AITA for giving them a used product/bassinet for their baby shower?

  1. Holy hell, NTA. Most people would kill to be gifted a SNOO. They are wonderful and expensive as hell. She’s gonna regret her shitty attitude when she’s up in the middle of the night trying to get her baby to sleep.

  2. We had a crib in our extended family that went through 8 babies and still came out looking brand new. This wasn't even anything spectacular, but babies are in it for such a short period of time it makes sense (not to mention is more environmentally friendly) to share one.

  3. Jesus - at my work we give a baby book or some onsies (and ps that’s all that anyone has ever asked for). A fucking $600-$900 gift - even if it’s second hand - is outrageously generous.

  4. She's upset at getting second-hand or third-hand stuff?! Boy, is she not ready for the realities of parenting a baby.

  5. The SNOO literally saved us when our daughter was a little. She broke her clavicle and wouldn’t sleep anywhere but our chests until we broke down and bought it.

  6. Even if OP bought the 15$ onsie she would had a problem with it. She assumed OP is rich since she has a SNOO so she should help her out a get her a new one. Never doubt the greed of people who count other peoples money.

  7. I wish the SNOO had been around when I had kids many many many years ago. I would not have batted an eye if I had received one even if it wasn’t brand new. That is an amazing gift.

  8. I just had my babe a few months ago. I would’ve died if anyone had gifted me anything over 40$ seriously. That’s incredibly generous.

  9. She really preferred a onesie that’s gonna last like the first 5 seconds of the baby’s life to a SNOO??

  10. Man, my friend loaned us her Halo bassinet when we had our kid and we have it back when they had their second. I know that they had gotten from one of their friends, so that Halo was used by at least 4 different babies in 3 different houses as of 2021.

  11. Hell I'd have been thrilled with most any bassinet. Ours was second hand and not mesh sides but at least clipped off in a koses basket. But I'd have killed for a mesh one to see her. But I couldn't justify it when the $30 basket/stand was fine.

  12. Seriously, my wife and I got ours second hand from market place and then gave it to my SIL who is expecting her 2nd baby. SIL was so appreciative and still tried to offer us money for it. Totally NTA

  13. iPhones (and maybe andriods?) are smart and if you type the name of an app on your phone, it autocorrects to the capitalization/spelling of the app. So type "snoo" and it'll become "SNOO" because that's the app name (yes, robot crib has an app).

  14. I'm in the US and a professional cleaner and I didn't really know what this product was so I looked it up and one of my clients that I clean for has one of these and now I feel really bad for not being careful enough with it when I move it to clean under it 😵‍💫😵‍💫 it doesn't look that expensive in person I swear 😵‍💫😵‍💫 NTA but now I kinda feel like one 😅💀😂 #sorryKate

  15. I had to look it up, too!! These weren’t a thing when I had my babies, but now I want another baby just so I can have a snoo!! 🤣🤣

  16. Info: is this a production placeement post? Are you a paid endorser? Because you keep on brand with the named repetition.

  17. Maybe but, as a new mom, I doubt it. There really isn’t another way to describe it other than as a SNOO. And the SNOO doesn’t need advertising; it has a cult following. That said, it doesn’t work for all babies. Mine didn’t like it.

  18. I'm a new dad, I have four month old twins. We have two snoos. This is 100% not a paid advertisement, because from experience I, my wife and our friends that have snoos literally can't shut up about them and people fucking hate us.

  19. Pretty much every new parent since the Snoo came out has been gushing about them. There's one that has been passed around my family for the last two years or so. My kiddo would have gotten it, but his cousin was born about three months before him and got it first.

  20. NTA. $15 oneself she can buy. Do whatever you want with the SNOO, but don't give her another chance. Just "it's no longer available" no further discussion. She's a coworker and I assume not part of your home life. She is no way a friend

  21. 100% NTA - good for you for taking it back. It's not like it was something hard to clean & porous that carries germs. And it's a recession, people are having to steal formula. Your coworker will be regretting this in a couple of months.

  22. NTA. I don't think I ever had a bed my whole childhood that was brand new. Everything came from cousins that outgrew it or somebody purchasing a new set and donating the old. I grew up fine.

