Brothers of Reddit, how would you prefer to die?

  1. My grandfather died coming back from his groceries, asleep on his chair with bottles of wine for the dinner he was planning with my brother and his girlfriend.

  2. Like his grandfather. Bonus points if they leave me in my final resting place to make one with the forest

  3. Before going, my grandpa was the classic sick old guy, every organ failing after the other and the classic "he's not gonna last for long" kind of case.

  4. Just like my mother, she was getting ready for church a thursday evening, felt a little tired, sat on a couch to "sleep" a few minutes and she died there.

  5. Mine worked until his last day in his 80s. Came home, ate dinner, watched the news, and died in his easy chair. No one even knew he was gone. Though he was napping.

  6. I'm sorry for your loss. But that does sound like the a good way to go. I love the outdoors I would prefer going to 1 of my favorite places and die there. Beats the hell out of laying in a hospital bed with needles and tubes stuck in you waiting to die for sure.

  7. Morbid. I know... but I'm a firefighter and I often dream of walking into a house, falling through a floor into a basement full of fire.

  8. I mean I guess after you’re dead all the pain you experienced in the process means nothing anymore, but me personally I’d prefer not to be boiled alive if I have a choice. The feeling of skin melting off my face doesn’t sound appealing I guess.

  9. As a former cop of 6 years.. I did, and often still do, dream of dying to save another or being ambushed. Having my throat slit or being shot in the throat is the common reoccurring dream.

  10. Succumbing to blood loss on a pile of my slain enemies having bought my loved ones time to escape. But realistically I'm gonna die pulling some dumbass hillbilly shit involving reckless behavior and alcohol.

  11. A heroic death is certainly the best way to go. Butchering your enemies with all weapons including tooth and claw like the Spartans at thermopylae

  12. This one is the most real way to go. - Yeah, there are a ton of funny ways mentioned but THIS is how I would want to go.

  13. Great quote but you got it slightly wrong. It's " In my own bed, at the age of 80, with a belly full of wine and a girl's mouth around my cock."

  14. Right? I had to put my little friend down. We sat outside, all her cancer doctors and nurses came out, said goodbye and after an hour or two, we let her go. I remember thinking, this is how I want to go out.

  15. If and how much it is painful, depends on how much of the pain we let ourselves feel, while we’re alive. The more we run from our pain ( accumulated through life) the more pain we will feel at the end.

  16. First contact. Humans finally discover an alien race. Turns out they're hostile. They're coming for our shit. Find a Gundam. Turns out I'm the only one on Earth who can pilot it. I'm fucking shit up. They call their giant mother ship in for a final attack. Our military useless. Cue epic orchestral score coming from....somewhere. Bruised and battered I fight my way through the labyrinth of seemingly infinite forces. Destroy the ships core. Massive explosion. Humanity saved. Scene.

  17. I’m a pilot My dream would be to slam my plane into the side of a barn, kind of like the guys from Secondhand Lions. Like just me and a buddy who are ready to go, and we’re just having a good time

  18. in a rocking chair on the porch of my ranch watching the sunset with a final glass of scotch in my hands knowing i’ll finally be joining my brothers in the afterlife along with knowing that my family is probably better off with me gone.

  19. There’s a lot of evidence that says people lose their fear of death after trying DMT because they feel connected to the universe or their idea of God.

  20. I seriously believe that once you reach 85+, there should be no repercussions for owning crazy amounts of fun drugs. 96 year old grandfather wants to go out feeling like he can smell colours and hear time? Fucking go for it

  21. Standing up to a gang pretending to pull a gun on them so that they shoot me. They end up going to jail and I save the neighborhood. My time was reaching its end anyways, but I went out on my own terms. That would make my day punk.

  22. My Dad did that. It turns out to be a race to see which system fails first, so you spend your last weeks/months or even years like a car that's falling apart. But I guess I just described aging.

  23. I'd rather not lay in a hospital bed with tubes shoved up every hole and my breath rattling for 4 hours before it stops. Not fun to watch, probably not fun to do. Morphine would be nice tho.

  24. Richard Pryor said it best about talking to a woman that his dad was having sex with when he passed. He told her he died in your pussy, if there were 2 lines waiting to get into heaven one for guys hit by a bus and the other dying while having sex, I am going to be in that long mother fucking line from dying while getting pussy.

  25. I believe when we're dead that's it, like a sleepless dream. So I'm hoping to live long enough to attain some kind of "immortality pill".

  26. Fatal aneurysm, whenever, wherever I mostly don't wanna die, but I relish the thought of existence just not being my problem anymore

  27. Driving off a huge cliff on a cool motorcycle, preferably with an explosion behind me or anything cool like that.

  28. Just vanish from the face of the Earth when it's time and everyone that cares about me loses memory of my existence.

  29. I have a certain sexual’s a fetish that could theoretically lead to me dying. I won’t get into it here. ButI’d like to live out that fetish and then die as a result of satisfying it...

  30. Carbon monoxide poisoning. You’re unconscious before you even notice anything’s happening, then you die in your sleep.

  31. If I get the honour to know, I’d go for a hike in some Irish mountains and lie down in a beautiful spot and let Life leave me.

  32. Like Vito Corleone: in my tomato garden, playing with my grandchildren, after a lifetime of achievement.

  33. If I had a choice, I would choose to inhale too much carbon dioxide. It is completely painless and it just feels like you are going to sleep.

  34. I'm terribly afraid of death and don't believe in any 'peaceful' death to be honest. Even dying in your sleep cannot be 'peaceful' in my opinion. You are fucking dying! Your brain will not go out without a fight or at least some crazy shit. And heart attacks or cardiac arrests seem fucking terrifying to me. If you ever had heart palpitations then you know how fucked up that feels. Can't imagine having my heart going crazy for a while before suddenly stopping, making you effectively suffocating in agony and fear. Maybe, if it really stops beating 100% out of nowhere, that you have a relatively short time to go unconscious. But then you maybe still have a nightmare while slowly dying?

  35. By stabbing a horn through the eye of Surtur before he wipes me out of existence with his flaming sword

  36. On my birthday. I'd prefer to be born and die on the same day. Not sure how. I'd like to be aware I was dying, instead of just dying in my sleep

  37. First of all, when I want to. And probably with a hose from the exhaust to the inside of the car or by euthanasia if it becomes less strict.

  38. DMT trip, then at the end a heroin overdose sitting on a beautiful quiet beach watching the sunset as I slip away. When I’m 90y/o and think my time has come ofc

  39. I've only ever had one dream where I die, I was somewhere around 45-55 years old, it's early into fall, there's a slight rain and I am being chased through the woods, only to be shot a single time. I bleed out looking up at the stars and rain, and I remember feeling contented.

  40. In a truck, driving through Sweden, something happens to it causing me to crash while doing something i love without hurting anyone else. Or be really old and sit by a lake and just peacefully slip away

  41. I want to die horribly and violently. I want to have a chance to fight for life, and only die because I was bested by what or whomever I was fighting. Then for my last words, I want to say... "FIND THE ALBINAURIC WOMAN"

  42. hopefully space travel becomes advanced enough in my lifetime or cryo becomes viable and if both things happens i want to die by launching myself into a black hole

  43. Act of valor style, jumping on that grenade to hopefully save someone else. That would be a hellish 3 seconds of adrenaline

  44. “When I die, I want to die like my grandfather who died peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car.”

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