What old game should be remade with 2021 graphics?

  1. Never has the furnace turning on at 2am scared more piss out of me than when I was too wrapped up in the fog of Silent Hill 1. I'd expect the game to have aged super poorly in graphics and controls though since then.

  2. You know how you threw wood and stuff through the portal to the next world? For the final mission, I sent so much resources though it that by the time the cinematic finished, they would finish building the first few houses, and more scaffolding+food+wood would still be coming out of it. I would also place a house blueprint at the portal and the entire village would eventually get sucked in. Instant labour force hehe.

  3. All I remember is that anti-piracy screen and that someone whispered "deeeeath" all the time.

  4. Black & White is one of my favorite games ever. If it had a map editor i probably would be playing it to this day, just making things and messing around.

  5. " The feeling hit me like a point-blank shot straight in the face: something was not right about this. My Beretta stirred nervously under my coat... But the train doors had already shut behind me, and I was in for the ride. Next stop: Roscoe Street Station."

  6. It’s the twentieth anniversary of the first MP, I’m lightly surprised there hasn’t been a remaster announcement.

  7. My favorite was Battle for Middle Earth. I don't think the gameplay would really be much improved with better graphics so yours is probably better

  8. Wow I'm old. I have vivid memories of playing this on the PS2 and being like... this is what I've always dreamed of...

  9. I wish I got into Mech Warrior when I was younger. Personally id kill for a Mech Commander 2 remaster/reboot

  10. This is HQ to any available unit. We have Mechs down at Nav Gamma. Bravo Cadet report 4 summoners on site. Bandits are hostile. Repeat, bandits are hostile.

  11. Yes to LoK, no to SotN. The quality of those sprites still looks astounding today, and it's a high point in sprite work (along with Metal Slug). Any attempts to remake it would lose the charm, no matter how well done it is.

  12. Yeah I obviously have fond memories of playing Goldeneye back in the day but holy shit was Perfect Dark such a game changer. I loved that game.

  13. I have a very vivid memory of playing Perfect Dark for the first time and gushing to my friend that the characters looked like real people. I couldn't fathom how graphics could get better.

  14. I always loved how every gun had 2 functions. You could shoot with them, or use them tactically, like transforming them into a turret or proximity mine.

  15. Perfect dark is a classic that just released to late into the N64s lifecycle. If it had released in 99 instead of 01 no one would be talking about goldeneye (though I still love goldeneye)

  16. I was so excited when they re-released it for PS4. I don't think I'd ever legitimately beaten the first game so that was really fun.

  17. On Friday the "Revitalized edition" is going to be announced at Quakecon. Whether its a remaster or a brand new game we will have to wait and see.

  18. I tried to play it a while ago and the graphics were so bad I didn’t know what I was even doing. We’re spoiled nowadays

  19. Man, there's a game that is basically roller coaster 1&2 but with better graphics, the name is Parkitect. Have fun!

  20. Spore. It's such a unique concept and I really think a game with a similar, but the more realistic style would do great. It's definitely something that needs to be updated.

  21. I'm genuinely curious if someone could take on the design goals of it and actually make it work this time around with more modern tech and I'd say a more experienced game industry.

  22. It really does deserve it. It’s got such a fantastic atmosphere and such fun gameplay. I wouldn’t care if it was super detailed, something on the level of the FF8 HD version would be plenty, with cleaned up backgrounds, more modern models and some tweaks to make it a little more palatable to modern gamers. We’re kinda lacking in turn-based RPGs with 3D visuals these days. It’s either way simplified “retro” pixel graphics or an open world action adventure RPG that only qualifies for the genre because you level up and can change equipment. I’d love to see some more stuff in the vein of PS1/PS2 RPGs with pretty 3D visuals and solid, simple yet entertaining turn based combat. LOD could possibly spark that kinda demand.

  23. My wife used to think video games were an absolute waste of time, and she never really enjoyed them. I brought home Fable, and she was like, "That game looks so stupid. Can I try it?"

  24. I spent a disturbing number of hours playing the original Fable. That game was awesome. I’d settle for an expansion of that world.

  25. They remastered it on Xbox one. Just downloaded a week or two ago and it is absolutely beautifully redone. $40 to download but highly recommend

  26. “FliiiiiiipENDO!” “flipendo” “flIPEndo” Those voices are seared into my brain, that and the “huhhgh” sound every time he jumped

  27. Order of the Phoenix actually allowed you to explore the whole damn castle from the movies. I got lost so much lmao it's fucking huge.

  28. Oooh you should play the PC version of Order of the Phoenix. It has kind of a goofy spell-casting mechanic, but he scale of the castle is pretty huge and it's very fun to explore.

  29. I had The Chamber Of Secrets on PS2 and was addicted to it. I use to fly around the grounds on the Nimbus 2000. Love that game!

