AITA for not letting my daughter skip school for an audition?

  1. Hard work deserves rewards! I got a ton more freedom in high school because I kept good grades and stayed out of (most) trouble. That’s the pay off for being a responsible young adult — getting to try more adult responsibilities.

  2. The OP is at a real fork in the road here. Ballet dancers start their careers young (and often end them young). If the OP's daughter is serious about pursuing ballet as a career, there is a good chance that will mean missing school and doing make up/pursuing non-traditional school options to fill the gap. Not being willing to make that level of commitment will likely relegate ballet to a hobby as she will probably be behind her peers.

  3. I’ve honestly missed a ton of school in high school for extracurricular activities and my parents supported it 100% as long as I kept my notes up

  4. Yup. My girls are competitive gymnasts, and they miss school on occasion to compete. It's rare, and I let their teachers know in advance so we can plan, to ensure they don't fall behind. If we travel, we may bring schoolwork with us. Sometimes the teacher just asks that they keep up on reading.

  5. She’s going to miss, what, a few days of school at the most? And she’s 14? It’s not like she’s going to miss learning anything life-changing in high school, especially if she said she’ll make everything up

  6. My high school would let you take a day to do a college tour once a year. I would count this as the same since this seems like where she would be going after graduation.

  7. Also, it's a Friday early in the school year. She's not likely to miss a test or anything major. And kids in sports miss school all the time. OP is being a hard ass for notl good reason. If she's good enough be in NY for ballet stuff over the summer, there's a good chance she could be getting into a ballet school or get a scholarship for it later, especially if she puts on the extracurricular time now.

  8. The career of a dancer is very short to the point that there are high schools for dancers to attend while pursuing their career. Perhaps you should consider having her attend one if she really is serious about making this a career path.

  9. Already ruining her life , most kids are dying to Find something they are passions about , imagine playing for all those classes but to block her from getting better

  10. YTA if you’re daughter flunks because of one missed day, she was going to fail anyways. It’s one day, go to New York and make a day of it. Think of the memories you’re going to have.

  11. So true about making a day of it. I once had a bad week and my mum let me take that Friday off and took me for a fun day out, hair cut, shopping, lunch etc.

  12. laughs in missed give or take 6 almost consecutive weeks of 11th grade test season because of clubs, music, extracurriculars, and illness

  13. Honestly like assuming they’re in the Northern Hemisphere it’s the start of the year/semester meaning very very unlikely that she’d have any tests on that day and losing one day of normal classes is not going to result in her failing like what would OP do if she was really sick? She’d still end up missing a day and have to catchup on the same amount of work 🙄

  14. YTA assuming your daughter has otherwise strong attendence. This is a one time thing and missing one day is not going to destroy her schooling and she has the ability to make up her work.

  15. But what if she gets a part in whatever she is auditioning for? How much more school days will she miss for rehearsals and performances.

  16. yta. you should be grateful that your daughter is motivated in fulfilling her dream instead of passively waiting for it. if shes a good student, a day will do nothing to hurt her grades.

  17. Yes, YTA in this situation. I am sure that you mean well but an audition for a ballet intensive class like that is a limited and rare opportunity for her. If she is a good student and "hasn't let ballet get in the way of school" why? Why not support her in what she is passionate about? It is a single day of school for her and will show her that you support her and her dreams. That is really important. I hope that you change your mind and allow her to try.

  18. And why not let the teacher know ahead of time and ask for some homework or lessons to go over on the weekend? It's not that hard to keep up with 1 missing day.

  19. YTA. Missing one day of school never made that much of a difference in a person's life but she could make a career out of ballet and this audition could be part of her journey for that.

  20. Exactly this. My niece sounds similar to OP's daughter. Ballet intensives in the summer, a passion for dance, and good grades. She had a few days of missed school for auditions and competitions. It didn't affect her grades but made it much easier to get into good universities. She's starting her freshman year with nearly a full ride in scholarships and grants, due to her commitment to dance.

  21. Exactly this. I'm all for the message of "school is important" but there's a more complicated message that exists of "juggling priorities well". Slacking off completely and skipping often for ballet would be cause to stop her, but it sounds like she's prepared for this by working extra hard and being ready to make up the work after. As an adult, there are days I need to take off work for other things (sometimes important things to me and my life outside work). What do I do? Make sure my work is done on time and I am ready to jump back in and catch up once I'm back. This is the kind of real life lesson moment that can be very powerful to teach her how to be a responsible woman that understands how to take care of multiple obligations. OP should let her go and hold her to the expectation that she can handle this missed time without it hurting her academics.

