Samsung developing 200-megapixel phone camera… Equipped on Galaxy S23

  1. whilst it is a buzzword for marketting there is also good reasons to have a super high MP count that then buckets down to lower MP. It's technical but basically can be thought of as anti-aliasing as a mechanism to remove moiré effects on high frequency details

  2. God I hate this so much. I want to take multiple photos at once when I press the shutter 10 times, and yet I only end up taking 2 photos.

  3. Is Zero Shutter Lag a fancy name for quickly capturing a shot with very high ISO and processing it later like Pixels do? Because that requires a lot of processing and really good algorithms for that and even Pixels end up with lots of noise, grain and haze in the end.

  4. They've really gotta stop with the megapixel count marketing hype if it's not going to blow the iPhone out of the water.

  5. Same with the SoC marketing and benchmark hype. What matters is real world performance, not numbers in benchmarks.

  6. It's because the camera sucks that they must resort to using marketing gimmicks. It's like how it's easier for OnePlus to just pay Hassleblad to use their name than to develop a usable camera.

  7. I have used quite a bit the ultra wide and the telephoto lens. The 100x zoom is seriously insane. It really surprised me how well it works.

  8. I hope this new sensor is great. Samsung executed Google playbook flawlessly with the S20U/S21U/S22U. Now it's time for a new sensor, which they will keep iterating on.

  9. I dunno, I wouldn't say perfectly. The closest is S22. It took them far too long to implement a decent fused super res zoom implementation, which really hampered the usefulness of the "Space Zoom" they marketed so heavily on the S20 and S21. That's why before, sometimes a lowly Pixel had better quality in low digital zoom levels, because it had a really sophisticated algorithm helping out.

  10. High megapixel count can be used for image stabilising and other quality improving techniques. The user will never see photos anyway near 200 megapixels, but get sharper higher quality photos.

  11. Have an S22 Ultra. It's a shame Google doesn't sell Pixels in my region anymore. I loved clicking on the pixel 2xl

  12. Will they ever let me take high res pictures with it though? Of course not. I have a 24 megapixel DSLR that I use for my professional stuff and it takes 6000x4000 raw photos. My Pixel 6 with a 50 megapixel main sensor can't even match that.

  13. It's important because most consumers are not photographers and still believe more megapixels means better image quality.

  14. Why not a 20mp sensor with 10x as large pixles? When it's binned down to 12mp anyways whats the point, asaide from marketing?

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