Fuck this shit. Profits over people. Always.

  1. Oh, sure.... How is she gonna get a new employer now? "Sorry, my baby just died, I'm a total mess, depressed and suicidal and need a few more weeks to get myself sorted out mentally. But hey, you wanna hire me?"

  2. Getting upset over an unsubstantiated claim, or over an intellectually dishonest post (maybe she was recalled back to work, but her child died 5 years ago), the claim would be technically true, but intellectually dishonest.

  3. If the US hadn't decided to become a tyrannical behemoth & leave sound economic principles in the 19th century there would be no need for maternity leave.

  4. Oh for fuck's sake, there's no one with less capacity of empathy except for ancaps and commies. You and the tankies, you're both equally cruel and f*** in the head. I guess her child was 3 weeks old, not her being 3 weeks pregnant, most people wouldn't even know if they're only 3 weeks preganant.

  5. Sounds like (from what we know here) itโ€™s a shit company that wonโ€™t last anyway unless it propped up by the government. How her husband doing during all this I wonder?

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