Q1'19 Tech Support Megathread

  1. How do you know how much to tighten the Wraith Spire cooler? (I'm using it with an Asus B350-A CSM if that's important.)

  2. Hey guys, moving soon and I'm trying to pick an internet package. Long story short my building is hooked up with 1 provider and they only have 3 packages. Both me and my girlfriend PC game alot, and if one of us isn't gaming the other is probably streaming something. I'm trying to pick a speed that allows high speed gaming alongside HD streaming or other high speed gaming.

  3. How can i give more of the 15W power of my laptop to my igpu rather than my cpu, the cpu hugs most of it during gaming Ryzen 5 2500u (15-25 tdp) 8gb 2400mhz Dell inspiron 5575

  4. I've had sudden extreme stuttering issue on a 1600x. Out of nowhere, my computer crashed, and on restarting, it was extremely slow and started stuttering like crazy. Even just moving windows is incredibly laggy. All temperatures are normal and very well within margin, my power supply is brand new and very good, and I genuinely cannot think of any other way to try to solve this issue. If you guys could help that would be amazing.

  5. Hello, I just built a new PC and when I turn on the power button, it takes around 8 seconds before Windows logo shows up. Are there any ways to speed this up? My old PC's takes around 3 seconds compared to this. Yes, it still boots up fast, but I spent quite a lot for this PC and would really like to maximize it.

  6. I have come to the conclusion that Vega 56 (Sapphire Pulse) does not work correctly when paired with a Ryzen R5 2400G and an MSI B450M Mortar motherboard (1.6 BIOS).

  7. Hey I've updated my BIOS and seems everything is fine as of now. Still I can't understand the effect of the BIOS to my GPU. Of you will can you explain it to me? Thank.you

  8. Hi, I've a vega56 (it's samsung) pulse i flashed it with vega64 reference bios, the flash went well as the program told me. But now it won't turn "on", my pc actually turns on but i've no video and my keyboard and mouse doesn't turn on. I haven't a debug on mb so i can't check what is going on, fans spins and light turns on too. Any idea? I've flashed it with atiflash, not the dos way. The windows build is new, I've reinstalled windows yesterday so is the newest. Have a nice day

  9. Few weeks ago I was visited by idea to build a supercomputer. Unfortunately, power9 did not fit into my budget for a little bit, so I postponed it to better times and until that, to overcome boredom, I gathered following setup:

  10. OK, I do not know how should it be by design - should it be done in kernel or in service or somewhere in space - but someone somewhere has to manage fans. Or maybe i've got a faulty card. so do not know, is it workaround or a solution, but i put fans to max and there are no freezes anymore.

  11. Hi everyone, i bought an r9 fury x and my case is the thermaltake versa h15 (2 fans on the front, 2 on the top and one in the rear); i use an air cooler for my CPU and i was worried about the position of the GPU radiator. My actual airflow is composed from 2 fans: one on the front and one in the rear, and i'm confused about the position of the radiator ( that takes the air from the inside and push it outside ) because it would mess my actual airflow. Thank you everyone

  12. Well, either return the card and get a different one or adjust your cases airflow accordingly to the new situation.

  13. My ICC profile is not sticking to my thinkpad a485 after reboot/sleep. I have tried task-scheduler solution, game-bar disable, selecting all the necessary windows in color management profile and still nothing is working. I have a Ryzen 2500u with the latest drivers (19.3.3). This is making me crazy. Can someone give me a helping hand?

  14. Hey guys, sorry I know this is a dumb question but how do I make sure Precision Boost is enabled, and can I use that and MSI OC Genie 4 at the same time?

  15. when i upgraded from 19.3.3 it changed my freeview range to 48-60hz, rolled back to 19.3.1 in device manager and back at 48-75hz

  16. I'm planning on moving over to AMD for my new rig that I'll be building sometime in the next few months. Plan to get the new 3700x if it delivers well. This will be my first AMD processor rig. Is there anything I will be losing out on moving to AMD? Please be honest not everything will be a deal breaker for me. It will mostly be for gaming, don't plan on streaming but sometimes will record. I do some coding every now and then but nothing too hefty.

  17. The only thing I know of personally is single/quad-core speeds. Intel is slightly better in that department, but AMD is better in multi-core speeds.

  18. Radeon Update 19.3.3 causes my PC to crash at random times, can't reproduce the issue because idk wha the issue is. Went back to 19.3.2 for the time being

  19. is there a performance difference in the CPU benchmarks between a B450 board and an X470, assuming identical RAM?

