what is something you wanted for too long but when you got it it was like "uhhh it's just ok"?

  1. That’s why I wanna do it. I made a lot of drops skydiving, and it is pure adrenaline, but after awhile it became a chore for me. Once the original thrill dropped off, it was so stressful dropping that the big part I liked was hanging in the air under the chute and just chillin a mile high. Someday I’m gonna get a paramotor and just enjoy flying low and slow.

  2. I did skydiving, falling towards the ground at a 100 mph is terrifying and downright unpleasant, parachuting down afterwards was wonderful.

  3. I remember a while back , and i am probably messing some details up, there was a viral video of this guy who made a sandwich, but like he grew or raised every part of the sandwich. Grew the lettuce and tomatoes, wheat for the bread. Raised a chicken, grew cucumbers and made his own Pickles. Anyways it took like a year and when he was done he made the sandwich and took a bite. After some chewing the camera guy asked him how it was and he said it tasted like a sandwich. Visible disappointment.

  4. You know, I just kinda hung out. I was... Oh man, Friday, I really wanted an egg salad sandwich and I was just obsessing about it and I was like, 'Man, I'm gonna make one of those.' So Saturday, I went out and got, like, a dozen eggs and then I boiled them all and I just, I spent, I dunno, probably three hours, like three and a half hours making, you know, the mayonnaise, and the onions and paprika and, you know, the necessary accoutrement. And then, by the time I was done, I didn't really feel like like eating it.

  5. I live in a mountain town and a lot of restaurants use produce/meat they raise themselves, and you 100% can taste the difference. Vegetables like lettuce and carrots have flavor and the meat has a much better texture, like you no longer feel all the fillers and gristle between your teeth as you chew. Everything feels much crisper as you bite down and when you e finished eating, you feel full in the “food is fuel for your body” sense and not full in a heavy or weighed down sense. Idk about that dude, but he probably just can’t cook that well.

  6. Most video games I buy. I get all hyped up by the marketing and then pay $60 for a game and I’m all…whatever. I’m way too susceptible to good marketing plans.

  7. The trick is to have great individual relationships with everyone in the group. Hang out with them one on one once in awhile as well (the ones you like) and then the big group dynamic is amazing.

  8. Sounds like a lot of work. I never understood people who cycle through “best friends” and friend groups like Kleenex. I’d be so emotionally exhausted all the time I wouldn’t have time to make a living.

  9. Big groups are just nice for specific activities. If all you ever do is big activities yeah it kind of blows but if it’s a mixture of small get together, 1 on 1 hanging out, and the occasional lets get everyone involved it’s nice to have the option to get her the bunch.

  10. In high school, I never had a big group that I was included in. I hung out with groups at school, and they liked me, but not enough to include me in stuff outside of school, I just hung out with a couple of my best friends one on one or with small groups. I wasnt lonely, but I wanted to be included more.

  11. The best answer here. When I was a teenager and even well into my early to mid 20s, I was always envious of those who had large circles, people to go out with and I was either stuck at home or paying for no good people to come out with me.

  12. Sounds like you just need to add hiking. Make it the activity to get to the place, and then flying the drone will feel more like a cherry on top.

  13. I think it is psychological that if you wait for something so long you will creat unrealistic expectations which will make the event “disappointing” when it finally happen, not just because it wasn’t good as it was but because it was real not just your imagination

  14. The unrealistic expectations conjured in the mind are probably what drive us to attain it too, otherwise we just wouldn’t bother. Not a bad human trait I suppose.

  15. I'm about to return a $700 digital drawing pad. 4 years of experience doing professional edits on existing artwork didn't quite carry over into creating original artwork like I thought it would. It's worth noting that I failed entry-level art class.

  16. The old deceptive impulse “If I only buy [expensive equipment] I can finally get serious at [thing that I lack experience and/or skill in]”.

  17. I did photo DI with a $5 mice (numerous) for 15 years. 2 years ago got a $120 mouse. It’s comfortable, I can do more fine movements, but I’ll say the $5 mouse serves purpose too.

  18. I've done professional edits on existing artwork and I often describe my role as a technician rather than an engineer. I may have the ability to tinker with an existing design, but to actually draw something from scratch requires another type of aptitude and ability.

  19. A girlfriend in college. In my case I ended up with a girl who I wasn't very compatible with but kinda enjoyed having the "role" of boyfriend for awhile. But eventually I realized it wasn't that fun if you weren't really in sync.

  20. Currently college aged and broke up with my ex a couple months back. Seriously reconsidering reaching out to her when i read this. Almost exactly what we had going on and i needed the reminder that incombatibility is a thing and isnt fun

  21. I had a fantasy as a teen for the longest time about having sex on a yoga ball (swiss ball, whatever the hell you want to call the huge rubber exercise balls) with my gf on top. The notion was that on the downstroke, the ball would compress and bounce upwards on impact to help the upstroke.

