her to stop being aggressive and accept your choices or you will take action to prevent her from stressing your fiancée out.

  3. NTA. To keep everyone happy, just reiterate HE'S A MINOR! It doesn't matter who you want though. It's your wedding. Just be mindful of how this debacle is handled by your fiancee and her family.

  4. NTA. While it would of course be nice to include the kids in your bridal party, you don’t really know him and you aren’t obligated to include him. Your future mil needs to back off.

  5. NTA - I would bet money the brother himself doesn’t actually care and this is just the mother stirring up drama.

  6. NTA. You should have the wedding you want just as much as your fiancé. Concerns about him being underaged is totally valid. Most of the time people are drinking and you'd feel awkward trying to make him not feel awkward.

  7. This. You can invite him to any events that's age appropriate & find a way to include him in the ceremony.

  8. NTA. First of all, I hate it when people act like weddings are all about the bride’s side of the family. Second of all, not appropriate for his age. The biggest issue is that you have only met him a couple of times. If you don’t know him that well, it would be super creepy of you to ask a child to your bachelor party and such. I don’t know why the mom would allow her 16 y/o to go to one, never mind suggest it.

  9. NTA, it's understandable for your fiance's mother to expect this, however if you don't want any trouble with your wedding planning you should set boundaries at this stage itself or it'll get worse from here. Congratulations btw!

  10. NTA. Your wedding is about you and your fiance. Not your BILs and MILs feelings. If you don't want him there, stand your ground and let them know the day isn't about them and they're both being selfish.

  11. NTA - You are under no obligation to include your fiancée’s brother. Your attendants are supposed to be your friends and supporters, and you & your fiancée have already discussed how many you will have and who they will be. Your future MIL is in the wrong.

  12. NTA. You’re absolutely not required to have siblings in the wedding. If you have a good relationship, it’s common that they do something even if they’re not in the wedding party itself. If you and your fiancé wanted to make a nice gesture, he could be an usher, do a reading, play music, or be in charge of something (guest book? Handing out favors?) so he feels included. However, he also needs to understand that it’s not about him, and it is totally normal and acceptable to have only your closest in your wedding party.

  13. NTA. It’s your wedding, as long as you both are happy that’s all that matters. She (mil) has no right to get involved.

  14. Nta. The day is about you and your wife, not about him. He can suck it up, as well as your future MIL. Put your foot down about this, because it sounds like MIL will try to do something like this again.

  15. It’s the MIL that was set, sounds like fiancée wanted the groom to decide for himself who he has in his wedding party. MIL is def TA.

  16. Nta. At our wedding, my nieces (2F and 8F) were bridesmaids and my SIL was a bridesmaid, so I asked my 13 year old nephew if he would be an usher and hand out order of services. That way he was included but not one of the bridal party. Perhaps something like that would work? Give him a job?

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  18. NTA at all and if MIL really wants her son to be part of your wedding let him be and usher maybe that will calm her down a bit!

  19. NTA. It's your wedding. However, make him an usher. This way he's part of the wedding, though not part of the wedding party.

  20. NTA. He can't participate in any of the pre-wedding fun, so basically the only thing he gets out of it is having to dress up and pretend to care about your wedding. Could there be anything more boring to a 16 year old?! It would be more of a dick move to include him but exclude him from the grown up activities.

  21. NTA. A wedding is about both partners. You chose people you were close with, she did the same. Don’t be guilted into including him, you are under no obligation to include her family in your grooms party.

  22. NTA what ridiculous drama. Why is it such a common thing for overbearing mothers to stick their noses in everywhere and act like a wedding is their personal project to own and do as they please?

  23. NTA - thought this was a typical exclusion type post... But they are 16? Tell the mother that it's not appropriate and that he needs to find some friends his own age because this simply sounds like he is bored and mummy wants to offload him on someone else.

  24. Info: do you think ita rude when in the future just your wife is invitet to events and not tou because you are that close with her family? Or would you be upset you are excluded?

  25. NTA, it's your wedding and you should get to chose who comes, what you do, who's in the bridal party. There is literally a 11 year age gap and I'm not sure if your fiance and her brother are even that close because of it. Even if they are its your decision being he would be in your party. I hope things calm down and you don't have to do anything you don't wnat to since it's your big day.

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