What job or activity do you normally associate with jerks?

  1. My father is also a corrections officer. He says he often has to deal with other officers who act like it's a big power fantasy to treat the prisoners like garbage. He says it happens way too much. Luckily, lot of those get fired.

  2. Where I live. Tow truck drivers. They're mini gangs who try and dominate each other. They see an accident, and they already start hooking up your vehicle without permission. They see a solo, one man company tow truck, 5 of them will come and bully him out (even though the car is hooked up and everything).

  3. I see this constantly in my city, there will be one accident with a single car that needs to be towed and there are like 4-5 other tow trucks milling around trying to steal each other's work. I doubt all drivers are assholes, but their companies are definitely run by major pieces of shit.

  4. In my area you cant get a tow truck driver who wants to work. They all answer the phone with a tone of "thanks for bothering me" and then make every excuse they can as to why it will take them at least 24 hours to get there. I had one say he wasnt allowed to cross city lines...

  5. Tow Truck Companies. Not repossession, but towing. They can basically steal your car and ransom it back to you with impunity.

  6. My friend got ran off the road by a tow truck. The fucker merged over without looking and almost hit us. He went off road to avoid it and the airbags deployed from hitting a big ass curb to get off the road. Tow trucker parked at the gas station thirty or so feet away and waited to see if we needed towed.

  7. The towing scam situation on the 401 highway in Ontario, Canada is bonkers. A lady from my hometown called CAA after her car broke down, and a different company arrived claiming to be the CAA-approved truck (spoiler alert: they weren't). They kept her car at their buddy's shop and said she needed to pay like $8k to get it back.

  8. Literally had my car stolen twice out of my own driveway because apparently my car was non operational which is odd because I drove it to work daily. Got in touch with the property management because the tow company said they had a contract with them and lo and behold they in fact didn’t. Both times it was around 2 am while i was sleeping. Never got any tow notice or anything. The second time I just let them keep it because they wanted $3000 to get it back but it was starting to have transmission issues anyways. So it’s their problem now. Tow companies are literally legal car thieves and I have no respect for anybody who works for one. I reported them to the BBB and guess what? They did absolutely nothing.

  9. A couple years ago I was parked in a zone that allowed parking at night but not during the day. As I'm walking out of the apartment at 6:58 (couldn't park after 7), I see a tow truck pulling away with my car. When I get to the lot, he said his watch showed 7 before he started hooking it up. Like bro. All our phones say exactly the same time. We had a cruise to make, or I would have fought it. Will never trust a tow guy again.

  10. About a year ago one of my coworkers ran out of the building because she saw her car getting towed, she was able to talk to the guy before he pulled off and it turned out he just straight up had the wrong car. He was looking for a grey Hyundai mini van and he somehow mistook her blue Honda for that car, if she hadn’t noticed him towing it she would’ve had to pay the impound fee for no reason.

  11. Any Chicagoans in here will have nothing but bad things to say about Lincoln Park Towing. There's a wiki article and Steve Goodman even made a song about them in the early 70s.

  12. I'm thinking of that ESPN analyst who was caught on video bitching out one of these greaseball operations after she was towed for some BS. Thing is, she was right: They were straight up predatory trash.

  13. This was my first thought when I read the post. I can't believe I had to scroll this far. Predatory tow truck companies is the bane to all normal car owners. One time, a tow truck driver that towed my girlfriend's car twice (once because she had her resident tag hanging in a visitor spot...and the second time she had a visitor tag hanging in our reserved spot). I saw the tow truck driver of the same company driving by while I was walking the dog around midnight, so I flicked the dude off.

  14. My buddy was on judge Judy because his car was illegally towed and he thought it got stolen 😂. They had to pay for his new car he bought.

  15. those fucking people who spam social media comments with "learn how i made $30,000 in a week with cryptocurrency, message @probablyascammer for more details"

  16. I invest in crypto, but my whole group of friends have made it their entire personality at this point. I'm happy they're passionate about something, but damn, it gets annoying really fast.

  17. Those family YouTube channels, that have like fifty different channels for each family member including the dogs and then the one for the full family. They only shout when they talk and do a bunch of shitty “challenges”

  18. We've banned quite a few of them in our household over the last few years. We noticed our son (who is now 9) becoming an asshole and trying to talk to us like some of the kids talk to their parents in these videos. That and expecting us to buy every single game/toy/desire he wanted because they got them. Luckily we keep tabs on what they watch, and it was pretty easy to see where the influence came from.

  19. Have you heard of Jordan Cheyenne? Go look up the video of her making her son cry for the camera. No matter how wholesome they may seem, I imagine all family YouTubers to be exactly the same behind the scenes.