  23. Right? My parents taught me when I was a teen- you always be gracious when you get a gift. You smile and thank them and what you do with it later is up to you.

  24. NTA. Had she not known what it was then I could’ve excused her getting upset for a “used” gift but because she’s been complaining about how even secondhand they’re expensive you’d think she’d be thrilled. I would’ve been over the moon to have one, especially with my first!

  25. NTA. That's an expensive item even used. If she didn't like the idea of something used for her baby she could sell it and put the cash towards a new one. She acted very entitled. Hope she enjoys that $15 onesie.

  26. NTA. I would have literally shit my pants in public if someone has given me a SNOO in good working condition regardless of if it was first hand or seventeenth hand. Don’t you DARE give her that bassinet now. Get every dollar you deserve from it.

  27. Awww not the baby. Let's say, may the mother never sleep when her baby does. And let the baby be happy, because they aren't fucked up and jaded yet.

  28. no, people who have them just don’t shut up about them - think Tesla or how the first few weeks after a new iPhone release used to be

  29. NTA. But some people are funny about 2nd hand items when it comes to children (particularly 1st Borns), may have been better to have had a discussion and offered the SNOO as an option rather than give it to her the way you did. Either way, I liked your response.

  30. I do get not wanting to “get germs on the new baby”, but there is a such thing as rubbing alcohol… just spray whatever it is in rubbing alcohol (after taking off everything that can go into the wash and washing it) and let everything dry. Et voila! A near-sterile item with only house germs from your own house! Just like magic.

  31. Nta. I’m a parent and never heard of SNOO, I had to google this. I’m not sure why it’s worth 1700. But either way, a $900 used gift is very generous.

  32. Picture: Newborn baby is still awake, slightly fussy after being fed in the middle of the night. Your options are bounce/rock the baby back to sleep for 20-30 minutes.... or strap the baby into the robot crib and have it do it for you. Multiply times 4 night wakings in the early days.

  33. Can’t you please make an edit of what a SNOO is? You mentioned it about 500 times without any context to what it is.

  34. It’s a bassinet but fancy and rocks your baby according to their cries. I’d say it had given me and my husband an extra hour of sleep a night (sometimes more). For some nights, it prevented us from having to wake up at all.

  35. It's an extremely expensive high end baby bassinet. Anyone with a baby in the past few years that keeps up with the new baby gear would know what it is by name.

  36. Nta. My partner and I have a fairly high combined income and we were ecstatic with our friends sharing their babies gently used items for our soon to arrive newborn. There’s actually comfort in having second hand items that have already passed the test of another baby… rather than having to guess what’s marketing and what actually works

  37. NTA the thing about "used" baby items is they tend to be new through a few babies since babies outgrow everything so fast. That woman was a fool and I think we all know it. And please update this when she realizes what an idiot she was.

  38. YTA I'm a big fan personally of second hand products but I don't think you give them as gifts unless you know the recipient will be okay with them. This is definitely a situation where you HAVE to check before you gift of I have access to/a line on a second-hand X- would you be comfortable with a used one?

  39. NTA Renting costs about 800-900 with the whole six months used because of the cleaning and refurbishing fee. It is not just 160 a month. Your coworker is awful. Not only would I accept that gift but I would happily tell you that I’m going to return to you once the 6 months are up so that you could resell it then or save it for another baby.

  40. I have never identified more as a dog parent than not knowing what a SNOO was. It sounds like you’re definitely NTA here tho.

  41. Snoo is a robot bassinet that rocks babies back to sleep depending on their cries. I don’t have kids yet but my friends with kids swear by them

  42. Sometimes being a dram queen has consequences! I remember being thrilled when a friend gifted me her 2nd hand wind up baby swing (yes I am dating myself). Most of my baby things were either 2nd hand or made by me.

  43. Definitely not an AH for that. If it were used clothes I’d say probably.. but a SNOO, that she wanted. She’s just being entitled. Some people think they’re too good for hand me downs even if they are in great shape/hardly used.

