New Radeon Drivers 18.8.1

  1. Just tried to update to 18.8.1, then once my pc has restarted it says i have no drivers installed! has anyone else had this problem?

  2. "Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)"

  3. Happened to me as well. I downloaded the 18.8.1 driver package from the AMD site, the full package (340mb?) Not the lite installer, and chose custom/clean install. Worked like a charm. No need for ddu.

  4. Happened to me. I manually deleted everything AMD off my computer and reinstalled 18.8.1 and all is well now

  5. Someday, they'll actually fix radeon settings' Gaming section to not take near a minute to list the damn games. It's terrible if you have a hundred or more games installed.

  6. Ironically I can't get it to load most of my games profiles. Well over half the time I have to manually add them.

  7. it's annoying but the workaround i started to use after i had reached a good number of installed games was to delete all profiles that i would like to have the global settings anyway and that left me at 11 titles out of maybe ~90

  8. Oh that is just BRILLIANT. So they didn't even bother to update the version notes since 18.5.1 and this line was only under the Release Notes link where I didn't bother to look.

  9. When playing CS GO in fullscreen, freesync adjusts my refresh rate to 48 hz. Depending on the map, I get the full 144 hz when looking in certain directions. This doesn't happen in borderless.

  10. FreeSync is doing the same thing to me. Left 4 Dead 2 for example easily runs well above 144 fps and it locks to 30Hz. Was fine on the previous driver version. I should also mention that turning Vsync on prevents the monitor locking to 30Hz.

  11. Is OpenGL fixed? 18.5.1 was fine, 18.7.1 had issues. Namely missing some sprites in games when using OpenGL. Not sure if it only affects OpenGL v3? See links for example.

  12. Definitely not fixed for me, GZDooM has invisible monsters, if Battlefront 2 (Classic) wasn’t messed up on my previous drivers, I would have already rolled back.

  13. What do they mean by support for Wow BFA? as its not a completely new game. Just increased performance or increased DX12 performance? Really interested

  14. DX12 is completely new for WoW though, so they probably mean they've fixed any stability / bugs related to it.

  15. I did a test run. On an RX580 8GB I got ~20fps more on DX12 than on DX11 in Suramar. No lag spikes or such even with 180° random turn arounds.

  16. DX12 and the removal of dedicated fullscreen have caused some problems. I'm interested to see if this is what the notes refer to.

  17. The game flags the RX 480 as an "unsupported device" when you launch the game. It didn't generally affect performance outside of saying your PC was "outdated" on the character selection screen. Only seems to happen with the main update - 18.5.1.

  18. Aaand Freesync is wonky. :( Though from the release notes, it says that it "may fail to enable", so it'll probably be a little annoying to keep switching between borderless and fullscreen until it decides to kick in on whatever mode it works for.

  19. This is a fairly common mistake that I myself did. For some strange reason you have to first update Windows and then update your drivers. If your windows isn't updated radeon settings doesn't show for some reason. Try updating your windows and then update your drivers.

  20. Does this fix the Fortnite crashes on Windows 10? They say it fixes Windows 7 crashes, but I've been having major issues with crashes almost every time I play.

  21. I haven't tested it yet. But for your current drivers, try playing in windowed fullscreen. That's what prevent the crashes for me.

  22. Played few games without any crashes (Previously I couldn't finish a match without a crash, especially on 50v50). I use rx580

  23. Hey I'm on windows 7 not windows 10 but, all I know is that fortnite wouldn't launch even after downloading the new update UNTIL I uninstalled fortnite and reinstalled it all through the epic games launcher, then fortnite opened.

  24. halp, after installing this on my GPU, the driver shows this on my AMD R5 M230/ AMD HD 8500M (laptop graphics ofc)

  25. This happened to a couple of people. To fix it in my case, I used DDU to clean, then runned the extracted setup file from the AMD website as administrator.

  26. Am I the only one who has two options for drivers in the Radeon Settings Panel? I currently have 18.7.1 installed and it recommends 18.5.1 and has 18.8.1 as an optional driver. Why would they recommend an older driver?

  27. Good to see the Vulkan extensions being added but I'm going to stay on 18.5.1 for the time being until they fix some of the listed issues above.

  28. FreeSync seems to be bugged in this driver, at least for me. Above 144 fps, my display is forced to the minimum 30Hz. But inside the FreeSync range, it works as intended. RX Vega 56.

  29. Well, the HBM is still stuck for me using 18.8.1. This time it's at 800MHz at idle, instead of the previous few drivers that had it pegged at 950MHz. With the HBM at 800Mhz, the idle temperatures are: GPU 40 °C and HBM 42 °C. With the HBM throttling properly to 167MHz at idle, the temperatures are: GPU 28 °C and HBM 30 °C.

