ConED/Electricity cost doubled from 6kWh to 14 kWh?

  1. From Queens and just saw the same thing... Went from ~6 cents to ~14 cents and I am not having it. Bill nearly tripled

  2. Just FYI - ConEd actually has really good phone support. I would call them. The are surprisingly patient and courteous.

  3. Double this. I usually get somebody who is working from their living room and very chill. I have to call frequently for my job.

  4. I just got hit with a $331 January bill for my studio apartment, more than triple what I normally pay, so I stumbled on this thread. Did you ever find a solution?? I emailed with ConEd and talked with them on the phone, and all they told me was that this is normal and rates just fluctuate sometimes. But I've asked around and no one else I know is paying anywhere close to $331 this month.

  5. Also in the queens and its the same thing for me. its insane on how high my bill is this month. in all the years i lived in my place, never got a bill as high as i have it now

  6. ConEd doesn't profit from supply charges. They buy at market price and sell it at cost. They only really benefit from their delivery charge, so it doesn't appear as if they're are a monopoly since it gives customer the option to choose an alternative energy supplier (ESCO). Super scammers btw, you're better off not signing up for one unless you negotiate really well and do some research. This means it doesn't matter which borough you live in btw.

  7. Bill was approx $401 for December-Jan. Nearly died reading the bill. Granted, we have several appliances and central air running the heat, costs were around 200-300 for AC in summer. Significant jump this winter. $400 is crazy. Anyone else?

  8. Thought it was just me. I’m in Manhattan and received my bill today with a noticeable increase from past months. Is it possible it applies to other boroughs as well?

  9. That's probably the total cost, including delivery and fees. It doesn't sound unreasonable. The number OP is quoting is just the supply charge. There are also delivery charges and taxes. See here:

  10. mine tripled from $100-$200 to $600 and we I live in like a 100 sq ft apt. I'm never even home so what is it even from??

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