What is a reason to live?

  1. because if i killed myself then a bunch of frickin' girls who bullied me in school would post about me on instagram about how sad they are and how nice they were to me.

  2. This reminds me of a song I love that I think is about a murder suicide, where the person singing’s only regret is that people will essentially do this- even though they drove him to do it (in their mind)

  3. One for me is music. Just when I thought my music was getting stale, this year I discovered my new favorite artist and it makes me excited for what other amazing music I'll discover in the future.

  4. I genuinely think we're all living in the best time to be listening to music. On top of having access to a significant portion of what's come out in the past several decades, there are so many new styles of music that are constantly emerging and evolving, many of which are the result of several genres blended together by some incredibly talented performers and producers. Every few years I stumble upon new artists and genres, and I fall in love with music all over again.

  5. Or the adrenaline rush of a cold shower! I'm currently living in a place where that's possible (the water never really gets cold where I'm from) and it's so great!

  6. For a while when I was really depressed, what kept me going was the small things. A video call with a friend, seeing my friend’s cat, a great meal I was waiting for, a movie I’d been wanting to see. The small things eventually add up to a series of lived days and the days become weeks and months and eventually years.

  7. It’s all about the small victories to get you through dark times. Just gotta keep on keepin on.

  8. Exactly what kept me going, I told myself to just give it another try and things did improve. Thing after thing, damn, and life is still improving!

  9. Mood and circumstances are temporary, death is permanent. 32 was the worst year of my life. I thought I might die at one point. Had I died, I'd have never taken the best vacation of my life. I'd have never become an uncle. I wouldn't have been there to help family and friends through their own problems. I'm don't regret a moment of living no matter how painful it gets.

  10. Man, I'm 28 and this is the worst year of my life. Lost everything except my job. I'm broken and can only hope that, like you, things get better, because this is hard.

  11. Additionally, the first real "fall day" where things feel brisk enough to wear a sweater, but not cold enough for a heavy jacket. "Sweater weather" as they call it.

  12. For me, a big one is curiosity. About lots of stuff. Including what happens to the world in weeks, months, and years to come.

  13. This brought me to tears. I've always loved life and found many reasons to live. But I'm going thru a really hard, lonely time rn and this reminded me it's worth it to stay hopeful

  14. Yeah. I need to know what will he next big technological advancement will be. I want to see robots and microchips in brains and stuff. I just need to see it. I'll be strapped down like Marley if I don't fill my life with these experiences before it's too late.

  15. There’s no such thing as a bad reason to live. You want to see the season finale of that show? If that’s what gets you through the next few weeks, that will do! You don’t want to leave the other half of that meal in the fridge? Stick around for it!

  16. Once after San Diego Comic Con 2012 I saw one of each of all the Marvel Avenger cosplayed in a group at a schwarma shop down the street

  17. Can confirm. Knowing I wouldn't be able to get up and feed the cats, thinking about how distressed they would be if I wasn't around anymore, was the only thing that stopped me some nights.

  18. For those who live in apartments that don’t allow cats, shelters will sometimes let you volunteer to socialize and play with the kittens. Cats are a universally valid reason to live.

  19. Ive spent a majority of today crying because I don't want to be alive anymore. My cat is currently curled up on my chest/under my chin.. he makes me feel okay. Even if it's just for a moment.

  20. Been struggling all week with severe depression and suicidal ideations. Talked to my psychiatrist today and she asked “what made you decide not to formulate a plan?” I replied “My cats would miss me if I was gone”

  21. This. In my darkest moments, I figured I could explain to everyone else why I was gone in a note, but my cat wouldn't understand. So I stayed.

  22. I’m depressed as hell and my friend brought up the idea of helping me jointly raise a cat. So I’ll raise it in my home and take care of it’s daily needs and she’ll come over and interact with it and pay for a lot of it’s need. We haven’t even gotten it yet but it’s the best reason I’ve ever had to keep looking forward

  23. Even on days when you can’t live for yourself, do your best to live for someone else. Especially if that someone else is tiny and fluffy and cute.

  24. Yep, for me my dog. He simply won’t understand why I’m not there and I’m sure he’ll do a Hachiko.

  25. My cats had kittens, they were not doing fixing of animals from the nuter scooter due to Covid. There are four on my bed right now, I have giving one away to a disabled kid and his family, and they adore that kitten! Kinda hard though. So now I have two left, polydactyls from a half Siamese mom and a bobtail dad. They are so prescious, I have to make sure someone takes care of them!

