"The New Normal" in France. Police officers are on the hunt, checking papers to verify compliance and cutting down on the unvaccinated who dare to dine.

  1. You mean the war which ended up with the Soviets gaining control of half the continent (Did Churchill lose his spine during the Blitz or something?)?

  2. War to get rid of authoritarianism is kinda like the vaccine to prevent covid. You can still get it just apparently not as bad as you would otherwise.

  3. Actually it had 2 wars over this, part of what sparked Hitler's rise to power was the French doing this to German civilians after the 1st world war.

  4. The war was to beat the other side of did this. Now the side that won over the other side, is doing the same things as the other side did.

  5. No, you're being an idiot and trying to compare this to WW2. It's ok, lots of really trashy people do the same. You're just a brain dead sheep, following trash like Marjorie Taylor Greene, quite literally the dumbest person on the planet.

  6. Because its easier to harass citizens than fighting criminals or terrorists, the pay is the same and they dont have to put themselves at risk.

  7. How in the FUCK do you just sit there eating your food and go along with this like its no problem? I would be losing my shit if shit like this happened anywhere near me.

  8. The people there have already complied by being checked by the cafe staff on the way in. The police are checking the patrons to make sure the restaurant workers did their job. I was in France last month and experienced this firsthand.

  9. Yeah I’d be taking the piss “Heil Macron officer, I have my papers here. While I have your attention I believe I heard some noises above. There must be some unvaccinated hiding in the attic. You have to round them up and put them in the quarantine camp so we can keep our society pure. Thank you for doing the Fuhrer I mean president’s work officers”.

  10. As long as humans are humans we’ll always be one crisis away from this. That’s something the men who fought that war understood.. Unfortunately, those men are dead and they’re ungrateful children are in charge..

  11. I mean the French love to rebel, but they love to rebel and then reconstitute the same reason they rebelled all over again afterwords...

  12. This is just fucking insanity at this point. And without violence, it's not going to stop. That's the truth. As an jab free person, I have zero desire to spend my money anywhere that requires proof of anything. I'm in America but I'm sure they're going to start doing this here, or at least attempt it. The vaccinated still fucking spread it, so this is obviously not rationale based and no one seems to give a shit about facts, logic, statistics, reality, etc anymore

  13. Thank you! Finally somebody else that is stating the most important fact related to all of this medical fascism. If vaccinated and unvaccinated people can both spread the virus then why the hell are you taking away freedom from just 1/2 of that group?

  14. It saddens me to see the leftists complain about police incessantly and then cheer this shit on like these bastards are doing gods work.

  15. Vaccines passports are lame. But, wouldn't a more pleasant dining experience entail the establishment checking guests upon entry instead of having pigs come ruin your experience mid-meal?

  16. Imagine: it's your wife's birthday and you decide to take her to a nice restaurant because you hardly ever go to restaurants these days, but it's a special occasion.

  17. That's how it works in NYC. Not defending the NY mandate but it's slightly less creepy than having a cop literally come up to the table.

  18. The people eating in this video already had their vaccination status checked by the cafe staff on entry. The fascists came in to verify that the workers did the job they were forced to do correctly.

  19. Europe sliding into medical fascism like a glove, always thought the EU was too bloated and stagnant, a giant socialist bureaucracy they all copy each other like idiots without thought.

  20. You should carry a Jewish star arm band and every time you get asked for papers, put on the arm band and have your friends film it.

  21. The tree of liberty often needs to be nourished by the blood of the tyrannical. Thomas Jefferson to William S. Smith 1787

  22. Men's don't Have Balls this Days.....all the Additive they eat every day, thy become more like a pussy ...U got me .....!

  23. Ursula von der Bitch is going to try to do it anyways. Germany wants to dominate the entire continent again, and its like the fucking europeans have never even learned about their own history.

  24. How have there never been enough police to properly police neighborhoods, but there are sufficient police to enforce new government mandates?

  25. Glad I live in a state where the cops are neither unified enough, nor zealous enough to man these levels of intrusion on my fucking privacy.

  26. Precisely why I’m not frequenting local restaurants. Not because I dislike their food. There are loads of dope independent spots in my city. But I’m not welcome. So I won’t order take-out either. I’m not participating. End of.

  27. Support local restaurants that don’t pull this crap! For my girlfriend’s birthday we went to a restaurant that asked for our papers so I turned around and walked to a restaurant that wasn’t requiring disclosure of private medical information. Vote with your dollars!

  28. Their was a group that did stuff like this a while back I can’t remember the name but I think it stated with an N.

  29. I truly can not understand how every single person there including the cops can't put 2 and 2 together. Just jaw dropping stupid with all the history available to us.

  30. Dude. Real talk. How do you see this and not immediately get flashbacks of NAZI Germany. People. Wake up.

  31. Seems like the French haven't changed since the days of harassing Germans after WW1, this is what being conquered looked like back then as well.

  32. Vichy, Vichy, I love you. Let me show my papers to you. I am compliant will cause no trouble, Please embrace me within your bubble.

  33. Well now you know how France welcomed germany.. fucking open invitation. Fucking disgrace. The entire fucking world a disgrace.

  34. Here the businesses do the checking. The fact police are actively walking in and demanding papers while you're enjoying a dinner is terrifying.

  35. It's nazi Germany all over again. Didn't they just have a war against this sort of shit in the 1940's?

  36. This is strictly bullshit. The mrna version literally takes 1/2 your immune system out. Just to protect 1x virus

  37. It insane how crazy how things have gotten in just a short amount of time. This really only ends when enough people want it to end and no way else.

  38. You realize this never goes away, right? it has nothing to do with the sickness and is 105% about control. The culling of the human race has begun.

  39. Rules are rules. You must follow. If you don't agree with absurd rules, like this one, you should join forces and protest. Protest hard. But don't start breaking rules. They have the mechanisms to put you through even more discomfort.

  40. Everyone need to participate on this 4th industrial block chain revolution..... Your data and your children data is very important for the Elites... And WEF ..... The covid certificate the QR codes is to slowly pushed on everyone life.... And by 2030 everyone on this planet will be linked to AI and our children behavior will be monitored for futures...... Welcome to VR Shitt and Utopian world Of META ..... The Covid got nothing to do with all the Mobile QR app or any crap governments introduced because of us ...is our fault....... We needed to stand up for FREDOM and Free MARKET CAPITALISM...... not this Utopian Slaves on Slave LANDIA and Corporate world and Universal Credit Score ! ....So, stand up for your Wrights !!! Peace!

  41. Oh noooo, is someone sad because they didn't get vaccinated and now the exact thing that they said was going to happen to you is happening? Poor baby :(

  42. I don’t blame the cops- it is the politicians trying to make it look like they are doing something and the government is in control. Even with vaccines and boosters we are being told we can still get and spread the virus. We are being told we should still wear masks, social distance, etc. I do get vaccinated because I’d prefer not to get sick enough to die but other than that I’m not sure it really matters much.

  43. Cool, can they come to the US next. Would be nice to have a cop do something useful for once and stop being a waste of my tax dollars.

  44. Surely even the vaccinated look at this and think this is wrong? Even if I was vaxed, i wouldn’t want some policeman tapping me on the shoulder to check my papers while I’m eating a meal at a restaurant. Sickening.

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