  20. Is there anyway to force progressive over interlaced? I have a 32" Sony Bravia 32EX300 HDTV. The native resolution is 1360x768, however if you use HDMI, you can set it to 1920x1080.

  21. Can someone help me. I'm experiencing hard freeze every time amd wattman is running. I've already re installed my Windows 10 OS and downloaded the latest driver from AMD BUT still getting those freeze and crash even when just clicking the Windows button

  22. I realize this is not a question anyone can answer with absolute certainty, but I currently have a B350M Gaming Pro and a Ryzen 5 1500X. I'm looking to upgrade to an 8 core Ryzen 3000 chip. How bad of an idea would it be to use that motherboard my motherboard with a new chip?

  23. you need to check with the M/B support. some M/B cheap-out and memory size can't support all the ucode required for 3000 series. B450 and newer doesn't have that problem.

  24. A bit of additional info about ur motherboard, just checked in on msi site, it has 5 vrm’s “phases” for cpu, it’s fairly enough for ur current 4c/8t cpu, but for 8c/16t cpu that vrm just gonna get hot like hell, so buying new mobo is best solution to not kill anything in ur pc

  25. If ur motherboard has at least 10 vrm “phases”, (idk how call it right in english), and motherboard facturer will release new bios for supporting 3000 ryzen’s, then you’ll be fine, but i would suggest u aiming for the b450 chipset at least(more features etc.).

  26. I just updated to 19.1.1 and now everytime I play apex legends, my GPU fans go crazy at 2200 RPM and its super loud and annoying.

  27. I had similar problems with my XFX 580. I would only have issues with it when I set my screen's refresh rate above 60Hz. I was going to send it back to XFX to see if they could fix it when just reseating the card and changing the PSU cable fixed it. Undervolting the card and increasing the voltage swing to the monitor helped but did not fix it for me.

  28. It's probably an issue with the adapter. You should try a DVI to HDMI cable or adapter instead.

  29. If you have bought the graphics card recently and replaced an nvidia one with it, driver errors might be the cause.

  30. It does sound like the PSU, like it can't give enough power cleanly. Have you tried reseating the GPU and the extra power cable? It might just be a bad connection. Given that you said you had some old PSU though I'd bet on that.

  31. I bought a new rx 570 a week ago, yestertay i got it and had no issues. Today, when i booted my pc the 570s fans started to just roar at me for like 3 or 5 seconds. Not the usual gpu boot, it was very loud. The card works perfectly, but this thing just scared the shit out of me. What could it be? EDIT: Ok so, i deleted the MSI AfterBurner(i didnt touch shit in it, used it for benchmarking) and reinstalled drivers. Booted pc 5 times in a row and everything is fine. Weird.

  32. Hi, I've been a long time nVidia user, and never payed much to anything asides temperature once it was plugged in. I recently got a radeon VII and been looking through the Wattman settings and using gpu z to monitor clock speeds and voltage. So many of these things are new to me despite having gaming computers the past 8 years.

  33. Have you done a RAM test? Maybe its the PSU? It's hard to say really, you could try looking at the Windows event log to help narrow it down.

  34. Hi, I have two VG279Q montiors and im planning on getting a third one. I am also planning to buy a Vega 56, but so far I only see the blower style ones with 3 displayport interfaces. The cheapest 56 variant that isnt blower styled in my country is the Asus Rog variant, which as two hdmis, 1 dvi and two displayports.

  35. You only need freesync to run on the monitor you play games with, it won't make a difference for non-gaming use.

  36. Anyone else having performance issues in Metro Exodus? Even though Radeon Overlay reports I'm getting at least 50fps in the heaviest of scenes, the game feels very sluggish and hitches during those taxing scenes. EDIT: I honestly think the game is poorly optimized. I see I'm getting good fps with Rivatuner, but mouse movement feels absolutely off, as if the frametimes are off, even though Rivatuner reports that they are normal. So it's just the game as of version 1.00. I wasn't able to update to the newer updates, so maybe the performance has improved somewhat.

  37. Edit: Solved. Turns out I just had flash the bios back to stock then back forward to the one I was already running when this whole problem started.. odd, but it worked.

  38. That doesn't sound like the worst temps to be getting, even if something is wrong. I've got my 1700 at 3.7GHz and with my dual tower CPU cooler, I get up to 70-something °C during heavy gaming, but that's because my motherboard doesn't increase my fan speeds with temperature. This is evidently not ideal in my situation.

