AITA for getting upset at a woman in my group therapy for not allowing her kids privacy? WIBTA if i emailed my psych team about it?

  1. YWNBTA. I had an abusive mother and have been through therapy and would get Nothing out of being in a group session with this person. Email to see what can be done. You are trying to make sure things are fair for her as well and are doing the right thing.

  2. NTA. It doesn’t seem like the two of you being a group together would be productive, it actually sounds counterproductive. You need to make them aware of how you feel and what you have experienced since you she has joined.

  3. NTA. You need to be in a group you can feel safe and open with. The good news is this woman is in therapy, and it’s possible she’ll come around from whatever mess she’s creating at home.

  4. First of all - are you not committed to confidentiality about things spoken in your group? That's been common in almost every group healing I've been a part of. If you are then sharing this on the internet is a major violation. I'm not going to judge her because this isn't an interpersonal conflict. She is in therapy FOR A REASON. She obviously accepts she needs therapy or wouldn't be there so in no world will I call her an asshole. She has a problem and is seeking help.

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  6. If you have concerns regarding a child, you absolutely must raise it with the appropriate person, and leave it then to deal with it. NTA / YWNBTA

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