Touchscreen issues on Samsung's Galaxy devices?

  1. No problem on my S22 Ultra. Never had any problems since I started using Samsung from S2 skyrocket until now.

  2. This is the reason I avoided getting the S20 FE. To be fair I haven't actually seen this in person, but read enough anecdotal complaints online about this to make me worried. On the other hand, I was sure this is a one time hardware issue (since software updates didn't seem to fix it, at least not for everyone). I'm surprised to hear this issue is apparently repeating on newer devices.

  3. I've always been garbage at typing on my phone. But then as soon as I grab an iPhone I can type significantly more accurately. (I work in cell phone sales, so this isn't just a once in a blue moon thing, I'm always typing on android and iPhone devices).

  4. I have the opposite problem. I use iPhones for my work cell and every generation misses touches for me. I don't use screen protectors so that's not the issue. Their fingerprint scanners are pretty good though. I've never had touch issues on Android devices, but until the S10 Samsung's fingerprint sensors weren't great. 🤷‍♂️

  5. Same problem as me. I cant type fast on my s10+ but when i go to a iphone, i type much more faster and make less mistakes

  6. Don't experience this on my S22 Ultra or my previous S21 Ultra, but I remember when I got my S20+ repaired from a moderate crack (no display damage) they suggested I replace the display and touch panel for "touchscreen issues", and I remember dragging being inconsistent, registering as taps instead. Stopped after the repair.

  7. It's very frustrating that this issue isn't getting more attention. Samsung absolutely needs to fix it. Personally I returned my S21 FE because of this issue and got an S21+ instead.

  8. I've noticed this on every Samsung device I owned. Which is a lot. I've just gotten used to it over the years.

  9. I have the same problem on my S10e. Also does anybody else get this really strange input lag if they use their phone while charging? Everytime I type messages while my phone charges the touches simply take like half a second to register

  10. I just started to have this same problem on me 10e until I factory reset and it bricked itself. Glad i am not the only one

  11. I have what I believe is this issue on a Fold 3 as well sometimes. It's not consistent, but I notice it most actually when trying to long press and then sometimes when typing on the keyboard. It's like it exaggerates the smallest movements into swipes and makes it hard to work with.

  12. I have something similar on my S22. Happens once in a while that when I tap on an app icon, the app drawer pulls up as if I swiped up. Or if I tap a recently used app, it will swipe it out of recents instead. Typing letter by letter is fine but swiping sometimes disconnects in middle of a word and turns out two words instead of the one I was intending. It wasn't like this all the time. It started about 6 weeks after I got the phone, after I had done heavy work which dried out and chapped my hands. I thought it was due to that but then my hands healed but it's still reading my swipe typing as if I'm lifting my finger in the middle.

  13. This might explain why my touch swiping on SwiftKey breaks into different words at random times. I thought it was from a slight crack next to my earpiece messing up the touch layer.

  14. Just got an S22 and can confirm the same. If I'm very careful while scrolling through reddit for example I can avoid it.

  15. I get issues like this on iPhone, feels laggy typing sometimes. Like it’s not able to keep up with my touches.

  16. I've been using my Galaxy A71 (non-5G EU version) for two yeas and just recently I noticed that, when I'm typing very fast, "ghost touches" press random letters and mess up the text. i thought it could be because my fingers tend to be very dry...

  17. It definitely has something to do with what my fingers are like. If they're sweaty, I get no issues.

  18. I did notice some on my S20 FE but mainly while playing Call of Duty with 4 fingers on the screen.

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