Which Animal Crossing opinion would put you in a situation like this

  1. Look. When I leave the game for months on end and roaches come to my home, they should whisper DIY to me like they do to Bones.

  2. Omg I agree. There’s some cute stuff but tons of overly colorful kiddish stuff. But what really bugs me is the size of things. Why are so many things out of proportion? A lot of food items and table decor (candles, kitchen tools,…) look huge compare to everything else.

  3. This!! Oh my gosh I can easily get 5 stars and still have a majority of my island bare, you don’t need to have thousands of decorations everywhere

  4. Duplicate recipe's are bull and the argument of using them as gifts for villagers is even more bull. Once we get a recipe it shouldn't show up again in balloon presents or messages in a bottle.

  5. Or being able to exchange it on Harvey’s island for ones we don’t have - like 3 duplicates for 1 new recipe or something like that and maybe adding options to purchase additional recipes (with nook miles or bells)

  6. I refuse to offer sympathy to players who didn't know you can RUN. Like bro come on. You went two years without clicking the B button? Every time someone posts about it, so many people comment "OMG ME TOO I JUST WALKED EVERYWHERE." Who are these people? What else do they struggle with in life?

  7. I always check if I can run in a game, and it's usually the B button--or the B button is jump, which still might make me go faster if there's no run. Since I play a lot of Pokemon and BotW, I just automatically press B because I'm impatient and I want to get to where I'm going as fast as possible.

  8. People like that are probably new to videogames and only play casually. For a lot of games, the B button is run

  9. I’ve never played a video game in my life, like, ever. I grew up super conservative and sheltered and never even touched a controller. I got a Switch when my fiancé bought me one, with animal crossing, at 27. I didn’t know I could run for about 6 months until he showed me how to lol. I accept the shame!!

  10. I always knew I could run but as a veteran player it took a long time to unlearn walking everywhere (in old games if you ran the grass would turn into dirt)

  11. same, i wish terraforming had a "bird view" mode so that i wont need to click like a 100 times just to rebuild a part of the map

  12. the animation needs to be SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO much shorter. most animations in NH do honestly, half your time is spent waiting for slow, needless, flashy animations to stop playing

  13. coming from someone who played animal crossing SO MUCH as a kid growing up i agree and it’s one of the largest reasons i can’t play New Horizons like i played the others

  14. I miss Gracie so much with her funky tops and weird hats 😩 all of labels clothes are ugly and the same thing over and over

  15. ONG WHAT HAPPENED? in the last game(s) she sold mid-range luxury stuff and Gracie had all the fancy designs. There's literally NO fancy designs now, it's so weird.

  16. She's also an ungrateful snob and I feel bad for Mable and Sable who support her grift. Sister needs to start actually working since she has no design skills. It's Bern 2 years already. We see you Label!

  17. I only talked to her once. She had me put together an outfit I didn’t really have the items for then told me what a crap job I did. IGNORE 🤣

  18. Agreed. I once spent like a week trying to get 5 stars on my island, I had to just put random fencing, objects and trees around my island to the point that I couldn't walk around my island. I got rid of everything as soon as I got the golden can. Looked awful.

  19. The amount of items required to get 5 stars is too much and makes your island look cluttered. I only have 3 stars and have accepted it lol

  20. I wish CJ and Flick would just shut up, I want a short business transaction, not their life story. It's so annoying. That camel dude gets it. Buy his rugs, or don't. That's it. I don't even remember his name he's so quiet and I prefer it this way

  21. Exactly! I don't want to hear about Flick's creepy obsession with bugs or what CJ's followers have to say about fish. Just let me play another round in the Fishing Tourney, goddammit!

  22. Maybe you’re me. Maybe not, and I’m about to embarrass myself. It’s a risk I’m willing to take. I found out yesterday that hitting the B button fast forwards your conversations.

  23. It’s even more annoying when a word describing the aesthetic already exists but they think adding “core” makes it sound more original or edgy or something. Grunge-core is redundant. Grunge is already an aesthetic and has existed longer than most of the people overusing “core” as a suffix have been alive.