  26. Personally I just really focus on trying to live in each moment. That sounds like a cliché (and it kind of is) but there is something to it. Like, start noticing things. Take pleasure in the little stuff you notice around you. Another thing is the challenge I give myself every day: be a good human. Its surprisingly hard but rewarding work. Finally, don't let the world make you hurry. I mean, obviously we all need to show up at work or school on time, etc. but to whatever extent you can, just live at your own pace. Don't feel like you need to rush to the next thing, you are in a thing already so pay attention? I know I sound nuts lol.

  27. I know I'm not answering the question but I just wanted to say that I'm tearing up reading most of these responses. I'm still recovering from an attempted suicide I attempted about two months ago. Everyday is hard but I love to see people with such excitement for living. Thank you to you all

  28. I cried a bit myself too. I feel very warm inside now. I hope you're doing better now and are feeling better because of everyone's answers

  29. Fun fact, there is an entire section of the classics devoted to metaphysical rebellion that focus on flipping the bird to a higher power / creating force

  30. Sinéad O’Connor famously said that even at the worst moments of her life, when she thought she had nothing to live for and she felt really suicidal, she told herself that if she died, Bono would want to speak at her funeral. She vowed to outlive Bono. Out of spite.

  31. It was my birthday yesterday. It was also the first time I went a full 24 hours without speaking to my best friend since we met. Also a heroin addict. The night before that he went missing. He had 23 days clean then relapsed last week. Because of the antidepressant he was on and the benzos his doctor prescribed him stupidly, his overdose was no surprise. He used again monday morning and missed the train to come visit for my birthday. He was passed out in a train station bathroom. He came to and made it home to his mom. The next day (Dec 1) we video called for 2 hours while he walked around the city and showed me a beautiful park. I knew he was sober. He was the man that I fell in love with. Got back on a bus to go home, said "my phone is at 1% I'm on my way home, I will get off at my stop and run like Superman to get home to a charger. I'll call you in 45 minutes. I love you so much". No one has heard from him since. God I loved him. And I know everyone's going to tell me to have hope. And I want to tell you that hope is cruel. He had benzos and Fentanyl and overdosed twice in as many days. Toxic combination. He knew if he used and his mom wasn't around to narcan him and do CPR, he wouldn't make it. He would never ever not phone or message me for more than 12 hours let alone for the past 50. And hope is cruel because today I got a package in the mail with his address on it. I knew he had bought me a gift but also knew that he got his duffle bag stolen when he was out of it in that washroom. It had my gift inside it. I saw this gift in my mailbox and I had hope. My God I had so much hope just for a few seconds. I opened it and it was from his mom. And I was so devastated. She sent me a birthday gift separate from his. In the card she said thank you for saving my son's life. And I didn't. I did everything that I could. And I want to say it wasn't enough but honestly I know that I did absolutely everything that I could. The battle was just stronger than he was. I know that was a very long post but it was all to say that it is one of many reasons to live and to live well. So we live enough for those who just couldn't hold on. RIP my homie. I hope you find happiness wherever you are, and you're no longer suffering from the feelings of shame, guilt, and despair.

  32. as someone who struggled with this question, the past 5 years have been so crazy on so many fronts that I kinda wanna see how shit plays out in this new age. How far up or down will we go? I wonder how people will look back on this time in history, where the world suddenly became very connected

  33. i'm not gonna have kids, but some day i'll be an older lady and some human who isn't born yet is going to ask what it was like to live through 9/11, coming of age as the internet was doing the same, repeat """once in a lifetime""" economic downturns and recovery, surviving a trump presidency, becoming aware of climate change as a society, technological development, and on and on and on...

  34. Because if you can take one breath now, there's a good chance you can keep doing that tomorrow. Maybe you are suppose to be alive tomorrow, so you can post a simple question on a wide read internet platform that triggers some interesting conversation and stops someone else from bringing their own life to an end.

  35. If mental illness wants to kill me so badly, it’s going to have to get off its ass and develop internal organ damage or something and quit using me to do it’s dirty work. Fucking loser, no good, deadbeat depression. GET A JOB!

  36. No spoilers, but the ending of season 4 almost broke me, but in a good way. Really excited for the 5th season!

  37. For me, it's because being alive is the bottom line of everything that I am. If I died I would cease to exist. The person that is underneath my urge to die would die too and when I think of that person, I think of everything that matters to me. And I remember that I matter to a lot of other people too. No matter how hard things get, I can't bring myself to erase my own personal connection to this world. For all I know, I would never get to be me again. I'd never get to see where my story goes. I'm afraid that there's nothing beyond, and I'm snuffing out my only chance at experiencing existence.