  44. nta- I did the same for an ex friend, great quality baby stuff. Barely used and she was polite but I could see she was not super happy. She ended up putting them on FBMarket place for a tidy profit and I was a little bit annoyed. She ended up with way worse stuff then I gave her and I heard she complained about quality of gifts from so called friends, she meant me and the friendship didn't last much longer after that.

  45. Is she nuts?! It's a fucking bassinet. You've used it for six months tops. It's practically brand new! NTA, this woman is giving up an insane deal and I hope she realizes it.

  46. NTA. My friend gifted me a snoo that’s soothed probably about 5 babies by now, but I don’t care! I’m a new mom and thrilled to have it! (He is sleeping in it right now). This woman could resell it when she’s done and make $500+. She’s a real AH!

  47. NTA! I would have killed for a 5th hand Snoo with my second (didn’t need anything like it for my first)! He was born in 2017 and I wasn’t even aware they existed until last year (they came out 2016) and as soon as I saw it, I was like HOW AND WHY DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?!

  48. Nta. This strikes me as the difference between someone who has had kids and someone who hasn't. You know what an amazing gift it is, shes still seduced by the sort of motherhood you only see in catalogues and sales brochures.

  49. NTA at all! We’re renting the snoo for when the little is born. Someone gifting us one, even a second/ third hand one, would be a dream come true! Bet she’s gonna ask you for it later though

  50. Nta! Im 7 months pregnant and I'd kill for a second or third hand Snoo! It's just not in the cards for us unfortunately. Your coworker is definitely flexing those entitled parent muscles, and I love that you didnt hesitate to take back your impossibly generous offer and give her the $15 onsie she deserved!

  51. I just had to look up snoo on YouTube and your friend is crazy! I dreamed of such a magic crib when my kids were babies! Definitely NTA. Your response was perfect and she will definitely regret her actions.

  52. NAH. As a devoted second hand purchaser, I can tell you that not everyone is okay with used items, especially as it pertains to their baby. You should have asked her if she wanted it instead of surprising her.

  53. YESSSSS GIRL you put that 15$ in her hand and walked👏🏻a👏🏻 way👏🏻!!!!!!!! Iconic. Love it. Wish I could’ve witnessed it in person. You’re not the asshole, that’s very weird she acted that way and seems very entitled

  54. Not even close to being the AH. My best friend gives me second hand all the time and I've been so greatful. Especially since baby stuff is not cheap. She's just being an ungrateful brat.

  55. In some cultures second hand products our just considered disrespectful i.e. in my culture it’s considered not good you buy the cheapest product if you can’t afford things

  56. ESH. I’m late to the game here, but also shocked at the responses here. I know exactly what the SNOO is. We sold ours for $900 when our son outgrew it, and it was the best purchase I’ve ever made. However, I think the note in your card was extremely tacky and I can see why your coworker was offended.

  57. OMG, I got a second-hand Snoo ($1000) for my baby, and I would have been jumping around with happiness if someone showed up at my baby shower with a used one. It has been a life saver and my baby is the best sleeper ever because this amazing bassinet.

  58. AUTOMOD Thanks for posting! This comment is a copy of your post so readers can see the original text if your post is edited or removed. This comment is NOT accusing you of copying anything. Read

  59. NTA makes me wish I actually had a baby shower just in HOPES of someone doing something like this lol (had my baby 2 weeks ago)

  60. Omg what is wrong with this woman? I’m 35 weeks pregnant and I would be ecstatic if someone gave me a secondhand SNOO! Definitely NTA.

  61. Holy cow. I would have been so happy to get your Snoo second hand. I would have even gotten you an expensive dinner for two in return for it!

  62. NTA. SNOO is so expensive and I know some people rent them instead of buying them because price and only needing it for short amount of time. Your co-owner ass for being rude. Your gift was gently used, and clean. If she's gonna turn her nose up to used baby things, she's got rude awakening. Babies grow so fast buying everything new is stupid, and expensive. Wait Till she sees how expensive baby things are and how fast they grow.