  24. When the first trailer dropped I was convinced they would. And that the wood carrying one holds more wood and the fish pouch holds more fish or something idk

  25. I just wish we could keep the tents, and even customize them, while still being able to use all the other game mechanics from later in the game. I just want to maintain that "wild, half deserted island" vibe, where the whole thing is just a couple of really stubborn villagers living in one big campground.

  26. I kind of agree with this. Maybe I don’t want to create a super developed island? Maybe I just want it to be a little nature island escaoe

  27. Oh my god I can’t stand not being able to move freely in a cluttered island. That’s why I have clear pathways leading to each part of my island so it’s easy to run.

  28. One of my friends has (had?) an island like that. It looked nice in screenshots, but was awful to actually play on. She hosted a party once and with 8 people on the island it was impossible to actually get anywhere.

  29. I once visited an island with so many items placed that it lagged when you walked. It was all just super high value stuff too. I wasn't even impressed, just disgusted.

  30. Haven’t played in a while but I was working on making my island look neat and have a specific, sort of rustic but cutesy vibe. My boyfriend got curious about playing so I thought sure, we can share an island. He decided he wanted a junkyard outside of his house, and built a shrine made of garbage for an anchovy (his favorite fish). I was FUMING.

  31. Yes! Occasionally when I’m bored and want a change up I visit the dreamworlds (or whatever the hell they’re called) for inspiration. Sometimes after like two minutes I’m over it bc of the clutter but can’t find my way back to the bed and my god do I just get pissed off at the tiny-ass walkways and cliff edge dead ends. Like GET ME BACK TO MAH BED!

  32. Judy is an item to me, I'm sorry but there's something about her design that makes it look like she's just a decoration. She looks..lifeless.

  33. Tbh I fell in love with her, I wasnt the type to hunt for the popular ones but I found Judy once and thought I should take her and she is so adorable like she is the one to sing the most out of my villagers and I find her expressions to be so lively.

  34. terraforming stresses me out so much. i love decorating my house, but having to do the entire island is stressful to me, especially with how expensive it is to move buildings!

  35. There’s far too much talking. From everyone. After a month or so of each game being out I just glaze over all text completely and spam button mash through it all as fast as possible.

  36. There absolutely is too much talking, but not because of the quantity. It's because it's the same damn lines every time.

  37. I wouldn't mind the dialouge if more of it was unique, but just after a few days of playing the game I was already getting repeated dialouge from my villagers. It wasn't happening extremily often but it was enough to break the magic of living on an island with friends.

  38. People don't really understand what an unpopular opinion is tbh 😭 half the comments are about not liking very decorated islands or not liking the slow pace of the game.

  39. Happens with every unpopular opinion thread just because of the way Reddit functions. Still fun to read through though

  40. It's stupid that you can terraform your island, but you can't plant trees next to water, can't have bridges cross raised areas, limited bridges and ramps, can't hang decorations on cliffsides, and worst of all... why can you make diagonal rivers and build fences but the fences don't connect diagonally. And why can't we terraform the beach line.

  41. I wish flowers died. If you don't take care of them they eventually take over your island. I know you don't have to have any but I want some I just don't want them to be everywhere or nowhere

  42. Don't forget that talking to the villagers is now borderline pointless. Their personality is much less interesting, only having one menu option is less interesting, and they rarely give you something interesting.

  43. I think the pressure to rush through the game, finish your museum, unlock all the buildings, and have a perfectly terraformed and decorated island defeats the purpose of the game. It’s supposed to be slow and it’s supposed to last you a long time. The insane internet pressure to have a perfect island is why people burnt out on the game and why interest rates got nerfed. It’s frustrating.

  44. Slow would be fine if the gameplay had enough depth to support that. The decorating depth is solid, but the rest is all lacking to be able to sustain long term gameplay. If more effort had been put into villagers, story/plot, interactions with decorations, etc. then I don’t think there’d be nearly so much pressure on the decorating.

  45. I agree! I loved NL and just got a switch and NH a month ago. I play every day and am not burnt out (yet) but I also try so hard to not spoil anything that’s coming up. So far I’ve done a pretty good job so when something happens that’s new it’s still exciting! But I can’t imagine being able to take it slow like that when the game first blew up in 2020. It’s also kinda hard because it is tempting to watch NH themed videos and browse this subreddit but it definitely has kept it more entertaining.