  38. Rain. This is just personal preference but I love rain so much. It's so relaxing and the way it changes my mood, even if I'm at my worst, is just magical. It's one of the most ethereal experiences on this planet. It's so peaceful, grey skies that are so calm and that sound of taps on your window is just soooo perfect. Too bad I live in a desert climate.

  39. If you asked me these questions a few years ago, I would have trouble giving you a single reason. If you asked me today, I'd give you these reasons:

  40. Set a new personal record. Be immortal. You're only mortal if you die, so until you die, no one can say you aren't immortal.

  41. This doesn't work for everyone, but it always makes me feel better. The odds that I or any one else were ever born are so astronomically low. The fact that I am here today means my lineage is totally unbroken. Every single one of my ancestors for that last 3.5 billion (BILLION) years was born, lived to adulthood, and successfully procreated. Not only that, but they all procreated with the right individual (and the right sperm met the right egg) to make my next ancestor. That means there are countless possible lives that were never lived. I'm here, and they aren't. It is literally so incredible that I get to experience life at all, not to mention as a human who is capable of advanced thought! And as a human with the privilege of living in a time where I don't have to be fighting for my life constantly, living in a place where I have access to internet and all the other cool inventions humanity has made. When I think of that, I realize I am so, so lucky. I like to think I'm living life to the fullest for all those other individuals who never got the chance. I get to experience life, and while it's not going to be perfect (I'm sure all my other ancestors over 3.5 billion years had their moments of struggle too), I still get to experience it. I think that alone is a reason to live.

  42. Everything in our universe has an impact larger than we will ever see. Every step you take on a sidewalk adds pressure that will eventually make it crack and give someone a job to fix it. They’ll buy food from someone who needs the money. They’ll give that food to their family, and each of them will go on to make a huge impact on the world. Regardless of if you see it, your impact grows exponentially with every action you take. Make those actions good.

  43. Learning. Seriously. There's so much to learn. The world has so much to offer. Physics, biology, arts, language, history, music, philosophy - there's more to see than could ever be seen in a lifetime. That always helps me get out of bed and do stuff. I want to experience and learn as much about the universe within my limited time as I can.

  44. How about this is it? The odds of being here are one in zillions. Every decision our ancestors made, or didn't make, and the infinite events that lead to our births is crazy to comprehend. We may as well stick around as long as we can. Also, once you have kids, happily keeling over isn't really a cool option.

  45. I’ll have most of eternity to be dead, but I only have a limited number of years to be alive. I’m going to try to enjoy them while I can.

  46. Thank you, I needed this thread really bad. Almost killed myself last night, but decided against it. Started today by missing an interview and oversleeping by like 8 hours. I was considering it again tonight but this helped a lot

  47. Space is so cool! NASA posts pictures of it every day! You gotta see all the pretty space stuff!

  48. Sadly with depression from what I know you usually lose interest in everything you enjoy, I at least know I have

  49. Life is cyclical, it's meant to have mistakes and suffering as a means of appreciation for being alive at all

  50. Spite. I have a lot of people to piss off and I'll be damned if I let them take advantage of me again in death if I've not achieved what they all said I couldn't.

  51. I am sorry for the pain that you are going through. And i truly wish things get better for you. And i really want to tell you there is a lot. It may not seem like it, but there is. If not for those that care about you, live for yourself. Live for the feeling you will have when you pour your sweat, tears and blood into overcoming this dark time. Live for the time when you can feel happiness and truly smile. Live just to read your favourite book, listen to your favourite song and to find countless other things to love. Live for the feeling of the sun on you skin or to see the moon one more time. I hope you find support out there, wherever you are through this time. And even so, i want you to know that you are worth it. You exist and you are worth something. Your life is yours. Don't let the world take it from you. Please reach out and get help from someone. Don't distance yourself from everyone and everything. Take it one day at a time and take as much time as you need to. But i hope you can find it in yourself to hang in there because you matter. I assure you of that. Sending much love and virtual hugs to you.

  52. You have the power to do some good if you wanted to! Even if you don't have the energy right now, you might one day. One day you could make a positive difference in even one life. And that's worth living for.

  53. When i'm on reddit or instagram and see a post with sound that I can't listen to immediately, I save it to watch later. I always forget to though.

  54. A few years ago, I couldn't fathom ever feeling happy again. I was self-harming multiple times a day, in and out of the psych hospital, with waaaaay too many unhealthy coping mechanisms.

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