End-to-end encryption is coming to Google Messages group chats

  1. I think Apple will also close the encryption hole this iOS release or next since Google is now trying to use it as a marketing point with security. They will end up supporting RCS but the green bubble will stay becuase the sender won't have a icloud or Apple ID account. Certain features will still be locked behind iMessage of course, But the image and mental effect of the green/blue bubble is what's lucrative to the Apple ecosystem so they can implement RCS, security and not take a hit. And for their target consumers,they still get a blue bubble and those without will still be isolated and made to feel left out by the blue bubble crew. Which will still drive the iPhone sales over Andriod.

  2. I don't see apple honestly ever supporting RCS the only way it'll happen is if the carriers somehow force them. Apples already came out and said they wouldn't support RCS as it would be a terrible business decision and they want to lock people into the OIS ecosystem

  3. I think you hit it on the head. As toxic of a business decision as that is, it's still smart for their business.

  4. Only in the US. Nobody else cares about bubble colors, as majority uses android and a variety of encrypted messaging apps.

  5. Yeah, it’s not like there is anything else about the iPhone that people like. People just buy it because of the colour of a bubble in an app the most people don’t use.

  6. I disagree,the whole reason why Apple used green bubbles for sms was to alert iPhone users that they are sending a text but as an sms so they will be charged.now with teens it's a whole physiological thing and obviously apple is okay with that.

  7. Nah, we all know what will happen. Eventually...Apple will triumphantly announce they are bringing end-to-end encryption to all messages over iMessage and declare they are the first to do it while quietly failing to mention Google/Android/RCS was actually responsible for making it possible.

  8. Yes, they can just replace SMS with RCS behind the scenes, and now it’s secure. They don’t need to implement any of the rich text features of rcs actually

  9. https://medium.com/@_sdc/how-apple-taught-its-users-to-hate-android-through-subtle-design-cues-518cd7eda80

  10. iMessage is not e2e though anyway. Apple maintains a key, it's why you can restore messages on a new device without any other device online.

  11. Mental effect of the green bubble? What? I don't care what my text message looks like to someone. Is there seriously people who care?

  12. Standard is already open. Everything is publicly available to implement. I think you mean open-source the code and give people permission to use it and/or open up Android APIs for it so other apps can use it?

  13. I really think that Google dropped the ball when apple beat them to unifying SMS with their own service like iMessage did.

  14. For a brief moment there they did the same thing shipping hangouts as the default sms app. Then they stopped. And they axed gchat because it was too open.

  15. Except Google can't make their solution the default app on iPhones. Without that, Apple has the advantage. In the US it seems most people only use the messaging app that ships with their phone.

  16. G.Voice was exclusive to the US. And the I message issue is a US problem. I message wouldn't be a issue if Apple split it to 2 apps.

  17. Hangouts was perfect. I could have Google Voice, carrier SMS, and Hangouts IMs in one app. I will never understand why Google abandoned it.

  18. I know this was super late in the game, but they could've nailed it if they just gave Allo SMS fallback and made it the default Android messaging app.

  19. I hope this doesn't come out as rude/naive/pesemistic. How many of you guys use RCS on a daily basis with a majority of your contacts? (My view is going to be very biased since I live in the US).

  20. Outside USA people don't use sms (so RCS it's useless too for us), it's years since people have move to IM apps like whatsapp mostly for EU, India and LATAM, LINE for Japan and some Asian countries, Kakao talk for Korea and WeChat for china

  21. Most people i talk to already migrated to Signal. So I'm not sure how many people are getting nana wanna keep swapping apps. I'm in Canada.

  22. I use RCS with everyone who has an Android phone who I don't already use telegram or signal to talk to. I know some people have issues with it or whatever, but everyone in my family with Android phone seems to have gotten it working just fine, and most of them don't know anything about tech.

  23. People here act like if Apple supports RCS, everything will be nice and dandy. Literally know one, even the techies I know have ever ever mentioned RCS. Anyone who gives a shit uses whatsapp.

  24. Well, if people jumped on the RCS boat then this protocol will be universal and will spread across users quickly. For now, it is mainly a Google thing.