  22. Now I wanna try it.. how did you keep your balance in the first place? Or did you like lean against a wall or someth?

  23. They're nice but such a pain to clean. It actively dissuades me from using it because I don't want to spend 10 minutes cleaning all of my own jizz out of it using my bathroom sink and digging in there with my finger to get everything out of the texture crevices (which is just as unpleasant as it sounds). Then it takes a bajillon years to dry completely so you gotta leave it out for the world to see until it fully dries or else it'll get really moldy and nasty real quick.

  24. You think it'd be cool because it's like sticking your dick in a flashlight...then you get one and it's like sticking your dick in a flashlight

  25. Gonna have to disagree. I bought one (three actually because it was 75 for three back then. Back then was over a decade ago Jesus christ)as a virgin 16 year old and it changed my life. Like, damn. I was finally able to think about something other than sex for a few minutes

  26. To have a girlfriend that was the envy of everyone. She was vacuous and self absorbed. Aim for a beautiful spirit rather than looks. You’ll be a lot happier.

  27. The movies signal that sex is exciting by making it different from “normal,” and the obvious way to do that is make it happen somewhere other than a bed. But in real life, the reason people do it the “normal” way is because that’s more fun.

  28. I agree about the shower, but tried the pool for the first time within the past few years, and actually thought it was pretty fun! Being able to float/be “weightless” adds some interesting possibilities to the equation…

  29. I planned on doing a recipe for half a year because it wasn’t the season for one core ingredient. I was hype all those 6 months but once I got it it tasted…. Ok at best.

  30. I've been meaning to do an Asian dish and I couldn't find the ingredients for the longest time. Finally found it months later and I announced it to my family - they're all invited to try. Took me 5 hours and at the end I was like... This is neat. That's it. Just another dinner. I felt weird

  31. I once built an elaborate sit-down enclosed arcade driving cabinet for PC racing games. After only a few uses, much $$, and weeks of build time I decided that it was too big and cumbersome and dismantled it.

  32. I've been tempted for months to build a full size arcade machine for emulating old arcade games; but in the back of my mind I just know it's going to be the same. A big money and time black hole only to have me say in 4 months it takes up too much room after playing it 8 times.

  33. Small yard life is the best. Mowing is 20 minutes tops, and the small garden beds can be planted, manicured, watered, whatever very quickly.

  34. Have owned many homes some with HOA, now own 32 acres in a very rural area, landscaping is a never ending chore, however the privacy and peace of mind is well worth it. No neighbors from hell, no close neighbors at all really, turkeys and deer actually. Mind I am older, so my needs are few.

  35. This so much! I will add though that achieving financial security after growing up poor and paying my way through college, it is nice to not have panic attacks when in line to pay for groceries. Still struggle not to cry at Drs offices due to the fear of the cost, but I'm working on it.

  36. A powerful gaming PC. I finally got one, and it was wonderful at first. The problem is I don't have the time to play it. Just too much stuff to do in the day.

  37. I stopped using mine after 2 years and started using it as a regular PC. YouTube, Netflix etc etc. Spent $1500 building it 10 years ago. Still plays some modern games but on lowest settings.

  38. The thing about having a nice gaming PC is that if you ever have the time you at least have it. I try to set my downloads up so everything on every client is updated so when I do have time to squeeze in some gaming I don’t have to wait for downloads.

  39. Mr Frosty slushy maker. I desperately wanted it as a kid, yet my parents kept insisting I'd use it maybe twice then forget about it entirely.

  40. One night stands - boring, no play time, nothing to be excited of. If a goal is to get to the point, yeah I rather jack off and it's cheaper

  41. I had a one night stand Friday. The sex was terrible but I loved the intimacy. Making out and cuddling when drunk >> trying to get a condom on a semi hard dong and put it in a mostly dry vagina.

  42. Definitely a time, place and frequency thing. I think many guys especially will pursue ONS just to have a notch in their bed post, that's where you get ONS where you feel bored or gross after.

  43. You know, I knew that the good times I had doing silly stuff with friends as a teenager wouldn’t last forever. But I always thought it was going to be replaced with something more fulfilling and meaningful. Nowadays I never meet anyone new or do anything particularly interesting, I never have fun, and I pretty much just slog through each day mindlessly.

  44. A really fast, powerful car. It was incredible for about 4-6 months. Not worth the monthly payment after that.

  45. Been there. Especially if she's an influencer / instagram model. Can't believe I wasted so much of my time.

  46. I think that when you are extremely attractive you never have to work hard to prove anything to anyone. People just automatically like you. I think the same goes for extremely attractive men.