  20. It's child labor, completely unregulated, completely unmonitored. Their kids are always "on", always making money for the family, always acting, always working. There's a reason why child actors have such strict regulations and they still end up fucked up a lot of the time.

  21. This videos turned my kid to a misbehaving, rude, nasty little sh*t while he was watching them. I had no idea what created such a drastic change in behavior so quickly until I happened to overhear one of these videos. Horrid. The worst.

  22. Y'all should check out Nia and Sam. I lived in the same town as them and knew them somewhat. The whole channel makes me want to vomit. They faked a pregnancy, then faked a miscarriage. They preach "the word" about how a woman has to be submissive and do EVERYTHING for the husband. She even states that she always puts Sam above the kids. Oh and Sam had an AM account so when Anonymous leaked that shit he was busted. Of course they made a video about it.

  23. I used to watch What's Inside, but they stopped making interesting videos in favor of their secondary family vlog channel. Most of their videos are content on their woes involving building their $2M custom home, their troubles with having multiple Teslas, or XYZ extravagant travels. There's a splash of Mormanism in their videos if you look carefully, but at least they don't seem to actively push it on their viewers.

  24. What surprises me, is that these things work. Bunch of these channels have billions of views and people seem to be interested. I don't get it, why? Some channels are indeed interesting, informative. However majority of them are either rich people doing stupid things, or just ordinary people doing those childish "challenges". How is that popular and why people enjoy that is beyond me.

  25. God I hate these. I go in and block like 12 channels on YouTube and the next freaking day my kid is watching the same family. I feel they have so many channels for exactly this reason.

  26. Hey! Fun fact! There was an ama (I believe) with a dude who worked at vidcon and said exactly this! Said most the you tubers were great but every family channel he met were douchebags and their kids were entitled to all hell

  27. I once told one I was robbing the house so I hoped the homeowner wasn't in. I then told him he better not fucking snitch or I'd find him. He agreed and said good luck! Unreal

  28. I just had one call me the other day, the fake social security scam. I was so fed up with getting them that I pressed the button to be connected and said “yeah I have a question, how stupid do you think I am that I’d fall for this?” And she replied “I think you’re about 10% stupid because Americans fall for this shit everyday.” We then proceeded to have like a 2 minute argument where she tried to justify scamming because “it is the US government that gives us the data to scam you.” Lol

  29. Oh man I love getting those calls and waste their time by imitating an old man barely understanding and make them repeat 5-6 times. Then I fake the interest/fear after almost 20-30 ish minutes (depending of what the call is about). Then just laugh at them and hang up.

  30. You should check out Trafficked with Mariana Van Zeller on National Geographic. She’s a journalist that goes into some really dangerous situations. There’s an episode where she goes and talks to the people that run these call centers scams. They’re in Jamaica and apparently it’s become more lucrative than drugs. It was pretty interesting. These people had no remorse. They basically said if you’re stupid enough to fall for one of our scams then you deserve it.

  31. My favorite one was some guy telling me that my dad was in jail and they needed me to wire them $2,000 for his bail. I gasped dramatically and said "where did you find him?! He's been dead for nearly 10 years!"

  32. One which annoyed me is one of these youtube prank channels walked around with scissors chopping peoples earphones and gifting them with some new bluetooth headphones... like sure at least you gave them something but i'd be so pissed off if that happened to me, i don't use headphones, i don't use bluetooth, my trip to work is long, i want something easy to keep track of and able to be shoved in my pocket while being able to listen to my surroundings still but now i have to order a new set of earphones and walk to work and back on silence.

  33. Commenters defended a prank where a husband staged the death of his and his wife's kid in an over the top action movie way.

  34. The ones where they pick up girls and run off with them like a kidnapping prank too...Holy Fuck. I would be actively trying to strangle them and claw out their eyes.

  35. Those people who work at the mall selling some kind of overpriced fake-ass product (e.g. Orogold) who will snatch your arm as you walk by and rub some unknown chemical on you before you have a chance to react and then launch into their sales pitch with very aggressive hard sales tactics. I'm pretty convinced you have to be at least psychopath-adjacent to take that kind of job.

  36. I got sucked into working one of these jobs for a total of 4 shifts before I ghosted the entire company - we weren’t being paid a base rate at all so our only money we earned was from a percentage of the perfume we sold that day (I made a total of $7 working 4 12 hour days!) and we had to pay ‘rent’ to the owners of the company for renting their products to sell? So we’d just get into further debt and not make any money. I could never go through with a sale anyway, I felt way too bad to yell/grab at random strangers and was pretty shocked at how people did but I understand the desperation, they didn’t leave us much choice. Fucken shitty job though, I don’t think it’s even a job and more just a scam exploiting really vulnerable people new to the country/people who are desperate as fuck and don’t have many options.

