I just learned last month was men's mental health awareness month. Why wasn't it mentioned anywhere?

  1. It's always marketing. Mental Health Awareness Month was also in May: companies and outlets we typically hear things from have already milked the mental health cow this year. So whoever decided to make Men's Mental Health Month RIGHT after the REGULAR month is kind of a knobhead.

  2. My comment and this. I am tired of having girl friends repost things about men's mental health because they are feminists and not giving a shit about any man closer to them.

  3. In a nutshell.....an individuals lifestyle preference is more important (profitable) than a males mental health awareness followed by proper treatment.

  4. Because people just make up months, weeks, days whatever when they need to virtue signal whether or not anyone actually wants to have a month or takes an interest in organizing something.

  5. I’m a man who’s been pretty brutally abused by two past partners. I’ll be honest I didn’t even know a men’s mental health awareness month even existed 😂 ah the irony

  6. I thought this was a setup to a joke about how the stereotypical male solution to mental health issues is not talking about it.

  7. I agree, no one cares. But “man up” is both the worst and the best advice we could receive. It’s bad because it mentally cements the fact that we are now marginalized in society, but it’s also the best because if no one is going to help you, you must help yourself. You have to dig in and keep pushing, no matter your circumstances. Your life’s outcome can be greatly influenced by whether or not you see yourself as a victim, or a fighter.

  8. who gives a shit what month it is, if you're having mental health problems you should probably make addressing those a year round activity

  9. Cause it’s Pride month which people tend to care way more about. Not to say pride isn’t important but it really is no contest when compared to mens mental health

  10. Easy. The world doesn't care about men. We are expendable. We are only as good as what they can get from us. They don't care.

  11. Beyond our mental health, I think awareness months are quite needless like new year's resolutions. You can make a resolution any time of the year and organizations can "create awareness" any time of the year. It's really all about the money and marketing abilities with these months.

  12. I agree. At least large corporations are honest about the fact they don’t really care about it. I’d rather that than having them pretend they care so they can make a profit like they do with pride month.

  13. Because it’s made up? It bounced between June, November, between a week and a month, between days. It’s completely arbitrary.

  14. Because of commercialism. It’s easier to sell a bunch of colorful rainbow themed merch than it is stuff that’s says “mens mental health awareness month”

  15. I actually looked this up because we did a library book display for Men’s Mental Health month back in November at my job. From what I can see, June is broadly “Men’s Health Month,” and November is “Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month.” Sources vary though. I’ve heard of Men’s Mental Health Awareness day being on November 19th as well. I’m in Pennsylvania, if that makes a difference.

  16. Mem don't talk about our medical issues... until we re old if we make it and when we do its to see if we can one up each other

  17. Because, just like men's mental health in general, most of the world overlooks it entirely or believe it's not worth talking about.

  18. Pride month as has been said. Though in Australia we have Movember in November to highlight men's health, generally in the cancer fields but i think Beyond Blue are in there with it too which is a men's mental health servicein Australia.

  19. Woman here- what would you have wanted to happen this June? I usually only see health awareness (in general) in a medical setting. November gets a bigger stir for men’s health issues online, I think.

  20. Because everyday is men’s and women’s mental health awareness day. It shouldn’t have to be televised, spoken into the air, for it to be recognized. Us people are out here struggling and that’s okay.

  21. Because no one cares which is one of the reason why it’s in June so they can easily just gloss it over by saying it’s pride month. Any attempt to talk about men’s mental health is largely shut down saying you’re a bigot for not supporting the pride community during their month.

  22. Ppl don't give 2 shits about men's mental health and "apparently" pride month is more important. As a gay person, I don't think we need an entire month, just a week or 2 would be fine.

  23. Because it was pride month and provides further confirmation that no ones cares about cis males.

  24. Well May is mental illness awareness month and I guess I pay more attention to that. I always forget there is a men's mental health awareness. It's okay though. We don't need a parade or anything...😏

  25. Because people dont usually care about men. They think that men shouldn't express things, so why should It be celebrated?

  26. I definitely saw a few posts about it. Not a lot, but it still was mentioned here. There's a lot of shit brewing in the world, not much time for month long appreciations right now. Most of the posts here are youngsters trying to figure out the dating world because it's their top priority.

  27. Because it’s not. There’s some conservative group who did that to concern troll and try to pick fights with pride month.

  28. How long has Men's Mental Health Awareness month been going on? Pride has been a struggle for 50 years, and only in the past 20ish years has it been mainstream. Now it's appropriated by international banks and arms manufacturers to show how cool they are.

  29. Because nobody cares about men or our mental health. At best, society at large is just apathetic about men. More likely however feminists see any allocation of resources towards men as being fundamentally against their project. I’ll go further. Feminists, and other people who hate men want us to have mental illness, so that we act out, and that can be used as a justification for further power transfer from men to women. They want men to be violent so that can dehumanize us.

  30. Oh I know that men take the gold when it comes to suicide rates, and I know that there always was more of an emphasis on females and mental health.

  31. The same reason a man's G-spot and Andropause are not mentioned. It would be too offensive. Most men don't even know where their G-spot is either, and they often find out about Andropause AFTER it already started.

  32. Because everyone is too focused on pride month that they forget that men have feelings too and that no one cares or to do something about it and so they say for men to man up so they wouldn’t have to deal with it.

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