  47. Facts, I know they're out there, you have tons of famous women who are extremely attractive and have a belter of a personality/really intelligent, I am sure there's millions of them, but I've yet to meet a 9-10/10 that isn't just utterly one dimensional IRL.

  48. Sorry to hear that, from my point of view the older I get, life gets better and better. You meet more mature and quality people, you have money to do everything you want to, etc.

  49. There was definitely a peak. Like a perfect balance of knowledge, ignorance, youth, age, fear, bravery. Not sure what age I was. I only noticed it after it passed me by, as I was going down the hill.

  50. Same here. Except it wasn’t her fault, it was her parents. I was in college and barely scraping by and they wanted me to drive 2 states to see her, take her out to eat, sleep on their couch(which was one of the pull apart ones that everyone hates) and also would make me and her sit and watch her younger siblings while they go out to eat or something. Eventually I realized I couldn’t let those random people control my life so much so i told her we needed to talk to them about it but they ended up calling me an atheist and having no class bc I wouldn’t go to church plus i was a flatbed driver so my clothes would be dirty sometimes

  51. I wanted to go to Disney World so bad when I was a kid because everyone said it was the pinnacle of fun. We went and I barely remember any of it. Like yeah, roller coasters are fun but it wasn't magical like in the commercials. Not one of my best memories is from that place. The most memorable thing was the parrots at our hotel (not a Disney hotel).

  52. I'm stealing your answer then. I got to go to Disney because the Make-A-Wish foundation, and even with glamor they added to the experience with the fastpass, extra spending money, and the limo to and from the airport, the entire trip was lackluster, and the family spent the entire trip fighting. I barely remember most of it outside of the resort we stayed at that had a free ice cream parlor.

  53. There's a certain way to do a Disney vacation where it's better than the sun of it's parts. I'm not a huge Disney fan, but my wife is and she knows how to make the most of it. My daughter has a blast every time we go. We're in Florida, so it's not a massive hassle to get there and all that.

  54. If I never played the trilogy i probably wouldve enjoyed the game a whole lot more, it has a lot of promise. But since i held onto the expectation of it being like the trilogy but with a diff main character, it was just ok

  55. I wanted to change my career from management to programming, studied a lot and finally I managed to change it within a year. But now I miss the fast pace environment of being a manager where you have to take a lot of decisions and you’re always stressed out and busy. Sounds bit toxic but red is my favourite colour.

  56. Hosting my own party. Always went to other peoples houses, never held one of my own. Had 20 friends over for NYE. After blasting music and drinking like fish, I was over it by 1am. Wanted everyone gone. People stayed over till 4am and a few smartly decided to crash at my place. Didn’t help that nobody cleaned up, so I spent New Year’s Day throwing away trash, cleaning, etc.

  57. Surround sound. I spent the best part of a year researching systems and then when I finally chose one, it was okay, but it didn't blow me away considering the money I spent on it. I would constantly play with settings and I would find myself having to tweak / swap presets all the time depending on what I was watching or playing. These days I just use a headset 80% of the time.

  58. Motorcycle. Took license at 18. Upgraded license for large MC when I was 26 and bought a 650cc. Drove it max 10 times before I realized how dangerous it was. Sold it again and lost about 2000$ on the 'fun'

  59. You really have to love to ride to own a bike. I grew up with dirt bikes and had motorcycles at an early age. I don’t ride anymore because I’m married now and my wife and dog go everywhere with me, so no where for everyone to sit… But I loved owning my motorcycles. The sense of freedom and power is awesome.

  60. That's funny, Same. A guy in my town was cut off by a car and slid across the road leaving a blood trail before he died. He had the same helmet I had and my friends saw it and instantly messaged me to see if I was okay, After that I was like aiight..other people will be the problem, Not me

  61. I put a heat gun on my shopping list once because"I really needed it for something". I didn't buy it for like 2 months its been like 3 years and I still can't remember what I needed it for.

  62. A Nintendo Switch! It was sold out everywhere during the 2020 lockdowns which made me want one even more. I eventually got one at Christmas 2020 but have only played it a handful of times and regret getting one.

  63. I think you just gotta be a Nintendo type of gamer really. As someone in their 30's who grew up on Nintendo consoles and favoured them over their competition ever since SEGA got chased out of the console market I still regularly use my switch which I've had for years. Mario Kart and Smash Bros alone made it worth the purchase for me lol.

  64. When I was like 10 or 11, Hot Wheels came out with this speedometer. Like it was literally just an orange and gray speedometer. I BEGGED my mom for it until I eventually got it.