  63. NTA. I had to Google SNOO. what a wonderful gift it would have been. And she asked for a onesie on top of that? Or instead of which would have been even crazier???? Well, she can definitely get a cheap knock-off on that shopping site we all go to. And a onesie with the $15 lol.

  64. I want a snoo 😢I would be so appreciative. Second hand gifts are nothing to sneer at, especially when it’s something expensive like that!

  65. Hell, I ASKED for second hand stuff for my babies and nobody obliged. You're totally NTA. Co-irker can kick rocks...or rock her shiny new cradle of her choosing with same said foot.

  66. NTA....would have loved to have one of those even it was like 5 times passed down.. sell it on market place and enjoy the chunk of change. But watch her turn around and demand the money from the sell.

  67. NTA. She's immature and ungrateful. When my son was born, I gratefully accepted any and all secondhand gifts I was offered...we saved so much money that way...we even shopped at Goodwill for baby clothes. Some new moms want everything new and perfect and hate hand-me-downs. Can't really blame them for that, I guess, but they shouldn't be jerks about it either.

  68. NTA. People need to stop being so rude when they are gifts nice second hand objects. We gave away a very nice crib and changing table to our friends( very poor and struggling). We even bought a new mattress for the crib. They proceed to tell our friends how cheap we are and public shame us on Facebook. I told her she could give it back and showed up at her house for it and suddenly she wanted it. I let her keep it but our friendship is over. I don't have time for people who are that stuck up

  69. NTA. My petty ass would wait until after she’d given birth, then I would go to work and ask if anyone wants to buy it. If this co worker’s like “I’ve changed my mind, I’ll take it now”, tell her it’s going to cost her $1000.

  70. NTA. I have no kids and have no idea what a snoo is but if someone gave me an almost new $1500 anything as a gift I would be weeping in gratitude. Omg.

  71. NTA - you are a wonderful person. I don't know anyone that would give such a generous gift, even if it is second hand. Especially as you said she wanted that much. Did she really expect people would gift that much for a baby shower? She expects you to buy a new one for her while you use a hand-me-down? That is some messed up thinking that your friend has. If it was me I would give her the $15 like you did and said here is my contribution to your SNOO and left. Some people are just ungrateful. There is nothing wrong with used items. Also some used items are well kept, sometimes even clothes. It saves parents so much money buying stuff used.

  72. NTA! This is an extremely generous gift, and since so many people rent their SNOOs, it’s not like most people are using new ones anyway! Not to mention her being given one that she could sell when she was done!

  73. Snoo in my country is like 2 months rent while you survive eating grass.. Very expensive even for 2nd hand.. NTA op, she's sound ungrateful.

  74. NTA- I would of been grateful for a SNOO! They are hella expensive and I want one myself with a second baby on the way but nah, I can’t lol but her overreacting over getting a used one instead of a new one is just plain greedy and rude.

  75. No absolutely not. NTA. Most people spend way too much money on things baby doesn't even need, like, or use. An item that costly and she wanted one? There is nothing wrong with baby hand me downs in fact they're a life saver.She should have been thrilled!

  76. NTA - I got a secondhand baby tub at the “shower” I had with my first (if you can even call it a shower, it was basically a family get together for my fiancé’s family and they didn’t speak to me the entire time). The tub came from my sil, who has no kids and it was cracked. The situation you described is not like receiving a cracked baby tub filled with clothes that were the wrong gender and chewed through teether toys. The situation you described was beyond generous and your coworker should feel ashamed of how she responded. I would have killed for a SNOO with our first baby. She was absolutely being ungrateful and I love the way you responded.

  77. NTA. Honestly I really don't get this hosting your own babyshower to million people, even co-workers. When I had my first, my friends threw me a shower with few closest friends and I was incredible happy and thankful. Gifts were not the thing. My then co-workers decided to gift us something small and I was surprised as I didn't expected anything. With the second and COVID there was none, I didn't expect any and definitely wouldn't have thrown one myself.

  78. NTA. Pregnant right now and I am buying so much stuff second hand right now! My SIL has a few friends who have kids about a year old and has asked them to tell her about the stuff before they re-sell it anywhere else. I am so grateful! And I am very excited about visiting my cousind and said SIL this week to look about their old baby stuff.