  39. I updated my RX 480 to software 19.1.1 about a month ago. TO set GPU fan speed I usually go into my Radeon settings:

  40. Run AIDA64 to stress test your CPU and RAM first. If those are stable, then make sure your PSU is supplying enough power. Besides that, make sure the GPU is cooled properly. Last time I had your symptoms, it was either unstable overclocks on CPU or GPU, or my GPU was overheating (85 C is all it takes) because of the way my case is laid out.

  41. I've read the HBM will throttle when set to 950mv. Try 960 and see if that solves your varying memory clocks.

  42. Well recently i buy a Ryzen 3 2200g and unfortunately having a strange issue, after updating to W10 Pro x64 and att drivers with Radeon Software Adrenalin my resolution just locked on 640x480 and i can't change to 1366x768 ( monitor native resolution) or any other resolution, i try remove and install this drivers multiple times, same for Windows, but i can't solve this problem

  43. Trim is on by default if you install windows 10 to an SSD but you can double check that by following these instructions:

  44. I've formatted my PC yesterday and updated to the latest drivers; now AMD Settings only recognizes newly installed games, while it cannot analyze games that were already installed on my secondary HDD. Adding them manually often gives wrong names that I can't change, like Half Life 2 being labeled as Team Fortress 2.

  45. Hello guys, im building a desktop pc with the gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro wifi MB and a Ryzen 2700X, ideally i'd like it to have 32gb of ram to begin, i found that " HyperX Fury Black HX426C16FB " almost fits the memmory support list from the manufacturer site, that is 16gb on 1 stick of ram, i'd like to put two of those in the MB, could that cause problems? I will NEVER overclock any component of the desktop, thanks in advance guys!!

  46. Which slot do you have the gpu in? Only one slot on your board supports the full x16 speed. Source:

  47. My PC somedays (completly at random) takes 2-3 boots to actually post. Everything lights up, cpu fan start ramping up and stops for a few seconds before starting back up again until an actual post.

  48. Displays go back, but system stays on with fans running at 100%. Only way to get it back is powering the computer off through the power button. This happened on both my MSI R9 380 and my Sapphire Nitro+ Vega 64. It happened once on my 380 on an overclock profile, once on my Vega on an undervolt profile, and once on the Vega on a default profile. I've already switched out my daisy chained 8-pin connectors to individual 8-pin connectors.

  49. similar problem on my gigabyte reference 56, but it got so bad that I ended up having to just retire it entirely. Wish I could get a real solution but I think the "solution" is that I wasted my money.

  50. I bought AMD 2400g and using it for a year and due to some virus I reinstalled the window and driver. Now, I get black screen some time, sometimes it restart randomly.some time no display while fan and system kepp running.

  51. I've got a problem here, I just bought a new Samsung C32HG70. I'm running a dual monitor setup with an Acer XF240H (1080p 144hz freesync) with the new Samsung C32HG70 (1440p 144hz freesync). They are both connected via DP to my R9 Fury with the latest drivers.

  52. XFX RX 580 GTS XXX Edition underclocking when going to 100% usage, as soon as it goes below 90% its clock goes to the original speed of 1366, makes no sense to me.

  53. Use the default costum preset in Furmark for testing then Furmark is quite a power virus. It might also throttle the core clock above 70 degrees with this costum preset. Increasing the Power limit for games where the core clock fluctuates, with an undervolt to keep temps in check, should prevent the underclocking.

  54. Just want to add this on to the other comment. The only thing you should know is that it's really recommended to run a stress test on the pc before you power it down to do the swap. 10-15 mins will soften the thermal paste; do soft twists and turns on the heatsink to break the seal and gently pull it off as you do. Not warming it up first runs the risk of ripping the cpu out of the socket because the paste will be like glue.

  55. How big of an upgrade will ryzen 2 be from the first generation ryzen? I have a 1700x and was thinking of upgrading.

  56. Not big enough to justify with Ryzen 3 only a few months away. 3rd gen would be a worthwhile upgrade for sure with 7nm process node and architecture improvements.

  57. I currently am experiencing the same issue, same exact card too. I wish they'd fix this so I could easily undervolt my card.

  58. Hi since updating the NIC driver of my asus prime pro x470 my NIC keeps disconnecting randomly with "missing event id 33/27 from the source 'e1rexpress'". Could anyone point me into any working (current) drivers - can i install them from intel's l211 site?

  59. Please fix OBS AMF Encoding overloaded when GPU 3D Usage over 80~90% issue, I have being report multiple times but still not fixed on GPU driver version 19.3.1, before GPU driver 17.10.1 was no problem, please make it happen.

  60. Hi guys recently change my GPU and CPU to Gigabyte Vega 64 8 GB and Ryzen 7 2700 respectively. But I am getting 20 fps in anthem, 40-60 fps in siege, 30 in Watchdogs 2. Please any help is appreciated.

