Why is it so hard to find a public restroom around LA?

  1. I am used to paying the fast food tax to enter one at fast food restaurants. Getting something cheap just to get to use one.

  2. I used MoviePass back in 2017 to get a ticket to a movie just so I could use the restroom once when I was stranded in DTLA.

  3. I remember having that, canceling it, and then reading an article about how broken it was and then regretting canceling it.

  4. I live in a massive complex that has nice restrooms right inside the entrance. I’ve offered the ride driver if they wanted to use it several times when they’ve dropped us off. There are zero public restrooms anywhere near us. I stopped offering because they always looked like I was trying to offer something sketchy. There’s even 10 minute parking spots in front and a place to fill your water bottle.

  5. Because of homeless population. People do drugs there, leave it trashed (poop, pee everywhere). Guess who has to clean it?

  6. 💯 this! Mostly with fast food and gas station restrooms. They do everything in there. Bathe. Shoot up. Sex.. Your best bet is a grocery store or coffee shop.

  7. In San Francisco they have attendants that wait outside some of the public restrooms to keep tabs and clean up if needed. I believe a few of the public bathrooms are supposedly self cleaning as well.

  8. Because they get gnarly unfortunately. If you look nice and just ask someone will usually just let you go at whatever restaurant though

  9. Do you know any city where it's easier? My understanding is that most US cities eliminated most of their public restrooms at some point in the last few decades, because they had no funding to keep them clean. They last more in Europe, where there's usually a 50 cent fee to go in (which enables/requires them to station an attendant, whose presence deters some of the worst behavior).

  10. Get out of your area bubble. Plenty of cities right outside of LA it's not hard to find public restrooms, Bakersfield for one.

  11. Because of the homeless and drug use. Just like the old adage “one bad apple ruins the bunch” private business are fed up with their bathrooms being hammered and cities find it easier to close problem restrooms. Long Beach put spikes on handles and welded bathroom doors shut near a homeless encampment.

  12. Unfortunately they’re often destroyed or become very filthy, very fast. If certain conditions arent met the janitors will quit, so they make them harder to access to have someone actually willingly to do the (literal) dirty work.

  13. Try finding one anywhere in NYC… almost pissed myself once and had to buy some egg rolls in Chinatown to use one.

  14. lmao so when I moved from LA to NYC a few years ago for work, I went to a curry place with my team on my first day for our introductory lunch outing. Not to be outdone by some of my new coworkers, I ordered some really fucking spicy curry.

  15. Happened to me in NYC last week, I walked into a nice looking bar and asked the host and even offered to buy a drink but he let me just go to the back

  16. Homelessness is a big issue as you know so they end up going in there to take a bird shower or in other cases even do drugs. The other day I was at Starbucks and needed to use the restroom and it was only one restroom and someone was in there for who knows how long before I got there cause there was already a lady with her daughter waiting for the restroom and 20 min later still waiting with a line of like 5 people and we were all getting frustrated. I had been waiting for 30 min and just gave up and walked out cause that person was still locked up in there

  17. Because Angelenos can’t keep them clean and safe. I was in Newport Beach this weekend and the public restrooms on the beach are not only open, they’re clean and orderly, have hand soap and running water. No A-holes anywhere ruining it for everyone.

  18. Downtown LA is easy to find a toilet. LA live parking garage, target, the bloc, central library, grand park, union Station, cornfields, other libraries, coffee shops, fast food places. Once I used the green self clean stall outside Pershing Square Station,

  19. So true. I took an amtrak out of union station once a month or so ago. The problem camping in the fucking bathrooms there was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in LA. some guy was basically sitting naked on a toilet, door open, drifting in and out of consciousness at 7am

  20. I used to work at sears in highschool and people would come in and destroy the bathrooms. Nobody wanted to clean it or even go inside so we'd have to close them.

  21. Starbucks, hotel lobbys (walk in like you know where you are going), mall bathrooms, big department stores

  22. Born and raised in LA, currently live in NYC, here's my secret for both: if you go to a gym, pay a little extra for the "all access" version. Then voila, there are freshly-cleaned bathrooms waiting for you all around the city.

  23. Lol i just saw this the other day. Guy walks in to order something from counter that he knew wasn’t on the menu like taquitos then said “oh you don’t have them? Ok well I gotta use the restroom really quick and then I’ll come back and decide”. He just bailed and doubt fast food chain workers give enough of a damn to keep track of him

  24. Vandalism and upkeep of the public toilet make them prohibitedly expensive for the government to maintain. Other places have more access to public restrooms in part because people respect them like a private restroom, and/or the system in place to maintain them is more robust and less likely to be inoperable. I imagine for LA because the city and county government refuses to address the homelessness crisis like NYC or European countries do, things like a public toilet are de facto non-existent.

  25. Not aware that NYC was actually "addressing it" - just a lot of rhetorical smoke and mirrors from our showboating mayor (to be fair somewhat more competent than the previous disastrous one).