  22. For real. There is literally NOTHING in high school that matters so much that missing a day will throw her future into turmoil. I’d let a kid skip every few weeks just because. They wanted to

  23. YTA. This isn't skipping school. She can make up the work easily, especially if she talks to her teachers in advance. It is important for your daughter's long-time and committed focus on ballet.

  24. YTA. Notice my screen name. I’m obviously a teacher. I’d encourage any student of mine to go and I’d arrange for her to make up any lessons or assignments.

  25. My husband and I(both teachers) took our family to Cancun for a week during the school year. Our kids were fine, our classes were fine. School should not always come first.

  26. Right? Teacher here too, I'd actually be pissed off if I found one of ny students missed such a great opportunity for one day of school.

  27. YTA it’s one day off school and is easily made up especially if she asks her teacher for the work before she leaves or makes other arrangements with them.

  28. Yta - if she is good at ballet and this audition could lead to further opportunities let her try. Also, going to an audition and that process teaches other things like confidence, handling rejection (let’s hop not but you know), stressful situations. She will learn more going to the audition than school that day.

  29. Yta. If she makes up the work and her grades are good she should be able to go. Dont crush her dreams over perfect attendance at school

  30. YTA. She loves ballet and wants to take it to the next level and you're preventing her from doing just that. If her school work has never been an issue before with ballet why would that start now? You could potentially be preventing her from having an amazing career as a ballerina.

  31. YTA. If your daughter has always been a good student, and she'll make everything up, I don't see what the problem is. One day of missed school isn't going to matter. It's not like she wants a day off for play, either. She wants to go to an audition, and auditions are typically scheduled during school hours. This is something I think she's earned, and it could be a life changing opportunity. If nothing else, it will be a learning experience that she could never get in school.

  32. YTA. If she has been keeping up with school, etc with everything going on, that should show that she has been responsible and liable with her studies. It's one day and if she says that she would make the work up, I think you should be a little lenient and give into her word that she will make up the work & allow her to attend the audition.

  33. YTA. Notice from my screen name that I’m a teacher. I would absolutely encourage a student to go and make arrangements for any missed work or lessons.

  34. YTA - Your daughter sounds like she is on her way to becoming a well rounded adult, and is being more adult about this than you are.

  35. YTA. I came up in the ballet world and attended pre-professional summer intensives like your daughter. It is absolutely normal for kids in this world to miss a day of school for an audition, performance, or workshop. The kids I danced with were all excellent students and went on to do well in college and beyond. If she is a good kid, is doing well in school, and will make up any missed work, this shouldn't be a problem. She's learning a LOT by getting this far in ballet - dedication, grit, self-motivation, perseverance - those skills will serve her well in academics and in life.

  36. YTA If this is a genuine chance for her and she is a serious student and well-behaved kid I think your inflexible attitude would be hurting her. Rules should have exceptions so they truly serve the purpose they were made for. Surely you want the best for her so you are strict about attendance, but what is really the best for her here?

  37. You’re NTA for putting school first but it’s one day. If she’s doing well in school let her go. Give her the responsibility of talking to her teachers, before she goes, to make sure she knows what work needs to be completed.

  38. Soft YTA This is the start of the school year, not finals. This week is for the teacher to evaluate where students are (i.e, if any need remedial help.) Also, she can request any weekend assignments in advance.

  39. YTA it's one day of school. Being absoulte in parenting will only ever lead to resentment. School comes first but that shouldn't be an absolute unbreakable rule.

  40. YTA- it says that shes a good student and she said that she will cover it up. A teacher is not going to teach children an entire topic in one day and when she comes back they will likely be going over the same topic. This is something very big for her, you should let her know you support her passion

  41. YTA if she has no tests and can get her missed work why wouldn’t you allow this? Other kids in sports miss class all the time for their competitions/games and still get amazing grades. Don’t be an AH, just let her go

  42. YTA it's one day of school. Being absoulte in parenting will only ever lead to resentment. School comes first but that shouldn't be an absolute unbreakable rule.

  43. It seems like you have an all-around great kid. You said she does well in school, has a deep interest in ballet, something that could even become a career for her, so why not let her miss a day of school?

