Make Yourself Presentable, Camila, Acrylic Painting on Canvas, 2022

  1. I’m pretty sure OP is not the artist, but yes I love her work and was happy to see it on my feed! She has a whole series about her 2020 experience and it’s very powerful

  2. Wow this is so incredibly powerful. I never have reactions to art like this but I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut! It’s so jarring. It almost makes me feel guilty, or small. I wish I was more articulate so I could convey what I’m feeling better lol but just wow!

  3. Oh hey again!! I met you briefly at VASE a few months ago, but I know a bunch of other people recognized you too. Glad to see some new stuff!

  4. wow, i thought this was a half decent photography editing job, but it’s insane that this is a painting! great work

  5. Just seeing a lot of comments which think this is op’s work but they aren’t the original artist as stated in the title and so shouldn’t be addressed and complimented as though they made it

  6. This is incredible. Completely random question, do make up people actually grab the face like that? Never seen that type of hand placement before so I was curious lol

  7. You are a genius incredible narrative driven self explanation. Self portraiture perfection. Thank you for posting this image, it brings pure enlightenment.

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