  79. I had a snoo for my baby which I purchased new. I sold it for $1300 Australian dollars. Even a second hand snoo is amazing and a great present! Your friend is extremely entitled and she is definitely missing out on the awesome snoo!!!

  80. Well, I had to Google what a SNOO looked like. And then I got down a wormhole of learning about the technology for it. Who knew bassinets could be so cool!

  81. NTA ! I would’ve loooved to get a SNOO. LOVED! Those things are crazy expensive and asking as it was clean and functional, I’d happily take one more matter how many babies slept in it before.

  82. NTA. You know your coworker is angry that you didn't buy her a new SNOO, I would have been thrilled to get a second hand one, if they are that great.

  83. NTA... You were willing to take a major financial loss to gift her with an item that has plenty of wear left and is in great shape. If she wants to be petty about it not being new, fine. She can take her $15 to buy an outfit and keep lamenting that she doesn't have the money for the Snoo.

  84. She’s very ungrateful. For my first pregnancy my aunt gave me a lot of things that she used for her first 2 kid and it saved us so much money! Take back your gift and give it to someone who will appreciate it. NTA

  85. NTA! i don't own a SNOO.. but i do have a baby swing that was her cousins and i don't know if someone else's before her. Either way, i paid zero for it. In this day and age people should be grateful to even get a gift, much more grateful to get a gift that's that expensive, still works like new and which eventually you can sell for a 100% profit.

  86. NTA. After you sell it for a couple of hundred, I’d be catty and thank her for her temper tantrum because you got a nice bundle from selling it instead of giving it to her ungrateful a$$. She’s a fool for turning down such a grea gift and you were a good friend to give it to her.

  87. NTA. I live off of second hand things, if that sort of thing was gifted to me I'd go nuts. I go nuts when I get any hand me downs from any of my friends. I did grow up lower class, and was raised to accept and be grateful for gifts so that plays a part. I've never heard of a snoo but holy shit that's expensive. I think I'd stop talking to her after giving her the 15 dollars and sell the snoo.

  88. We get a lot of great gently used toys, clothes, furniture for my nephew. Why spend money on new items he’d only use once or twice. We love every single item we get from friends and family. It helps us save for formula and in case of an emergency.

  89. No. You're NTA. I can't imagine anyone who would not want that SNOO, if they couldn't afford to buy a new one. She should learn not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

  90. NTA. I know women that BEG for a hand me down SNOO. They’re hunted on fb marketplace, mercari, next door etc. That’s a hell of a gift! It’s a short term use, high tech bassinet that increases sleep and saves most parents sanity. You gave an amazing gift. She’ll feel very sorry very shortly after birth.

  91. NTA. I’ve worked in a refurbishment floor handling SNOO’s, and it made me want one for my future kids. Price tag is a bit rough though. Your friend is a dunce.

  92. NTA and I have no idea if it is a cultural thing but who the hell buys all new products for a baby. Babies and children outgrow everything at a baffling speed. The only things we buy new a car seats and saftey gear for biking. My husband thrives on flea markets and second hand market apps - i live in a very child friendly part of a very child friendly town and every weekend is packed with family flea markets. It is really cute to watch hubby when he is super proud of making a steal. And we could afford it new but it also is a thing of sustainibility - if there is so much unused or underused childrens' stuff out there, why use new stuff?

  93. NTA - I would’ve cried probably (man those hormones lol) and still been hesitant to take because it’s such a generous gift! Just sell it and get that cash.

  94. NTA. My manager gave me her babys sleeping bag type thing for in the maxi cosi as a gift. It’s worth way less than what a SNOO would cost, but I was so grateful for it! And it’s the thought that counts! Baby’s are so expensive anyway I’m happy with anything that’s useful and saves me having to get it!

  95. NTA. Wow, talk about ungrateful! Nowadays, a lot of expectant mothers would be grateful for used onesies, not to mention a SNOO. Seriously, was she expecting everyone to break the bank over baby shower gifts? Makes me glad NOT to get invited to showers; the entitlement is not to be believed with some people.

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