AITA for spoiling a small detail in a tv show?

  1. NTA, what is he, a child? Overreacting like that? You didn’t even say the spoiler, not that it would’ve mattered, but he storms out like that and gives you a silent treatment later. HUGE red flags on how he deals with minor conflicts imo. Unless I’m missing something, he acted extremely immature.

  2. I....dont understand why he was upset at all? You saw a spoiler, you didn't spoil it for him, and you could have just watched the show like normal??

  3. People with short temper are always looking for a reason to be mad, thus they'll explode with the most ridiculous things and, more often than not, they'll mistreat their interlocutor:

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  5. I think because I saw the spoiler? I didn’t tell him Anything that happens in the show and just put my phone down and then he left

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