  46. ACPocketCamp is a Scam. I play everyday and it has become, very noticeably, a money trap to take advantage of AC fans. If they would update the coin items or offer more coin options I wouldn’t have this opinion, but about 1.5 years ago they made every new item 150 Leaf Tickets or more.

  47. Animal Crossing NH online sucks; especially for a game made in 2020. We shouldn’t have to go through the whole loading process and grand entrances/exits every single time a person comes and goes from your island…it’s ridiculous.

  48. And the fucking loading screen with the plain when some rando from the other side of the world comes over. I care if it's my best friend coming to my island, I don't care Llink407 from Smoke420 island comes to MeLliSsA's island Sunflower<3 dressed in a baby outfit with a Pepe the frog t-shirt just let me get to the Nook store!!! Aaaaaaaah

  49. Saaame. Also the whole "-core" thing is nonsensical. Just say what theme you're going for. Not everything has to have -cote at the end.

  50. everyone’s aesthetics are valid if you want your island to look a certain way go ahead have fun. Me personally my island looks like shit because i got adhd and i can not hyper focus on my island.

  51. Don't think I have adhd but I also can't focus on planning out and designing an entire island. Personally the way I decorate my island is to just not design it until I think of an idea for an area whilst walking past it in-game or something, and then right then and there I decorate only that area and then move on with the game. Sometimes I would just put one furniture item down if I feel like it and call it a day too. It might be slow, but at least you get the satisfaction of watching your island gradually not look like shit anymore.

  52. You know that new thing where villagers will randomly ask you if they can visit your house or will just knock on your door and visit while you're there? I 100% HATE this gameplay mechanic, and I hope the people responsible for this and anyone who likes and/or asked for this step on Legos the next time they are barefoot.

  53. I second this. I am only in my house when I need to do some shit but iT wOuLd bE rUdE tO dECorAtE wHiLe yOu hAvE cOmPaNy THAT I DIDN’T INVITE

  54. Sea bass are far too common when fishing to the point where I actually hate having to fish in game because it takes forever to get something that isn't a sea bass. I'm glad we get to cook them now.

  55. There's basically no reason to talk to the animals anymore. Making the entire island feel a lot more lifeless than older games.

  56. Yeah as an adult with a job and responsibilities, I feel zero shame about time traveling to “make up” for days I couldn’t spend playing due to work, errands, chores, etc.

  57. The "time traveling is bad" comes from older games where it had consequences. You would get weeds for days, it would drop friendship rates, and people would just disappear if you hopped to many days in a row. Not to mention Resetti speech if you didn't save.

  58. Right? I don’t personally time travel myself but I don’t know why people get so upset over it. Just let everyone play how they want!

  59. Right! I don’t get how people can play the game day by day. It takes way too long, I gotta time travel. Props to the people who can wait though!

  60. Uchi is the best villager type. I'm not sure if this is actually an unpopular opinion but I've seen people say lately they think uchis are annoying :(

  61. Sorry but I hate going to people’s islands and every square inch is filled with something or a custom design and my switch implodes because of it I’m sure it’s very pretty but not practical!🥲

  62. I hate changing my villager's catchphrase even if it isn't the best. Because then you have to deal with everyone and their mother adopting it--and yes, I know you can go to Isabelle, but still. Plus, it just takes away their originality.

  63. i can remember absolutely no songs or what time they were in NH. i could probably recite the 10 am theme, the 5 pm theme, and the 11 pm theme from New Leaf. New Leafs soundtrack will 100% always be better than NH

  64. Personally, I think obsessing over these characters is kinda strange. "Stitches said the cutest thing ever, I love him!" There's over 50 villagers that say the exact same thing. "Look, Raymond is singing!" With a voice identical to over 130 other villagers. Your favourite character is your favourite purely based on looks or sentimental value

  65. I guess I find the cuteness on Julian singing because he was the first villager in NH I saw singing and I found it incredibly adorable but after a bit yes with the others the charm is gone

  66. I truly hate that design "trend" where people place a bridge on land just for decoration. Like it's only waterscaped right underneath the bridge. Girl that's a bridge to nowhere it looks fucking dumb!