  37. I had a really bad experience with one a long time ago, he had one of those kiosks in the middle of the mall and he sold all types of hair accessories, including a hair straightener that was cordless and could stay hot for a very long time. He would start talking to you and praising how great you look and how much better your hair would look straightened and then go into his spiel about how long the straightener could stay hot for without having to be plugged in or recharged. And while saying all this, he’d just casually start straightening a section of hair.

  38. Holy baby Jesus, here in Texas malls we have a huge problem with hyper aggressive sales people hocking “Dead Sea” bullshit.

  39. I have a theory that the mall people are all fronts for drug dealers and money launderers. There’s never anyone buying anything. At least I have never heard of anyone or saw anyone actually buying something.

  40. Teenage me once got too close to one of those shite in a mall, it was a make up thing and they had pretty nail polish on display. The lady was talking about some M A G I C pimple concealer and, well, my pimpled face was right there, so she grabbed me and dabbed some of that shit on my cheek without asking. So first, thanks for the confidence boost. Second it caused a flare up within 30 minutes. So I came back just to show people the wonderful effects of her product. She wasn't happy

  41. We have this thing called Marmotoil in Switzerland. Don't ask me what part of the Marmot is in it, but some creep once just took my arm and rubbed that stuff all over my 2 week old tattoo. I was livid!

  42. I went into anaphylaxis shock one time because of those jerks... I was only 12 years old. I now have 0 tolerance for those people as an adult. It was specifically the dead sea lotion people.

  43. Maybe if more of those people got punched in the nose in response to grabbing someone, it wouldn't happen as often.

  44. My kids all know the plan. But as soon as we start getting near one of these mall kiosks I start scolding them or arguing with them for some made up issue. The key is to act very pissed off so they are scared to interrupt. I haven’t been harassed by a mall kiosk sales person in years and my kids think it’s hilarious.

  45. One time I was at a mall for an interview and as I was leaving a woman about my age (early 20s at the time) stopped me to try and sell me a hair straightener/styling set or something. I was so awkward and incapable of just saying no so I let her do her spiel and feigned interest until she finished. Then I told her I didn’t think I had the money to make a purchase at the moment. The other salesgirl there told me there was an ATM in the food court and I could check. I said sure and was gonna use that opportunity to run but then the first one said she would come with me cause she didn’t know exactly where the ATM was and wanted to know just in case. So I let her follow me all the way to the ATM, she stood pretty much beside me while I stood there like a fuckin idiot swiping my card and fake-checking my balance, and then when I finally told her that I just couldn’t do it she hugged me and walked away.

  46. I've never had that happen and they better hope they never do it to me, they'd put me in the hospital from an allergic reaction.....

  47. My spouse and I went to a psychic fair, thinking it would be a fun little experience. Turned out the whole event was full of disabled or terminally ill people looking for a last resort "healer", and in turn getting scammed. It was extremely depressing.

  48. I see small town psychics as performing pastoral care for those who don’t like church or therapy. My relative was told he’d get a new job, and he did, but I think it was the confidence the fortune teller gave him. I’m not a fan of big time psychics, pastors, life coaches, etc. It seems like spiritual helpers are corrupted by power/money.

  49. Here in my country one of the heads of a megachurch tried to claim the image and ideia of Jesus as part of their church, meaning everyone who mentioned Jesus without them would need to face copyright issues. It didn't work.

  50. Ah yes, those who love to preach about loving God and putting aside material wealth and possessions in the service of others but then drive Porsches or BMWs and live in small mansions or high end gated communities.

  51. I deliver food for a distributor, by far the worst people to deal with are at country clubs. My sister works in catering, she says the same thing. Not the staff, but the members. Every single amenity about those places, even down to the design of the loading docks, screams “I hate the working class”. My sister says that when she has to serve in one, people don’t even look at her, they just snap their fingers or hold up a glass or plate and get mad when their will isn’t done immediately. Shameful.

  52. I worked about 5 events for Wolfgang Puck catering and it was an absolute nightmare. Not only was it the most disorganized, chaotic work environment I’ve ever been in, but the “clientele” were just asshats. Between asking for special orders at a one-option wedding dinner and just the general “I’m better than you” vibe, it was a real treat. I only planned to work part-time with my fiancé to help save for our wedding, but I told him I couldn’t take anymore after about 5 events. He’d been working there part-time for several years at that point, so he understood.

  53. That loading dock thing hit home. I used to work for a wedding/entertainment company and we’d have to deliver and set up the speakers and lights and all of that to places where people had receptions. Most of the time, it took just two people 1-2 trips to get all of our stuff from the van to the reception area. Any regular venue would usually be fine with us just coming in through the front door.

  54. 100% correct in that take. I’ve worked at multiple country and yacht clubs, the majority of those members have absolutely no sense of decency towards “the help”.