  44. If she’s a good student and this is something she is passionate about I think that you should let her miss. Especially if she is going to make up the work. She will resent you if you don’t let her I can promise you that. She will never look back and say oh well thank god mom made me go to school that one day instead of going to that ballet audition. This is something she really wants. Let her go. YTA.

  45. YTA -- This is a foolproof method for creating lifelong resentment toward you from your daughter. Your daughter is a good student who wants to continue her involvement in a healthy, physically demanding, artistic form of personal expression. Never, ever discourage your child from this type of pursuit. If she's busy with dance, then she won't have as much time to make bad decisions about drugs, alcohol and boys (especially if you make her participation in dance conditional on her continuing to get good grades). The benefits of this kind of physical activity will last many, many years. Don't deny her this.

  46. YTA my son took the day off to audition for Artemis fowl. Now he didn’t get it. Some famous actors grandson did. No bother on him, he enjoyed the day out and will remember it for life. An average day at school will never be remembered. Also the film was really, really bad…

  47. Yta. People in the arts need to pursue the arts young to get into colleges for it and such. If she's doing good in school there's literally no reason why you shouldn't allow her to go to this audition.

  48. YTA - I played soccer in college and routinely would miss class to travel for games. Schools are often very accommodating because they understand that extra-cirriculars are often just as important as classwork, which can usually be made up pretty easily.

  49. If she is a good student missing one day is nothing, even exams can be taken on a different day if missed. School is not everything. I would let her go especially if it is an important opportunity.

  50. If she’s a good student and this is something she is passionate about I think that you should let her miss. Especially if she is going to make up the work. She will resent you if you don’t let her I can promise you that. She will never look back and say oh well thank god mom made me go to school that one day instead of going to that ballet audition. This is something she really wants. Let her go. YTA.

  51. YTA. Commitment to a demanding extracurricular is more appealing to colleges than perfect attendance, so what are you really accomplishing, here? She’s a good student and a good kid; let her have this.

  52. YTA. It's one day of school. She's a good student. It will be fine. Just be clear to her that she can't do it all the time and if she starts having more auditions on school days, she'll have to pick and choose.

  53. NAH. It's just one day. You say she's always been a good student, so why not let her go? If this becomes a habit it becomes a problem. You could agree on some conditions with your partner, and allow her to go if those are met. Some parents even have a set a number of mental health/cheat days for their kids when they are allowed to skip school, so allowing for an occasional day off for a hobby she's serious about is not unheard.

  54. Great question! NTA for putting school first but this is her life passion. If she pursues her passion and makes something of it or even if she doesn't, at least you allowed her that freedom when she asked. That's huge and a great bonding moment and it's very reasonable. My advice: listen to your husband on this one and be the team in support of her.

  55. If she’s a good student and this is something she is passionate about I think that you should let her miss. Especially if she is going to make up the work. She will resent you if you don’t let her I can promise you that. She will never look back and say oh well thank god mom made me go to school that one day instead of going to that ballet audition. This is something she really wants. Let her go. YTA but not in a bad way:)

  56. We never did a whole bunch or got homework on Fridays anyway. Maybe you could check for any tests or quizzes that could be done on Thursday?

  57. YTA, this is a very reasonable use of a planned absence from school with a parent’s note. You are usually allowed to make up work in these situations.

  58. YTA. You’re crushing your child’s dream over an outmoded, provincial, didactic notion. And you’re demonstrating that despite you’re child’s dream and ambitions you’ve learned zero about that world. Prima ballerina’s are made before they turn 16. Careers twilight in their late 20’s. Grow up! It isn’t about you.

  59. NAH: I understand both sides of the argument, if she is indeed a good student I would let her go if she was my kid. If you don't let her go she will be resentful and blame you for any failure. Which is part of being a parent.

  60. NAH but I think you just really need to think about what her ballet is moving forward. What was the point of the intensive if she isn't pursuing something more? Obviously she has dreams and intends on doing more than just dance classes with her ballet. Are you going to be supportive of her ballet future? Is this an audition for a performance? If invited on will it interfer with school and how will you manage that? These are discussions you should already be having. She is correct that lots of students in this area homeschool so they can be flexible. Is that an option for your daughter?

  61. YTA- if this is something she is serious about (so serious that she is going to a program over the summer), and she is not currently having academic problems, you should let her go.

