I have a burning plastic smell coming from thr front of my truck. just started to happen yesterday. at first I thought maybe the breaks or rotors but I had a tech take a look and appears to be in good condition. Is this a piece of plastic? hard to the touch but you can see drip mark?

  1. I got a plastic grocery bag caught in my Y-pipe driving down the expressway one time I didn't notice it stuck till many, many miles down the road and it made one hell of a stinky oily mess... More black and tar like tham want you have there, but a possibility I think. Knowing what I know now, I swerve harder for bags than I do full grown deer... Lol

  2. My son (firefighter) and his 2 buddies (firefighters) borrowed my suburban and boat. On the way back from the lake they smelled burning. Stopped. Couldn’t figure it out, brought the boat extinguisher in the truck “just in case”. I found the plastic bag wrapped around the exhaust.

  3. Plastic bag, my man. I had one get stuck to my muffler and smelled burning plastic for like 2 weeks. It drove me insane lol. I couldn't even scrape the plastic off my muffler because it was completely burnt on there.

  4. Wire brush but if you use brake clean make sure it's not hot and dries all the way. If not you definitely will have a stronger plastic burning smell.....

  5. It is all dry above. I read that sometimes plastic bags can just get caught in the undercarriage. I'm thinking that's what is causing the smell. The truck is cooled down so now it's hard as a rock but smooth.

  6. I had a plastic bag blow onto my hot exhaust system while I was parked. It basically sucked itself onto the pipe as it melted. I had no way to remove it, but figured it would burn off eventually. Wrong, I still smelled it months later! I would recommend removing it; people are making suggestions on how in the comments.

  7. At least it was your exhaust and not your pinion seal. I had a bag get snagged and rip the pinion seal right out of the rear end housing about 20 years ago

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