AITA for not telling my roommate that I invited my boyfriend over?

  1. Imagine you have cameras in your bedroom. I would call the police and have them search your apartment for cameras because if he’s recording you and you don’t knowing about it that is illegal

  2. NTA its none of his business, you guys share a place and it's equally yours as it is his. It's nice and courteous that you let eachother know when you have company so the other is aware, but with him being gone it shouldn't matter, none of his business.

  3. BTA super creepy behavior look for cameras. The agreement was you'd let him know if someone was over when he was home he wasn't home. Also you pay rent he can't dictate who you can or can't have over he's your roommate not your dad.

  4. Unless the roomie has cameras up, you need to tidy up more often - sounds like that's how your roomie knew you'd had your bf over.

  5. NTA but please for the love of god, check your bedroom and everywhere else in the house for hidden camera..especially your room and the bathroom/toilet.

  6. NTA- he wasn’t even there, there’s no reason he should care that your bf came over. If he were around and you invited your bf over without saying something, then maybe. But this shouldn’t be an issue, not sure why he’s being so controlling.

  7. How did he know that you had your boyfriend over in the first place? Either way, your roommate only said to let him know if you were having someone over IF he was there. It's plain and simple, you're NTA.

  8. Nta, you're an adult and you don't honestly need permission to have your bf over. I'd be more concerned with how controlling they are trying to be, and how they knew you had someone over. There is either someone watching the place, or they have cameras, either way I might be a bit concerned

  9. NTA but it sounds like he has cameras or someone is snitching. Also, what is his concern if he isn't even going to be home to deal with him? Also, who owns the house? 50/50 or mostly one sided? Why does he hate him so much

  10. NTA. This sounds extremely dangerous. You need to get a different living situation ASAP. He probably has cameras all around the house…you are being watched.

  11. Just tell him you will notify him when he is there but you have no obligation. To notify him (or seek his permission) when he’s away. Point out that you are mindful of his property and privacy so there is no issue with your boyfriend imposing on him that way.

  12. E S H. You suck because you didn’t kept your part of the agreement. Your roomie sucks because he wasn’t home when you invited your boyfriend.

  13. She did keep to her part of the agreement, though. They agreed that if the other person was going to be home, they’d give a heads up about guests. The roommate wasn’t going to be there at all over the weekend, so she had no obligation to tell him.

  14. NTA! You need to start checking for cameras inside and outside your house! You’re paying rent, you are allowed to have your BF over, plus your roommate wasn’t even home. Start looking for a new place asap!

  15. NTA and I am worried that your roommate might be dangerous. Not liking your BF but missing reasons as to why. Knowing BF was there when he wasn't is creepy and might mean he is spying on you. At a minimum you should have some emergency supplies at your BFs home if possible in case you need to get out in a hurry. You might need your place searched for spy devices.

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  17. It’s not a misunderstanding, they clearly defined the ground rule and that was “we will give each other a heads up about guests if the other is going to be home.” The roommate went away for the weekend and decided to change up that rule without having a chat with OP about it. It’s also very creepy that he won’t tell her how he knows that her boyfriend was there.

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