  61. I know this might not be the best place to ask this, but I've been trying to contact AMD support for the past 4-5 day with not a single answer. Is their support usually this awful?

  62. I'm having an issue installing AMD display drivers on a new windows 10 Operating System. After installing Windows 10, connecting to the internet, and checking for updates my computer will black screen without a cursor when it tries to install AMD display drivers. Rebooting the computer results in a black screen on boot similar to the one when the driver attempted to update. In order to fix this I've used the windows system restore to get back to windows. After this I tried delaying Windows automatic updates and installed the up to date drivers for my graphics card, a Radeon r9 270, off of the amd website. At first the update appears to go well, but when it hits 40% progress results in a black screen without a cursor. After that attempt to solve the problem failed, I tried switching the cable connecting my monitor to the gpu out with another one, but that also resulted in a black screen when attempting to install the amd drivers. At this point I have no idea what to do.

  63. My RX580 is performing worse than my 4 year old R9 285 STRIX in Overwatch. On the RX580 i get over 180 FPS when looking into a wall. During teamfights the FPS drops down to 110's. This is annoying since I want the 144 fps to match the screen framerate. For comparasion, my R9 285 STRIX never drops below 150, even during teamfights. The power limit in Wattman is +50% on the RX580 and on the R9 285, I haven't even opened the Wattman settings.

  64. Use DDU in safe mode to fully clean the drivers out, reboot, then reinstall the latest ones. Switching cards without completely wiping out previous drivers can cause weird issues.

  65. I believe that I need help in raising the power limit of my RX 580 in Ubuntu. Every few minutes while playing demanding games my entire screen will turn black (for a few seconds). Music will still play, inputs will still be accepted and the game loop itself keeps running. I'm able to reproduce the issue easily using the Unigine Superposition benchmark. I found some other people that had the same issues on Windows and saw that they used wattman to either increase power or to make the card throttle itself earlier.

  66. My 2600X with stock cooler averages about 65C in HWINFO during heavier gameplay (recent example is Far Cry New Dawn), however the maximum values sometimes go little above 80C.

  67. Nothing to worry about; assuming no overclock, the maximum operating temperature for a R5 2600X is 95'C. Stock, the CPU backs off the voltages and clock rate as the temperature rises to prevent any damage occurring. What that basically means is your CPU won't run as quickly when it's hot, but it won't hurt itself. 65'C in games is fine as you'll be getting close to full boost speeds, so won't notice any performance loss. 80'C is less ideal as the CPU will back way off the boost, which you'll notice if you're playing at high refresh rates or especially CPU heavy games.

  68. Sooo I've been searching forums for a couple of weeks now and didn't find an answer to my problem so im creating this post in the hopes that I can finally resolve this stupid issue.

  69. Have you raised the power limit in wattman? There is a slider at the bottom. Raise that to the max (+50%) so the card doesn't power throttle.

  70. I have problem to in-place upgrade to latest insider 1903 builds (error 0xC1900101) . I think my NVMe RAID0 makes upgrade impossible. NVME RAID driver is from the October last year (latest).

  71. Hello everyone , i have been reading a lot about OC the past few days , and i wanted your input for the oc of the system i did setup.

  72. My amd ryzen master keeps crashing if i try to use it. Fine if i dont touch it at all. Everything else in my system is stable. I've already tried reinstalling the software and have rebooted pc multiple times. Nothing overclocked atm.

  73. My 2700X is 3.7/4.3, is there a way to force +100 MHz? Or a 3.8 base? All I see is how to set a fixed frequency for all the time.

  74. Do you have msi afterburner installed? There is a setting checked by default to erase those settings every reboot.

  75. Radeon drvier version 19.2.3 has broken my brigthness adjustment on my HP Envy x360 15bq108 ca. This model has the Ryzen 5 2500U.

  76. I just installed the latest Vega mobile drivers (with the auto-detect tool) on an Envy x360 (I believe the first gen release?) and everything seemingly works fine (I haven't tried any games or anything otherwise remotely graphically intensive but I don't use this laptop for gaming much anyhow), except I can't adjust my screen brightness anymore. Neither the physical brightness adjust buttons nor the Windows settings for brightness makes a difference. Radeon settings doesn't seem to make a difference either (turning Varibright Off and changing brightness through Windows, or keeping it on and adjusting the slider).