  62. YTA for all the reasons others have said. Also, school is not everything. It’s a portion. If you want her to be competitive for university, having an extracurricular she’s so passionate about she is participating at a high level is an amazing bonus as long as it’s not interfering with her learning. It’s also just great for her as a person to be able to explore her interests outside of school and socialise with new groups. Let her try. If she makes up the work and it doesn’t affect her grades, this can only benefit her.

  63. YTA missing one day of schools, especially at 14 is not going to ruin her academic life. Plus she is skipping school for a great opportunity, and ballet is definitely one of those things that you have to get really seriously in on young if it is her dream for a potential career. Not letting her do this will hurt so much because she will always think "what if?" the more and more you push her away from ballet as I am sure you will if you value school attendance over everything.

  64. My parents wouldn’t let me go to an air cadet camp because it meant I would miss a day of school. I was 14 I am now in my 40’s I still Think they’re assholes for it. There is nothing in 8th grade that is remotely that necessary that missing one day of school would be with crushing your kids dreams. YTA

  65. YTA. Some opportunities can’t wait until adulthood. Like most athletics, this is time sensitive. Why kill the dream?

  66. I've been to a ballet summer intensive when I was 16 and it was the worst feeling in the world seeing that I was behind, that I was too late. 14 is really when you need to start being serious.

  67. YTA. A professional dancer’s career starts young. Assuming that she’s showing the talent and dedication to be a pro, she needs to start engaging in auditions now. I would say NTA if you indicated that she’s not a dedicated dancer or doesn’t have talent

  68. YTA I say this as a kid whose parents put school above everything else, I wish I had been allowed to pursue the things I was actually passionate about. I resent my parents for the opportunities I missed. Missing one day of school wouldn’t have changed anything academically but getting to do things I really cared about would have been special, memorable, and who knows what might have come of it.

  69. YTA. If ballet is what she wants to do, then you're hampering her development. I agree that school should come first, but missing a day of school isn't going to wreck her school year. She can simply go to each teacher and ask for the assignments ahead of time or ask if she can get them later from a classmate...arrangements can be made. Stop being the AH.

  70. YTA...It's on day and I highly doubt she's going to miss enough that it hinders her education. If this is her passion, let her pursue it. If it goes further any arts school will stress the basis as well.

  71. Yta what's the point of having a good child if you're not going to trust them to do the right thing? She said she'll make up the class work why would you disbelieve her?

  72. YTA. A lost day of school isn’t that important, while an audition could change your whole life in perspective. I’ve never seen anyone in despair because his child couldn’t attend school for a week when got flu, why should a single day be more important than your passion that could evolve in your life career?

  73. YTA. My sister is 15 and is an amazing dancer. She was given the opportunity to dance in NY last year for an intensive and she got in. She was also scouted by other dance companies as well and has a very high chance of getting a full ride at Pepperdine for dance. Don’t hold her back from opportunities.

  74. Let her go. She will never forgive you if you continue to step on the way of her dream. If it isn't affecting her school performance, let her try. She may not get another chance.

  75. Yeah, That addition is a one time thing. School happens EVERY DAY except breaks and weekends. So she will have to give up something she really wants so she wont miss a few pages in a book?

  76. YTA. School comes first might work for some students but definitely not everyone. Especially if she gets good grades. She can easily make up for the day but she'll never make up for losing out on the opportunity.

  77. Yta, missing 1 or a few days of school won't make or break her schooling, but you not letting her go will be something she remembers her whole life.

  78. YTA. I'm nearly 30, my mum didn't let me skip school as a kid to audition for Harry Potter and to this day I wonder if my life would be different if I'd of gone.

  79. YTA. Let her go. Let her have this chance. Maybe ten years from now you will be so proud of your ballerina. School attendance is overrated.

  80. Haven’t there been enough movies about this exact situation where an overbearing parent won’t let their kid pursue a dream?

  81. YTA. It’s not like she’s sneaking out for shopping, she wants to take time for it to advance her skills and experience. In our school, you would be allowed to take time out for this as it is clearly of benefit.

  82. YTA - it’s just an audition. I was an actress and sometimes your creative pursuits conflict. No biggie especially since she’s a solid student.

