You get $50million if you can go 6 years without sex. Do you take it? Why or why not?

  1. Seriously. I think a lot of people don't realize how many folks out there haven't been laid in 5+ years. There's dozens of us.

  2. Nah. The real question is, is there only 50 millions and if so, between how many people do we have to share.

  3. I mean, the post is one repeated over and over again, only makes sense that the comments would be too. No good comments are spawned from a post like this with an obvious answer.

  4. Bunch of 18-20 old virgins throwing pity parties for themselves as if they’re not entering their prime virginity-losing years and it’s not a perfectly normal time to not be having sex yet.

  5. Reddit is too easy. I knew this would be the first comment before I even opened the thread

  6. There can be an interesting hypothetical with this premise, but every fucking one voted to the top of this sub is retarded.

  7. I'm surprised how many people are giving this answer. I was under the assumption that asexual was the rarest sexuality

  8. Money isn’t the most important thing in life. If you’re in a healthy relationship with a healthy sex life and want children in the near future, that could easily be of more value to you than 50 million. Especially as 50m is excessive and you don’t really need more than 70k annually before happiness levels plateau.

  9. I’m not having sex right now and probably won’t be for the foreseeable future anyway, so hell yeah I’d do it. The thought of being able to pay off all my student loans and buy a nice house will be more than enough motivation.

  10. I have a super high sex drive but I also own a dildo and a hitachi , so I think I’d probably fail but I could still give it the old college try. $50 Mill is better than any boyfriend I could probably find in the next 6 years.

  11. Missing the once every month or two while getting shot down the other half dozen times I initiate is easily worth 50 mil yen.

  12. Yes because I already have gone 17 years without a hope of getting there so in 6 years the chance won't even come about. Easy dosh for me bois

  13. Uh, yeah. I just went six years without sex and I didn't even have to try! I'm 32, not bad looking, a bit overweight, smart and social. I am a lesbian, sexual, open and experienced. I have had three long term relationships that ended well. I have dated, had one night stands and friends with benefits. I've even fucked dudes!

  14. Yes gimme the $50 million and I'll never so much as hug anyone my whole life! ..I have no problem with it.

  15. Hell yes. The quality and quantity of sex I could have when I had that kind of $$$$$ would be insane.

  16. “Rub one out! Neutralized! That’s an empty threat. It’s like somebody putting a lock and chain on your fridge, but you’ve got a sandwich in your pocket!”

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