  30. There is a very old NES game called Pirates! You play surprise as a pirate and you explore the world, finding treasure, capturing ships, navigating the winds, finding your lost family, marrying the governor’s daughter then taking over port after port. It had sword duels, galley verse galley segments, and galley verse port segments. It was an ambitious game for the time but suffers from a slow travel system, low graphics, and a very clunky combat system. The closest game to ever replicate it was Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag but just straight up remake without the AC name attached to it where you can be a pirate a hustle the Spanish waterways would be very fun indeed

  31. Pirates! was actually a computer game before it was a Nintendo game... and it was created by Sid Meier; the guy who would go on to make the Civilization series.

  32. Thats a great shout. Thousands of gamers have no idea..its an important 3d game. Deffinitely helped establish what a good 3d platformer /action game should feel and look like.

  33. I had an absolute blast playing those games. Was very young, didn't know English and still managed to beat them, probably couple of times each. WW is the one I played the most.

  34. Every Star Fox after 64 failed to capture the addictive gameplay. I’ve been excited for and bought every one hoping for something close.

  35. Yes! I think the Paper Mario series kind of took its place. So we didn't get the Super Mario RPG sequels we deserved.

  36. I dunno, there was a time when I'd love to see it remade, but there was just something so charming about SMRPG's style that worked with the atmosphere. Woosley's iconic comedy, the deadpan and slapstick humor, the references. Other than the 3D maze puzzle and a few wonky places, the isometric platforming wasn't really an issue. I'm not sure I'd want a Switch-level graphics version of Mario RPG...but maybe it would look absolutely dynamite, who knows?

  37. Road rash was sooo good, and it was the only game my dad really got into that we could play with him. Which is weird because I would have never considered my dad to be the type of person to love playing a game where you race motorcycles illegally and beat people with chains and bats.

  38. Look up OpenMW. It's not a remaster, but its a rebuilding of the engine competely open-source that runs a lot better on modern hardware, as well as doing a bunch of other neat things like native Linux support.

  39. Wish they still made games like this, Morrowind and Oblivion are my most favorite RPGs of all time. It was unique and felt like it's very own world, almost alien.

  40. I came here unsure of what I would comment, but you took that problem away from me. This is hands down the best Star Wars game I’ve ever played and the one I have the most memories with!

  41. Fallout 1/2 I think a lot more people would play them if they were up to date, maybe even bring in bethesda gameplay

  42. Look up X wing Virtual Machine, it's remaking X-Wing with modern graphics. Technically it reads the missions out of the original game so it's a mod not a new game which should keep them safe regarding EA, but from what I've seen it looks totally fresh. Hopefully it will be released soon ish.

  43. Wii Sports would have been such a perfect remake for the switch in every way imaginable. The joy con are just small Wii remotes and the switch had nothing but breath of the wild at launch. Taking Wii sports or Wii party on the go would be all you need.

  44. The creators of the Simpsons even want this to happen, but apparently the rights to the game are stuck in some legal hell.

  45. Someone actually remastered the Simpsons Hit and Run the other day, name is Reubs on YouTube I think

  46. I agree, this would be very fun to play with friends. It would be very awesome if they kept the arcadeish style with today’s graphics/mechanics

  47. I love this game for the immersion into the Simpsons universe alone, but if they remade it they would NEED to re-balance and tweak some things. Some missions are absolute horse shit

  48. Dawn of War updated to a new engine with all of the Expansions integrated would be amazing!

  49. The original is still my favorite, specifically Dark Crusade. I've played all three, and while they're all good, the first one felt the most satisfying to me

  50. Isn’t someone already doing this? I thought there was a Fallout 4 NV project going on somewhere.

  51. I won’t lie, Blur still looks good by today’s standards. One of my friends brought it to our dorm and people were surprised when we told them it was on the ps3

  52. I still make content for this game. Modders like me have given it 2021 graphics and it's fully Reshade and modern card compatible now.

  53. By Azura by Azura by Azura! It's the Grand Champion! I cannot believe it's you, standing here next to me!

  54. The story mode on THU was just amazing and nothing has come close since. Even Skate wasn't quite able to make such a fun story mode.

  55. Man, I had completely forgotten about Earthworm Jim! I loved those games back in the day. The absurd humour and graphics - like Toe Jam & Earl.

  56. This game feels like a fucking fever dream to me. I've played and beaten this game many many many times, the music, the gameplay, the intensity, all amazing. And then there hasn't really been anything to capture me in the same way this one has, ever. It's pretty crazy.

  57. Two franchises that are conspicuously missing from the Switch lineup are Starfox and F-Zero. Both of them are in major need of a new installment. They would be spectacular on the Switch!

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