AITAH for telling my family what I saw after I was told not to?

  1. NTA. You're a child, your mother should be protecting you and her other children, not gulting you for calling her out. I'm so sorry you have to deal with that.

  2. NTA - DCF needs to get involved and get those children out of there. Maybe a lovely couple could adopt them. I’m sorry the way she treated you.

  3. NTA, it's never okay to tell a child to lie. I wouldn't have lied for her either. You owe her nothing. She's lucky family took you because had you gone in the system heaven knows what would have happened to you. She needs a reality check.

  4. NTA. She has proven time and time again that you owe her nothing while your aunt and grandma have raised you. So of course you would tell them.

  5. NTA, and whatever your "mother" does, impacts you as well. Therefore it is your business. I'm so sorry you have a shit mom, don't ever feel guilty for not covering for her bad behavior.

  6. NTA. Why are you even asking this here?! She doesn’t seem to be capable of being a parent, so Idk why she made 2 more babies after not taking care of you. She’s the asshole and you would have been if you didn’t say anything. Your siblings should have a better life, away from her.

  7. NTA. Just because your mother asked (told) you to not tell about what you saw does not mean you were obligated to do what she asked. Because you are in the custody of your grandmother and aunt she has no authority over you.

  8. NTA - just because she lies, doesn’t mean you have to play that game too. She made choices and has to live with the consequences, you don’t.

  9. OP’s story sounds just like my husbands growing up. Pretty much abandoned by his mom to his grandparents, in and out of his life depending on the new baby daddy, and told to lie to his grandparents about what he saw his mom doing constantly. OP probably won’t see this, but they absolutely did the right thing. Stay loyal to your family that has proved their love and loyalty to you! Being asked to keep those kids of secrets hurts you, and your half siblings too. It gets better. It took therapy and support from actual loved ones to get over my husbands trauma from his mom, but he doesn’t carry that heart-hurt as much anymore. Hopefully OP realizes that they are NTA and never are for protecting themselves from that situation.

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  11. The little ones weren’t in the car-they were inside our home. She was in the parking lot in front of the trash. The car smelled like weed and she said she’d stop after the youngest baby was born.

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