  67. Big big same here. I thought it looked cute in a YouTube video and tried to replicate it, failed, realized how dumb it was in concept and promptly destroyed it

  68. The series will never meaningfully advance from this point until they add interactivity to way, WAY more items. If I have a ping pong table, I should be able to play a little ping pong mini game with a friend or a villager. Stuff like that.

  69. Yeah. So many of the items can't be interacted with. Hell, even the original game gave you nes mini games. There should be mini games in this one.

  70. A few of the things that the paradise island DLC has could’ve or should be been in the main game.

  71. People who get upset or superior over other people not liking ugly villagers are weird. As if it’s shallow to value aesthetic in a game based around aesthetics.

  72. Daisy Mae is disgusting. I hate her snot dripping snout. Her grandma was a geniously good "woman" but her granddaughter... We never heard about her parents, so to me she is a literal snot-dripping brat that just gets abandoned on several islands a week.

  73. THANK YOU! She could have been so cute, but that stupid snot bubble makes me viscerally disgusted. It’s horrid.

  74. I saw her at Brewsters on a Sunday. She didn’t have her hat on but her snot bubble like dripping onto the bar ruined my relaxing coffee. It’s gross!

  75. Back then, saying that tools shouldn't break or there should be an unbreakable tier was a downvote-able opinion.

  76. even the gold tools aren’t unbreakable. i would’ve enjoyed digging up flowers way more if i didn’t have to buy 5 shovels and spend an hour digging up flowers, selling them, breaking shovels, and buying/crafting more shovels

  77. There are only 8 villagers (personalities) in the game, and your favorite villagers is super unoriginal and not unique in any way, especially if they’re in the top 20 most sought out villagers.

  78. I don't like how the devs changed the entire premise of the game. It always used to be about making friends, unlocking shop upgrades, discovering ways to make money, etc. ACNL even had a minigame island with unique plants, bugs, and furniture. It's like they scrapped all of that and made it a game that is purely about decorating and designing. If my island isn't fully covered in paths and decorations, I feel like I'm playing the game wrong - because there's not much else to do in the game. Even the villagers feel more like living pieces of furniture than our friends/neighbors. I get that this style of game appeals to more people, AC is huge now and a lot of players say that ACNH was their first Animal Crossing game, but it's a completely different game from what I grew up with.

  79. There are a ton of cats in Animal Crossing that look basic/lack a theme, case in point: Lolly, Rosie, Oliva, Bob, Felicity, just to name a few. In fact i'd argue that Raymond looks more original than the characters I mentioned since he has the theming of a businessman. That's not to say that the villagers I mentioned above are bad, in fact some of them are my favorites of all time, I just don't understand when people complain about Raymond being generic while praising even more generic cat villagers to hell.

  80. I really don’t like being able to customize literally every single aspect of your island. I miss the older ones where it had more of a set layout.

  81. Being able to only buy "bulk" purchases of 5 is way too little. Let me choose how many I want like when I buy turnips. And while we're at it, customization tools purchasing is so slow and expensive that I'd rather just make a trip to Harv's island to customize everything.

  82. It was just a meme for some reason back in new leaf days. Then when new horizons came out it wasn’t included so people were bummed. Then people got happy when they brought it back. Not that serious.

  83. People remember New Leaf wrong. (This ended up longer than I thought. I promise I’m not slamming New Leaf, bear with me).

  84. I think people are too whiny about ACNH villagers, I don't get "repeated dialogue" as often as people tend to say, in fact, villager dialogue gets less repetitive once you raise your friendship with them, at least that's what happened in my experience (I have two smugs and two crankies so I KNOW what I'm talking about). And no kids, just because in older AC games they verbally abuse you it doesn't mean they have "personality", they're just being assholes.

  85. I feel like this too. I have three Peppies - Flora, Tangy, and Cookie - and two Smugs - Cephalobot and Leopold - and they feel different to me. Even though all three Peppies keep telling me they play hide-and-seek by themselves. Like yeah, to a certain point they all do the same thing as others of their type, but I'd much rather have Gala on my island than Kiki or Gladys.

  86. Yeah. I loved the GameCube game but I don’t want every villager to be mean and passive aggressive again. That wasn’t fun.

  87. I don't hate any of the villages at all. And if it was possible, I'd have every single villager on my island

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