  83. YTA, I agree that school is incredibly important. But that doesn't mean every single instance of school goes before every single instance of ballet. Instead of just saying nay, help her learn to manage her responsibilities while also enjoying life. And so far, she's been doing a good job of it, so why not take the chance on this thing?

  84. YTA. You are squashing her dream. One day of missed school isn't going to hurt, but it may actually be her big break into the dance world.

  85. YTA. It’s one day of school. This is not such a big deal. If you think the audition is a no-go for some other reason, then own that and be honest that but missing school for an audition is not that much different than having a doctor or dentist appointment .

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  87. Missing some info on what the audition is for, and if she makes the cut if it will interfere with her schooling and/or if it involves replicating or a long commute. The audition itself is fine to miss one day of school, but it's really what she may be committing to that should be driving your decision.

  88. So my parents were like you and I resented them soooo much about it. Now we’re fine, but school shouldn’t always come first. Also she’s only 14, it’s fine if she skips a day.

  89. YTA. Please, please, please change your mind. Missing one day of school won't harm her education in the long run, especially if she's as good a student as you say. If you don't, she will ALWAYS remember that you wouldn't let her go. If you do, she'll ALWAYS remember that you let her take that chance. Have some faith in your daughter.

  90. I mean this seems like a once in a life time opportunity, just let her go and see what happens. Missing one day of school isn't going to derail her life.

  91. YTA, but only a bit. If your daughter is thinking of pursuing a career in dance you all need to start understanding what that means in terms of committments as she gets older, it's not a career that can realistically be put on hold whilst she goes through the usual academic process so there'll likely be some push and shove between school and dance as a result. My sister has just graduated from a dance school and the process of getting to where she is now was pretty full on, she was lucky to have a very supportive dance teacher who shed light on the process here for her. In my sister's case she was did complete her academic studies up to 18, but I know people who left normal education at 16 to attend dance schools too.

  92. YTA. You said yourself that she is a good student. It is 1 day. Missing a day is not going to effect her schooling. Let her go.

  93. YTA. It's just one day and take her promise to cover up whatever she misses. Talk to her teachers if you still are in doubt. She is reaching out to your partner, don't damage your relationship with her by being so adamant. Sit and explain that you will allow but she needs to be serious and work on what's missed(which won't be much because it's just 1 day)

  94. YTA. If she is a good student and will make up the work she missing by going to the audition, let her go. Don't be that parent that doesn't support your Childs goals.

  95. YTA. High school senior here. I’ve skipped days because I didn’t sleep well, for birthdays, and for my boyfriends family trip (a week long). I have terrible attendance and am not an otherwise good student lol. And yet I managed to make it to my senior year. Your daughter will be fine I promise!

  96. YTA. Heck, my parents let me skip a day of school for a Lord of the Rings movie theater marathon. I don't remember a damn thing I learned in school that year, but that movie marathon remains one of the top 3 most fun days of my life (and I'm in my 30's).

  97. Wonder no longer, YTA! Even if ballet doesn't work out in the future, it's great that she has interests outside of school and something she wants to excel in. Let her have one day off for an audition why the hell not.

  98. Yta,I missed a week of school during an important period of time cause I was sick,I didn’t fail any of my classes.

  99. As the mom of a competitive dancer, I would let her go. She has good grades, she can make up the work and this is a learning experience. If she’s that good and dedicated to the point that she does those summer intensives, I know how hard and expensive they are, then you should let her audition.

  100. You can make this work if you want to. All the work she has put in to this should not be short circuited abruptly because you see it as either or.

  101. YTA what you are saying is there is no reason for you not to trust her and for you to call back on as a reason to restrict her.

  102. YTA, you can make up the schoolwork but the audition probably won't come around again. Even if she doesn't pass the audition she will learn more by working toward her dreams rather than punching-in for another day and the school/factory.

  103. Yta. But not really. That’s too harsh. Let her go though. 100% let her go. School can easily be caught up. This can’t

  104. YTA- it’s one day. She said she would make it up. If she’s that into ballet encourage it. School is important but seriously it’s just one missed day. I took piano very seriously growing up and I wanted to take exams for it too. I missed a day of school ever year just for these exams. I was a good student. Went to college and now I’m a music teacher. Let her go.

  105. YTA and I think you need to evaluate how serious ballet is to her and adjust from there. You need to have a discussion with her about this. Speak with professional ballerinas and her teacher about what it takes to get to where she wants or needs to be, what her chances are, and find parents, etc.