  65. Apple Watch. I just don’t find the utility in it that I thought I would. It’s especially useless whenever your phone is with you. Even for telling time, I still glance at my phone out of habit so it lasted about a month on my wrist.

  66. Hard disagree. I wore my series 3 everyday up until last year when I broke it wrestling with my kids. I haven't replaced it yet due to just not having the need to replace it, as it was very much more a luxury item than a necessity. Damn it was nice though. Could make phone calls when I needed or send messages, wasn't a problem leaving my phone behind. Great fitness accessory. I can't wait to finally get another one lol

  67. I stopped treating it like a normal watch (analogue watch face trying to look classy) and started treating it like the utilitarian tech it is and I like it so much better.

  68. Honestly pretty much everything except owning a dog. Motorcycle, Gaming PC, A house, Guns, Girlfriend Almost everything is just another expense,responsibility, Or thing to maintain. Which means you need more money so you work more...oof. now I wanna afford to work less

  69. A new car. It’s exciting till you’re driving it to work and realize it’s still just a car only more expensive

  70. I found if you start getting tired of your vehicle, cleaning it like you're trying to sell it can make you like your vehicle again.

  71. Rolex.. thought everyone would notice and or care. No one did. Waited my entire life to buy one. Got one and never wore it. Sold it.

  72. Damn I was just finally entering the stage of my life where I was thinking "I should probably get a decent watch so I can at least look and feel like I'm someone who matters" since I never really cared about that stuff until recently, But this comment makes me think I shouldn't bother since I had the same assumption you did - everyone would notice. Men have fewer ways to "get themselves seen" than women and the biggest one (a car) is much more expensive to get anything showoff-worthy and still can't exactly be taken into the store or restaurant with you.

  73. Owning a pool. One of my favorite ways to spend a way-too-hot Summer day is repeatedly getting intolerably hot and cooling off. But, care and maintenance is no joke and not fun. Much more work and responsibility than I want.

  74. I thought O was amazing. I didn’t know what I was in for and hadn’t been to any other big Vegas shows before that.

  75. I saw it once and a dude broke his leg, had to be evacuated by stretcher hooked to the back of a jet ski. That was sad and ended the show but what was funny was this guy was clearly FUCKED UP but for like 5 minutes the other performers just kinda danced around him in circles hopping back and forth because they didn’t want to cancel early so you could tell they were like “you good man? You okay?”

  76. I bought one of those Black Series replicas of a Star Wars lightsaber. Wanted one for years. Finally after around 280€ after shipping, VAT and tax and tax on the VAT and VAT on the tax, I waved it around a bit and thought it looked awesome. It’s been on a shelf for 4 years since then.

  77. My zephyrus g14 laptop, when I was in college i saw a lot of students buying fancy laptops with top end specs. Now when I started doing job after college i bought a similar laptop zephyrus g14 rtx 3060, 16gbs of ram, rx5600hs cpu yada yada and its just okay. I don't play much games, i thought i would but after buying laptop i feel like not playing games. I rather love going out and meeting with new people.

  78. Gaming PC. Coudn't afford it for the longest time. Finally had the spare money for a decent one. I do still use it and it is nice to play at the highest graphics but at the end of the day hasn't improved any aspect of gaming.

  79. A threesome with two girls. I mean, it was pretty cool / exciting. But quickly became a lot of work. No regrats though.

  80. Strip clubs. I turned 18 and went strait to montreal only to get blue balled and lead on. I cringe at 18 year old me thinking girls were into me and spent $400 in one night. At the time that was my months worth of pay

  81. I got a buddy who's almost 40. Went through a divorce. Swore up and down the stripper he started seeing after definitely liked his 38 year old, out of shape, angry and sad self.

  82. My Peloton bike. I kept thinking having it in my home would make me motivated to workout but it’s not. I go months without touching it. I’d rather have a gym membership.

  83. I imagine once you've got one it's the thought of the maintenance you'll need to do to keep it that's annoying too

  84. Not exactly the same thing but if you reach a certain age and haven't seen Star Wars then you just might as well not watch it. I'm a pretty big Star Wars fan but I'd be lying to myself if I said that a lot of the mainstream star wars content is mediocre or above average. I couldn't imagine somebody hearing all of the hype surrounding it only to watch it and say "that's it?"

  85. Having a girlfriend and being in a relationship. Wasn’t a very attractive guy in my upbringing years. Always was longing for a woman’s companionship. I honestly prefer being single now.

  86. Nintendo Switch. Bought it during the pandemic when they were impossible to find. Got smash bros and animal crossing. Played it a handful of times and now it’s in storage..

  87. Becoming a Vice President. The pay doesn’t justify having to work 24/7. You quickly realize people just want to be told what to do and complain. You realize how ignorant your peers and bosses truly are.

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