  77. Segafault was only an issue on early 1700 series chips I believe. It hasn't been an issue on 2k series at all.

  78. Relive on Win10 - it's inactive in fullscreen application, it's imposible to activate recording with alt+F9(i shortcuted that way), but it's absolutly fine to alt+tab to desktop and start recording there, then back to game and everything is working. At the same time Stats server is working no matter what!

  79. My general specs are in my flair.My problem is that I tried playing Dirt 3 last night, but it would crash itself and sometimes my system.

  80. what about your ram? witcher 3 having low fps on that rig is pretty bad and shouldnt be happening, that rig can play it at ultra settings with no problem

  81. I recently bought another hdmi cable to connect my tv , and i want to have a dual monitor setup with a tv and a monitor. But when i do connect them, only one hdmi works. For example if i plug the monitor hdmi in first, the monitor shows up, but the tv receives no signal. I am currently using a rx570 pulse. How can I solve this issue? thank you.

  82. Updating to the latest addition of Adrenaline messes up laptop drivers. I have Acer Nitro 5 with RX 560X GPU. After the update my GPU in device manager and in AMD Radeon settings showed up as RX 560. I tried to update it and selected search for best software online . After that I experienced blank screen for like 15 seconds . GPU changed to RX 560X but I was unable to adjust my brightness and sound by any means. Touchpad stopped working. Even a PC reset couldn't fix it . Had to do a fresh install to fix things. I hope that there is some support for my RX 560X GPU in future. After the update I actually experienced a somewhat decrease in performance . ( though that may not be attributable to the Adrenalin update . Not sure about this .) So right now I am just using the crimson drivers that come with my laptop.

  83. I bought a new Gigabyte Radeon RX VEGA 56 GAMING OC 8G last saturday, the card ran fine for the entire evening and sundaymorning until the first black screen happened. A long press on the restart button AND a powersupply off/on switch was required to get the graphics card to output to my display again.

  84. Since it's a brand new card I'd really suggest just exchanging it for a replacement with the retailer.

  85. Hey i've been getting random restarts with my new Radeon 580 series/ Ive noticed restarts while playing games like Metro Exodus at high and in other games. another example of such is playing anthem and having spotify in the back which causes the restart.

  86. Another point ive forgetten to add is that before the restart everything will be fine and the highest temp it will ever go is usually 75C

  87. Not really tech support but it doesn't warrant a new thread. With the AMD rewards how long does it take to get a CD key through? I redeemed them last night and I've still not had a res2 key.

  88. Alright, so I have a bit of an issue. My brand new Radeon VII is experiencing video corruption and driver crashes. Occasionally, one portion of my screen will flicker before quickly going back to normal. Other times, a vertical black line will go down my screen and then will go completely black before recovering within a few minutes. Sometimes this will happen in rapid succession, with the black line issue reoccurring within seconds of normal functionality resuming. Going into event viewer, it seems like the driver is crashing when this happens.

  89. I lost my relive after 19.2.3 update. I tried AMD tool/DDU to remove drivers then re-install it. However, it’s gone. Moreover I tried to install 19.1.1, still not showing up. After several searchings, I’d go install the amddvr64 which my friends sent me as it’s nowhere to be seen in the decompressed pack. And if I tried to update from 19.1.1 to 19.2.3 it’s gone. I’ve to re-install the amddvr64 again.

  90. When gaming I usually lose my input and screen turns black. I am assuming it is my gpu since prior to freeze the games run amazing with no hint of it freezing. My 390x is about 3 years old if it matters and I am on a ryzen 3 (before was on 8350)

  91. SSD latency issues. I recently upgraded to a 2700x from a i5-6600k. I had to reinstall windows recently due to unrelated issues and since then my Samsung evo 850 has been performing less than it should. During sustained writes the write speed drops to just a few MB/s and the average response time increases to several seconds, making the computer virtually unusable.

  92. Hi, I just put together a build w/the AMD 5 Ryzen 2600x. I'm re-using my SSD w/Win10 already on it from my past computer. I fired it up Saturday evening, everything looked good. Sunday, still all good but I thought "oh man I probably need the drivers updated" so I updated the AMD drivers (because I don't recall seeing that done when I started things up).

  93. I want to upgrade my cpu. I currently have an AMD Ryzen 3, and I want to get the AMD Ryzen 5 2600x. I know I need to update my bios settings for my motherboard in order to support the second gen ryzen, is there anything else I should know before doing this?

  94. You should load optimized defaults in bios before you do the update and cpu swap. But that's about it, it's pretty easy.

  95. Issue: Entering and exiting LFC on my Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8GB is causing massive stuttering. Going back to old driver 18.5.1 makes it smooth again. Can this be fixed soon please?

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