  26. This is why I carry a diabetic urine bottle in my car. I take some meds that make me need to go sometimes up to twice an hour and my job entails driving around south LA where there aren’t bathrooms much either. Doesn’t help with #2, but at least I can take a piss

  27. LA as a city absolutely abhors providing public space to the commons. Now with the homeless population, it is less likely more will be built. Plus, we don't even pay enough to our poor janitors that have to clean up the nasty shit our residents produce, maintenance means money.

  28. Most businesses like fast food joints and coffee shops will let you use the restroom if you look like a normal person.

  29. junkies and homeless people trashing bathrooms. Also in high foot-traffic areas it can be a nuisance for business owners to let every single person who needed to pee to the bathroom.

  30. You have to ask? It’s the homeless population. People are tired of having to kick homeless folks that camp out in restrooms and destroy them.

  31. You can find one in many restaurants, grocery stores, fast food, retail... Personally I don't want to use public restrooms... have you seen the public lately?

  32. In regards to businesses. It's annoying when people come in just to use the restroom. Like one person asks and then bring in a clown car of people. Employees shouldn't have to become restroom attendants for the public.

  33. There was a Reddit TIL a few months back about some kid that started a nationwide campaign to get rid of pay toilets, and everyone on Reddit loved that kid. Unfortunately, the end result was the end of public toilets. Europe still has public toilets because they are pay toilets.

  34. Because vandalism, poorly behaved humans, and unhoused populations turn these into giant money pits for the city to clean up daily.

  35. For numerous reasons, LA doesn’t have a lot of public infrastructure. The things that are public here would seem more privatized if they were operated/placed in other American cities.

  36. There was a time one of the hotels near a Los Angeles metro station tried to keep their bathrooms public. It ended up costing them 10k or more a month due to damage and supplies being taken.

  37. It depends on where you are in LA. A lot of Korean businesses in Koreatown provide public restrooms. The last time I heard from a Korean source, Koreans see committing vandalism IN THE BATHROOM is literally the lowest of the lowest acts, so low that it’s not even in their book, not even worth to mention to warn.

  38. They were used for sex, drugs and filthy. They had to be closed. George Michael got busted at the BH one. Venice Beach ones had to be torn down. Santa Monica has gotten inventive with the single doors to stop the sex....

  39. Obviously meant to keep out the homeless. It's the same situation in virtually every US big city I've ever been in or even just read about.

  40. I used to live in LA but recently moved to OC. I was in Venice last week for the day and had to use the bathroom - BADLY. The coffee shop I had breakfast in had no bathroom, the Starbucks had no bathroom and I had to use the disgusting public restroom on the beach. There were no lights after you closed the door and the stall was totally dark; there was urine and sand on the floor and the roof looks like it's rusted over with disgusting graffiti all over it. It was so disgusting I didn't even want to breathe, let alone touch anything while I was inside.

  41. If you haven’t lived or been in LA or generally anywhere that has a restroom. You’ll see why. It’s not difficult to understand.

  42. You have the homeless population and/or drug addicts, and inconsiderate a-holes to thank for why public restrooms are non existent

  43. Hotel Lobbies and gas stations should have you covered pretty much anywhere you are. Restaurants and coffee shops next on the list. Honestly, now that you’ve said it, I’m having a much harder time thinking of where I couldn’t find a bathroom than where I could.

  44. We had a public bathroom at a high end store in a nice area I worked at. In the 6 years I was there, we had to bring in specialty remodelers three times, because people stuffed the toilets with paper towels. This caused flooding so bad, the walls had to be removed, and machines brought in to dry the wood. It cost us thousands each time.

  45. Basically we’ve made been gradually making all public areas unpleasant and unlivable due to our hatred of the homeless. It’s also why there’s so few places to sit.

  46. Of course for standalone public restrooms that would be it. But there's plenty in gas stations, some grocery stores, fast food, coffee shops, restaurants etc. I mean it would be really difficult to not find one actually.

  47. To criminalize homelessness. Oh you don’t have anywhere to use the restroom? How about becoming a sex offender for doing it outside!

  48. Find a Ralphs? I usually go up hiking to Runyon, where I always end up needing to pee on the way down from all the water; there're no porta-potties so I go a few blocks down on Fuller to Sunset where there's a Ralphs, I go in, pee, then buy lunch/dinner.

  49. Yeah but what if it's late at night and all the grocery stores are closed? It's so hard to find a place to poop when you're driving across central LA at night.

  50. They have millions of tourists coming from all over the world and cant even maintain clean bathroom in beach and park areas. That is not a Civilized country.

  51. Just traveled through many cities in Western Europe (Paris and Brussels, Amsterdam etc) they have pay gates (usually around €1 contactless or cash) at the restrooms in the train stations and tourist attraction areas. I guess that’s one way to make it work.

  52. Not to mention a more civilized, public-spirited and law-abiding population than we have here in these United States.

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