  30. Having the exact same problem with my Vega 64 Nitro+, all driver releases since 18.6.1 have made the HBM clamped at max frequency. 18.8.1 clamps it at 800mhz instead at idle which is a small improvement i suppose.

  31. Having the same issues. Looks like I'm going back to 18.5 On 18.5 my GPU idles at ambient. On this, my GPU was idling at 38c on desktop. That's ridiculous.

  32. Does yours boost past 800Mhz? I can't change the speed at all in Wattman and it never boosts past it. It was dynamically throttling at first but then when I tried manually overclocking to see if I could get it to go past 800Mhz it stuck there. Now after a few clean installs it never throttles anymore and remains at 800Mhz and never boosts past it in any games or benchmarks.

  33. Isn't this due to multi monitor setups? Mine does the same, try disabling all additional monitors and re-enabling.

  34. For some reason my hbm sets minimum state to state 2 and when I try to change it to state 0 as the minimum state it doesnt let me. Seems like a rather annoying but not super serious bug with Vegas. Might also be dual monitor related too, haven't tested yet

  35. It says it "may" fail, I'm willing to guess that if you just keep switching between borderless and fullscreen, it'll kick on. "May" is the key word here. Also, I've had games just not work with FreeSync at all on one monitor, and flawlessly on another. My LG 4K and 1080p ultrawide monitor have these weird freesync "modes", and a single game called Ironsight doesn't work at all on either. My 1080p Nixeus monitor with 30-144hz range, it's like FreeSync is hard wired rather than weirdly implemented in the FW (99.9% sure that's not true but it's a bad example I guess), even the OSD shows Hz change in realtime, same game works on that display perfectly fine with FreeSync.

  36. For some reason wattman sets my minimum hbm state on my Vega 64 to state 2 (800mhz) and doesnt let me set it to state 0 (for true idle). If I set state 0 to the max it gives me a blue screen. One time I managed to get it to set state 0 to the minimum state properly, but I cant seen to replicate it.

  37. have the same excat issue. i DDU'ed and installed 18.5.1 again. It would boot higher though (not stuck at 945 like before). Was like the first 2 Pstastes were disabled. Seemingly only happening in dual screen setups

  38. Anyone experiencing black screen issues with this? For me, both this driver and 18.7.1 work fine until I restart, then its black screen after boot logo

  39. Still power draw issues with No man's sky and A hat in time on Vega cards. Memory throttling down in non stressful scenes regardless of setting and uncapped framerate. Power draw dropping from 16-200 ish watts as normal, down to 50-80 with horrible stutters and extremely low fps. Only two games that this happens in. This is ridiculous.

  40. Getting horrible cursor and system lag, my VGA screen hardly even works anymore wtf, I installed this for MHW tomorrow and looks like im gonna have to deal with a bunch of crap now

  41. " Cursor or system lag may be observed on some system configurations when two or more displays are connected and one display is powered off. "

  42. For real, how have they not fixed this? This is the biggest problem with me not downloading the driver.

  43. I didn't even consider that the amd driver could have been causing this. What a bunch of worry this has caused me. Back on 18.5.1 and stable thankfully. What a blow to the confidence I had in this driver...

  44. I think the reason is because the issue is so isolated between different monitors and different configurations that it can be difficult to fix. I use a cheap LG 22" 75hz freesync monitor and have never got this issue. Some people with higher end monitor have got this issue.

  45. I get AMD Settings and 144hz. Installs fine. I don't know if I'm imaging things but settings seems to be opening a bit faster. I'm probably imagining.

  46. Is it just me, or are the tiles in Radeon Settings much more responsive when you click on them? Very nice, thanks AMD!

  47. I got an issue as well after downloading this driver. My Radeon settings kept saying that no driver was installed. I figured out that rolling back to driver 18.5.1 fixed my issue.

  48. Had to roll back to 18.5.1 after installing this. Radeon Settings kept telling me that I had no driver installed and my PC was acting as if it were true.

  49. WARNING: I got a blue screen on Windows 10 shortly after downloading this driver. Using a RX 460.

  50. Having a similar problem here, I have two monitors but only one of them is usable. I reverted to 18.5.1 but it doesn't help.

  51. They tested the monster hunter world FPS using a rig with a core I7-7700X, i know they mean a K series more then likely but i still find it funny.

  52. Disabling HDCP under override settings for all monitors seems to have fixed the cursor/system lag. So I'd give a try on doing that if you really care that much?