  106. YTA - She goes to school everyday, one day isn't gonna hurt, hell, even if one day off every month it wouldn't hurt.

  107. YTA. Kids in school sponsored extracurriculars miss class for them. Why shouldn’t your daughter? She is addressing it responsibly and understanding the need to make up the work. You’ll never know if she can do it without letting her try and this sounds very important to her.

  108. YTA Your kid isn’t a trouble maker and is a good student and you can’t be bothered to let her miss a day for something she loves? Loosen up and give her an inch for being a good kid.

  109. YTA. I’ve missed a lot of school over the years (am 23f) for extra curriculars while keeping my grades up and you know what the outcome is? Got into my top university because my grades are good and my extra curriculars show dedication and a well rounded person with interests outside school.

  110. YTA. She’s 14. Missing one day of school isn’t that big of a deal at all, especially considering the great opportunities this audition has for her.

  111. YTA. Why you agree to the ballet intensive and, I assume, ballet classes the rest of the year only to say no to auditions, which are the ultimate point of taking serious professional level classes.

  112. My two favorite and most vivid memories from childhood are 1. The day my mum took a day off from her 3 jobs and let me stay home from school to spend the day in the park as she missed me. I got stung by a bee and it was a disaster but is still a favorite memory. 2. A few years later my dad took me out of school at lunch for what he said was a dentist appt. He was actually taking me to see Batman at the cinema, again, another favorite memory. A few days out of school here and there mean nothing with regards to grades, but the memories are worth a ton

  113. YTA. if school is really that important to you, contact her teachers and see what is happening on friday and make her do it on saturday instead.

  114. YTA. It’s clear that ballet is her passion and it’s also one of those things where if that’s what she wants to do when she grows up, she needs as much experience/exposure as possible.

  115. YTA - what, you’ve never called out of work or scheduled a vacation day because you have something going on? Let her go, if she wants to take it to the next level or try to make it her career then it’s just as important as school. Like she said, she can make the work back up.

  116. YTA- Ten years from now, nobody in your family will remember that your daughter missed a day of school. Stop her from going to the audition and she will never forget .

  117. as someone who used to be in the EXACT same position your daughter is in… let her go. this is not going to affect her schooling nor her respect for education. it will be fine, this will make her happy, you should be glad she so invested in a disciplined sport when most kids her age are running off and getting involved in god knows what

  118. YTA. If she’s caught up on her school work missing a day for an audition is fine. In some schools this would be an excuse absence since it’s an educational opportunity

  119. YTA she has a passion, one day out of school won't hurt her. Let her follow her dream specially if she's mature enough to balance her responsibilities. This is a good thing for her.

  120. YTA. Is just one day, is not going to make absolutely any difference in her studies. You say you have a good daughter with good grades, let her have that ballet trip!

  121. YTA. Let her go. If you don’t instill a work/life balance in her now, your daughter will be one of those that will either burn out in college or in the workplace by 30.

  122. YTA. If she is a good student and is truly showing passion and hard work for dance....then why not? These are all positive goals and aspirations. Many kids may miss a day of school for sports, hobbies, travel and college interests. She isn't just hanging out, getting into trouble. I think you should support her in this. Make her responsibility the school work she misses.

  123. so she has to give up a real opportunity just to go sit in class and think about how much she hates you for ruining her future. YTA school doesnt actually teach you that much, its more training to be a mindless worker dont ya know (coming from a college student that will be student teaching in 2 weeks)

  124. YTA. This seems important to to your daughter which should matter to you. Missing one day of school isn't the end of the world. I had a mom who taught us to love school, taught us to love learning, reading and all that good stuff. She was great about letting us take a day off if we needed, if we just needed a break from the grind. None of us abused this, we knew we would lose it we did. I graduated high school with a 3.8 gpa with advanced placement classes. I was satisfied with that. Did I have a perfect attendance record? No. But did I care? No. I'm truly wondering what you think the fallout will be from missing one day of school? My teachers would tell me what I missed and I'd get the makeup work done. It's not a big deal, not sure why you're making not into one. Especially when it's important to your daughter, she's not asking to take a day off to goof around, it's for an important reason, at least to her. That should matter more than her attendance record. Life is about more than school & work, that isn't the end all/be all. I'd say your making a really big deal out of nothing.

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