Am I ugly or was this just a bad night?

  1. I learned long ago not to expect anything from a night out; I try my best to just be happy to be out, see friends, have a dance and if I meet someone great but if not that’s ok too

  2. No actually. Just tried to find guys who were my age and when that ran out, which there weren’t many, I went to older guys. Most of everyone there was hot so i guess i can say i did, lol

  3. It takes two to tango and you aren’t entitled to any attention or sexual gratification from anyone. Maybe you weren’t their type. People are allowed to not be interested. The night wasn’t a bust, you had some nice conversations with people. Maybe consider being open to making friends and having fun another way and not just trying to hook up. Nothing wrong with the (probably very young) people hooking up there but it shouldn’t ruin your night if people don’t happen to be interested.

  4. Maybe it was just a bad night, those happen too. Just a small piece of advice: in the future, try to enjoy your own company, even when going out to a club, and let yourself be chased by other men for a change. You might be surprised.

  5. Try not to get into the habit of only going to clubs to hookup with someone. Go to enjoy yourself with your friends or even by yourself. Sometimes u might feel like your the sexiest guy ever and others you might feel ugly af. The key is to fuck it and keep partying. Nothing more sexier then confidence.

  6. Me first time at 18 going I wore my camo hoodie abs boo one talked to me. Since I’ve went plenty of times and no one talked to me and the ones I approached didn’t want to talk do the fact they talked back other than an ew is a good sign for you. Takes time sometimes to greet guys at the club you feel interested it feels. Ended up making friends and hanging with the drag queens faster than a guy from the club. You are not ugly. Guys at the club can just be picky at times. Keep trying and remember to enjoy itself at the club first.

  7. Yes, your expectations were too high. You talked to a few guys and usually thats enough for most men. If your intent was to bring someone home then you may have misread the room. For the gays sex is thought to be quick and easy- apps, sex clubs, spas, parks and bookstores. So the club or bar is usually a place to have genuine fun. Whats hard is having a convo with a guy IRL which you've succeed at multiple times in one night

  8. Yeah honestly I wasn’t expecting sex at all. So am I upset? After reflection, not really. But I still am surprised at the lack of guys approaching me. But hey, I didn’t think it was that bad, and walking up to and talking to guys is actually pretty easy for me.

  9. Post a pic its easier to tell if u r ugly if can see and not just judge it on how your night went via a second hand story.

  10. You sound like an attention whore, if they don’t want you it’s cool just drink and dance gays are already cliquey af and 9/10 the ones making out with people already planned to meet there

  11. I don't think this comment should be downvoted tbh. I was going to mention that I notice a lot of people at bars are there with friends are are there to hang out with said friends so they're not particularly looking to meet new people. It's not a good or a bad thing, it's just the playing field.

  12. Put yourself on r / gay rate me if you genuinely want to find out if other people find you attractive. Not trying to be an asshole to you, I'm just trying to relax some of your fears. You likely are not ugly and you're probably very handsome.

  13. Good for you for approaching people and talking to them. If you can do that you’ve already won the battle. Look to make friends even if hookups don’t happen immediately. A lot of the hookups happen after the bar closes anyway.

  14. You might just not have met the right guy that night or you might not have been as direct as you might have been about taking your conversations where you wanted to take them.

  15. I've had nights where lots of men are into me, followed by nights where there's no men interested, followed by more nights where lots of me are into me. I've learned not to take it personally.

  16. FWIW, you don't know the circumstances of the other guys you saw. The ones making out with each might have known each other - boyfriends, fuckbuddies, friends, etc. They also might be regulars who have seen each other at the club a bunch of times and gotten comfortable with each other.

  17. it's a bit soon after the last peak of this pandemic for in person chatting leading to in person hookups. One thing at a time...

  18. I’m actually going to have to disagree with you on that. From what I saw, there were people very close together, kissing and talking. People at these clubs are definitely over the peak of the pandemic.

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