  53. Alright so i have ben having issues with the amd drivers and fortnite for a while now, and its really starting to get on my nerves. Its saying that i should have it updated to a version because there are known problems but then when i switch to that version it says that there are known problems and says i should have the previous version. And now, with the release of 18.1.1 im thinking that this driver will have solved all of my problems. But of course not, why would it fix my problems when it could just make them worse right? On both previous versions my frame rate was steady running over 100 all the time, the only problem i had was the crashing which was a big problem among many people. But now with the 18.1.1 Drivers my frames have significantly dropped and my audio is also cutting in and out as i am losing frames making it unbearable to play the game. If there is a fix or some way someone could help me out with this, maybe its just my computer or my settings but either way could someone please help me with this, its really getting on my nerves.

  54. For Monster Hunter, FreeSync works every time in borderless windowed mode. Full Screen is when it doesn't work.

  55. I have a bug with Drivers 18.8.1 I install it it says I don't have any drivers installed plz help

  56. I have an RX 560 4 GB. When I install 18.8.1 it makes the screen go black at the end of the install process. It hasn't crashed things - one attempt, Spotify kept playing just fine for over fifteen minutes. When I force a reboot, there are no AMD drivers installed at all.

  57. It bricked my PC and I had to format. I used DDU beforehand. Screen went black in the middle of the installation and after a restart I got a BSOD - "inaccessible boot device"...

  58. PLS HELP: I installed the Update 1 hour ago and I had an issue (i cant remember the detailed error message) and my pc was restarted - After this one of my two Monitors (HDMI) shows: no Signal but its connected with my pc - the other one works fine on Display Port but the second screen is disabled

  59. Those drivers have to be validated by manufacturers like hp so release very rarely as mobile chips aren't intended for gaming

  60. Those drivers have to be validated by manufacturers like hp so release very rarely as mobile chips aren't intended for gaming

  61. Just once in the footnotes I'd love to see an AMD Ryzen mentioned in the AMD performance labs. Instead they do testing on the i7.

  62. Here's hoping they fixed the frequency reporting. My Vega 64 would report gpu frequencies above 2ghz, made it difficult to dial in an undervolt to Target a specific frequency.

  63. Guild Wars 2 still freezes/Radeon settings crachs and revert to default if i downvolt my RX 480.

  64. Is the RX Vega HBM2 pinned to max clocks 24/7 fixed on 2 monitors? The 18.7.1 driver said that it fixed it but it still does it for me reliably on my 1440p144 and 4k60 monitor combo. Connected using displayport.

  65. I tested it and for me the HBM2 was stuck at 800 now instead of the highest Pstate. It would go higher under load - which is nice - but still wouldnt go down to the normal idle-clocks. i DDU'ed and installed 18.5.1 again. :(

  66. Are the memory clocks for Vega with multiple monitors still locked higher? Had to roll back to 18.5.2 as the newer ones don't work properly.

  67. THANK YOU for that fix with gaming and video, i usually download videos to listen to while im playing tf2, and for some reason my clock speeds were always locked to state 3 levels while doing so

  68. So this is weird, after updating to this driver I can no longer change my refresh rate, only 60hz is showing up...

  69. So I have an R9 Nano, would anyone explain to me why I'm not getting these drivers' I'm currently on Win 8.1

  70. I think they have abandoned Win 8.1. Your last update was in July 2017. Windows 7 or Windows 10 if you want new drivers.

  71. I like that they've targeted MHW and WoWBFA but still got that constant lag with 3 monitors so still having to stick with 18.6.1 here. :/ I hope they fix this soon as I want to be using the latest drivers but I can't stream and keep my sanity with only two monitors. :P

  72. I have had an issue with my display on both 18.7.3 and 18.8.1 and has only happened once on both respectfully but like what happens is that my monitor will say no display signal and I’ll have to restart my pc for it to work again?? Idk if this my gpu or drivers issue I have an rx 580 and I’m using display 1.2 to hook up to my asus monitor.

  73. Is there any trick to make them work on the Mobile APUs 2300-2700u - about ten 10y ago there was a tool to latch the AMD driver to work on OEM notebooks

  74. Yes there is. I have 18.7.1 installed and everything works fine, even Radeon Settings. I can guide you through the process if you want. PM me.

  75. I would highly suggest people skip 18.8.1. I updated to 18.8.1 because it said stuff about performance improvments in MH:W.

  76. Hey guys i was wondering if you could help me. When i updated to these drivers recently to play MHW my headphones which are connected to my computer via a 3.5mm jack to usb stopped working. Its not the headphones since when i plug it with the jack its all fine. Also i want the usb because my headset doesn't have both cables for audio and mic. Windows says its a driver problem but the lastest drivers are installed. Is this a common issue?

  77. I assume the Overwatch crashing hasn't been fixed for the people/cards affected like 270X? Just doing my regular check-in for each patch. :/

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