Which action do you think of the catalyst for Putin to start ending relations with the west?

  1. I think his Munich speech was a warning against militarization of Georgia. It was noticeable that Saakashvili is preparing country for taking back South Osetia by military means, and Russia was preparing for the war too.

  2. Розовые очки были разбиты после бомбардировок Белграда. Окончательно все стало понятно после начала Ирака/Ливии. Штаты всегда найдут дефицит демократии в странах богатых нефтью.

  3. Not Putin, the oligarchy. They realized that NATO would not accept Russia as an equal economic partner, as they did with Germany or Japan. Therefore, they are trying to protect their economic interests. You listed the reasons why they only became convinced with that conclusion every year.

  4. It is a chain of events, but the US withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty in 2002 was a huge turning point, probably more important than Iraq, even though both happened almost at the same time.

  5. Putin did not start to end this relationship - the West did. Russia is still open to trade with Europe, etc. Actually, the people in power in Russia just want to be an equal part of the modern world economic system, but since that means giving up your political and economic sovereignty and being a puppet of the US, that is not an option for Putin.

  6. that is absolutely bullshit. If Russia played it's cards right, after the fall of USSR, they could've easily surpassed germany in GDP(total and per capita). They likely wouldn't be the scale of the US(as if they are now) but they would be several folds greater, in terms of economical and political power, than they are now. They would be what germany is now in europe, just greater.

  7. For the last time The West ended relationships with Russian not the other way around. If you want right answers to your question then ask the right question.

  8. Personally he never did and never will, the west always welcomes him in its best clinics. Publicly some day he understood that G7 which are all clear democratic states will never accept an autocratic country as equal. He wanted Russia to be a respectful member with him as its eternal also respectful leader. That could not have happened,

  9. Maybe just maybe, don’t kill opponents in foreign countries, don’t oppress lgbtq, fight oligarchy, allow for just and fair elections, don’t invade sovereign countries without even calling upon UNSC. But nah, it is the west😂

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