AITA for asking girlfriend to rehome her dog?

  1. Are you considering re-homing the girlfriend at all? If she's like this with a dog, I'm not sure she's someone I'd want to build a life with.

  2. NTA she’s basically abusing that dog. He doesn’t want to eliminate in the house, hence the whining. And getting no exercise. Yikes.

  3. NTA and you should probably take the dog and split. If this is how she’s acting even when you’ve tried talking to her about taking better care of the dog, how will she act if y’all have kids, or if you were to injure yourself/fall sick to the point you needed help taking care of yourself?

  4. I was coming to say this exact thing. She's 19 was 13 when her family got the dog. She may of helped somewhat but I don't think she ever was completely responsible for the dog. She's obviously still really immature as well. Good luck with dog. Maybe try starting a feeding and walking schedule for the dog so he has expected bowel movements? Could you guys higher a dog walker to help? I'm just trying to think of ways to help you here.

  5. NTA. Title had me ready to say you are but wow. The only AH here is your girlfriend. You sound like the only one with the poor dogs best interest in mind. She is neglecting and abusing that poor dog. You should sit her down and explain that you want to help the dog and are willing to work out a plan to help him if she can commit to doing her part for him. Otherwise, he needs to find a loving family that can give him the care he needs and deserves. I personally don’t know if I could even stay with someone who would treat their pets that way, that’s a huge red flag to me especially if you ever plan on having children together.

  6. NTA for wanting the best for the dog, but you need to realize that your girlfriend doesn't care about what is best for the dog. To her, the dog is just a possession that she doesn't want to have to give up but doesn't actually care enough about to properly take care of it. This is how she will be with all living things that are dependent on her. What happens if you have kids? She'll largely neglect them. Or what about if you have an accident or get sick and need someone to help care for you either short- or long-term? She'll just let you rot while telling other people how much she loves you and takes care of you. She only wants the status of owning a pet while not caring for the living creature a pet is.

  7. NTA, you’re arguing to rehome a neglected animal. If she doesn’t see things your way though you’re either gonna live with this or end things

  8. I was so prepared to think you suck in this situation based on the title, but absolutely NTA. that dog deserves so much better and you're the only one advocating for it. you might lose the girlfriend, and I fear for any future pets she might get, but please do something drastic to get a better situation for this poor dog.

  9. YTA get off your ass and do the things for this dog that your girlfriend isn't. Someone has to care for the fucking dog so step up.

  10. He said he works. Hence why he can only walk it on his day off or weekend. So he can't. Plus its her dog she has to be responsible not him

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