AITA - GF Claims I'm hiding a relationship with a co-worker, but it's actually just insignificant.

  1. NTA. From what you describe, your girlfriend has some serious trust issues. If she doesn't trust you, then that's sort of the death knell for a relationship. I'm going to add: having friends outside the relationship is a healthy thing for people to do, because no one partner should have to (or really, would want to) be all things to their partner. What you described was a good acquaintance reaching out in order to get feedback for the project/game, and their inclusion of your girlfriend should have been more than enough reassurance for people who trust each other. (I'll add, my husband has a few female friends he games with or has common interest conversations/meet-ups with and it only adds to his life, and is in no way threatening to our relationship.)

  2. NTA - your girlfriend sounds like either she's coming from a place of insecurity, or she wanted a fight. You didn't hide the co-worker from her, because as soon as the co-worker became relevant to you and your girlfriend (offering the Beta) you invited and incuded your girlfriend. If you had made the conscious decision to hide the co-worker, you would not have done that.

  3. Absolute not TA. To hide a relationship means you’re intentionally not bringing it up for purposes you’d get in trouble over it. You didn’t bring it up merely because it’s an insignificant, I’ll bet friendly, relationship. Your girlfriend sounds insecure/jealous and needs to realize you cannot give her tabs on every single relationship you hold. NTA

  4. NTA. I can understand where she's coming from and I think a little bit of jealousy is natural. And it's totally fair that she probably feels a little bit left out. Validate that, because in a way up until now she has been left out.

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