What’s your hobby?

  1. Kayak fishing. I go 3-4 times a week this time of year when there's enough daylight to go out for a few hours after work. Sometimes I go spend all day on the river on the weekends.

  2. Swimming (try to keep with with the younger ones and still showing the "wanna be speed" oldies who's boss) and working on my book

  3. Work out, gaming, movies/séries, cooking, seeing friends, listening to music, learning about the world if that makes sense.

  4. Reading, BJJ, video games, shooting, gun collecting, weight lifting, and I'm in the process of preparing for SCUBA diving certification.

  5. I like achievement hunting video games, playing instruments and generally listening to tons of music. Running and calisthenics, computers, collecting video games stuff, watching and rewatching movies and Tv shows and then watching YouTube essays breaking them down. The list goes on

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