  25. Basically any android phone that's shipped within the last year uses Google Messages as the default.

  26. iMessage is cool and all but I don’t miss it. I never cared for blue or green bubbles. With all the new message platforms that people are using, I think Apple should just implement RCS and leave the color blue. I personally have never known someone to buy an IPhone for iMessage. Most of my relatives don’t even know what iMessage is and just know their phone sends text messages.

  27. iMessage is literally one of the main reasons people stick with an iphone. Airmessage and Bluebubbles projects exist to get iMessage on Android phones because it is so endemic in the US. I assume you live outside the US?

  28. if you didnt create the keys, and keep the private key in a way that google cant just grab it when they want it , then its just advertising words, not reality.

  29. You're making an assumption that it's held on Google's services or that their processors allow for extraction of private keys like that. The keys are not stored on some Google server and rather the Google servers (or whoever implements the RCS server) simply acts as a Certificate Authority.

  30. What does this offer that Signal doesn't already have? That's the messaging service I use 99.9% of the time.

  31. I've stopped following Google's idiotic messenger confusion and don't even know what clients they offer for it now. They really botched it.

  32. They really haven't had messenger confusion in the past couple years. Before that it was chaos but they've fully realigned on pushing this because it's their only hope of getting common ground with iPhones.

  33. Instead of worrying about what Apple is doing, it would be great if they would bring RCS to all users of their services including Google Voice. #RCSforGoogleVoice

  34. Please.. You think Google intention is to give people a secure phone. If they were concerned with security they would give people the ability to remove apps that they do not want!

  35. They allow you remove stock apps on Pixel phones. Any other phone manufacturer can choose to bundle applications that they want and that's fully out of Google's control.

  36. But that's not Google doing that, but the phone manufacturer? Complain to them, or root your phone and do it yourself.

  37. They care about your security in as far as they want to be the only ones that can farm your data. Encrypted messages? That's already got they probably got a keylogger on every android phone

  38. You're completely right. This push for E2EE in proprietary systems is naive, pointless, and, frankly, annoying. It gives people a false sense of security, one could question who benefits most from a world where organized criminals all use RCS and WhatsApp, one where Google or Facebook are happy to comply with LE requests for decryption keys.

  39. Sure would be nice if Google fully supported RCS along with their own mobile service. You can use RCS on Google Fi, but only if you disable the Web Messages feature. Which is kind of stupid, since I think being able use Messages on any device without needing your phone nearby is a pretty big selling feature of Fi. There's probably a lot of technical backend stuff that makes it difficult, but it just seems like a bit of a broken product when you're on Fi and Google keeps pushing RCS.

  40. People are talking like RCS is a revolution and everyone should implement it when in fact a lot of people can't even use it on android. And when you can enable it, it's kinda broken, maybe you'll have sms instead of rcs, maybe it'll say "connecting..." for no reason, who knows.

  41. This would be a great feature if I could actually use it since buying an S22 Ultra on AT&T. At least I've managed to get my friends onto telegram.

  42. Google: Don't worry everyone the only people able to read your messages will be the people you send them to...and us...and maybe advertisers...and any three letter agency that forces us to give them access. This announcement is only supposed to make you feel good anyway, don't expect too much, just keep quiet conform and be complacent. You will have no real privacy and you will enjoy it.

  43. Here's their paper explaining what is and is not encrypted. Certain metadata like the sender and receipt, timestamps are not encrypted but all message contents and attachments are:

  44. I'm not sure how this changes much. Anyone who cares about E2EE would be staying far away from Google Messages. They would probably be using QKSMS or something similar if they needed SMS or RCS.

  45. Here's the thing if the encryption is controlled by Google I still don't trust it. Has been known to work with the feds. Since Google is a us-based company it's subjected to data retention laws that certain other countries aren't subjected to so encryption doesn't really mean anything if it's all being stored by the company that encrypts it anyway unless that company makes a sort of an encryption that even they can't decrypt because they don't have the other phone.

  46. Privacy in big tech is like graphene: every few months you see news about incoming applications that never happen.

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