  55. I used to work as a wine waiter in a golf club. One time I worked their annual meeting. They had three classes of membership: youth, junior and adult. The Junior membership was for 16-21 but cost the same as adult. There was a proposal to abolish the junior membership. Some old duffer stood up and made a speech about how they shouldn't do this as "all young people are communists and they'll tear down this institution." Ah yes, I remember that bit in "The Condition of the Working Class in England" where Marx says "the revolution will start in the main lounge bar of Walmley Golf Club."

  56. "It's the biggest Jamaican platter I've ever seen! Jerk chicken, jerk beef, jerk pork...is there any meat this man can't jerk?"

  57. I get the joke but as a Caribbean Black American, if I visit your restaurant and the girl upfront isn't kinda rude and you aren't out of at least one dish, I'm not eating there. And yes, the lady or uncle cooking in the back is usually very rude for no reason.

  58. But don't you want to be a boss babe and run your own company? My manager says I can let you in on our team for a low price of $300, and it's usually $600! BTW I do still have a manager even though I'm my own boss.

  59. More like anyone successful in an MLM. I know so many girls who got roped in and failed because they weren't willing to DM people they didn't know or exploit family and friends.

  60. Regional managers. They always threaten to visit so you go overboard cleaning the whole store... they never show up.

  61. Actual RM here. I never announce my visits; makes too much stress for the staff. Besides - I don’t want you to make a big deal for me - I’m just there to see how you’re normally doing - not how you do when you know you’re boss is coming.

  62. A guy I use to be really good friends with. We grew up together close. Well he got a regional supervisor type job and they sent him to this 1 week like you stay and learn training thing. I honestly feel like he started to change after that week. Like they fucking reprogrammed him. After 6 months it felt like I didn’t know him anymore. Haven’t spoken to him in over a decade.

  63. Back in the day (2005-ish), I was in line for a promotion. The Regional Manager seemed to think I was ‘just one of the boys’ or whatever. Anyway- one day I was shadowing with him, he said we were going to visit a store.

  64. The ghetto is like a prison with invisible bars No matter where you at, it always follows you where you are And it's hard out there for a pimp to get out of But it's harder for the hooker that he beat the shit out of.

  65. I feel like "jerk" has an absolute ceiling of assholeness. Like if you cut me off in a parking lot, you're a jerk. But if I responded by going up to your car and smashed it with a golf club, that's not being a jerk. I guess there must be some good pimps out there but if we're going with normal associations it's assumed they're basically abusing their employees physically, verbally, or emotionally and probably exploiting them financially.

  66. 100% this. Moved to London back in 2016, and had to deal with recruiters and estate agents. They’d trick their own mothers if they got the chance.

  67. I've been working in IT for over 20 years. In that time, I've met two honest recruiters. Both of them I have been back to in order to discuss new roles. The rest are pretty much lying scum.

  68. It’s sort of a modern variation of the person who in the past wanted to “make it” in Hollywood. Only now they don’t have to go wait tables in LA or NYC hoping to score an audition. Instead, they can do anything to get noticed from the comforts of their own home.

  69. Life coaches. Or any other people who are basically unqualified but love dishing out advice based on their own personal theories, or whatever their latest showerthoughts of the morning were.

  70. UGH. MLM Huns in my area have moved from Beach Body to “Life Coaches”. Most of them divorced during their Beach Body stage, so I have no idea what advice they think they are qualified to give.

  71. The one that always gets me is when the people working at a university career success center graduated from that university and never held a job outside of the career success center. How can you give me advice when you never had to actually apply and you got pushed through an interview process so the school can say "look at all the successful grads with jobs!"

  72. “I’m a free time celebrity photographer.” “Oh, you photograph celebrities in your freetime?” “No, I photograph celebrities in their free time.”

  73. theres this video of kristen bell being relentlessly followed by tens of paparazzi and them harassing her to the point that she breaks down and cries. its so disgusting and they're all such garbage human beings, i cannot fathom how any of it is even remotely legal.

  74. I can't think of a single redeemable quality from that job. And I'm talking about the ones who harass and stalk celebrities while they're on the street on at the beach, not the ones who photograph film premieres.

  75. These people are the scum of the earth. Just because some things are allowed by the law, does not give you a free pass to be a complete waste of a human being.

  76. Imagine in Argentina, Maxima Sorrigeta the queen of the Netherlands said she doesn't want her dougher to came to Argentina by herself, cos the last time she was here to visit their grampas paparazzi (chimentos) started to talk about the princess overweight when she was only 15. I hate paparazzi so much, they're awful people

  77. There should be a law that if the celebrity catches a member of the paparazzi they are legally allowed to beat the shit out of them

  78. i met a woman at a party that for work tries to hook up with local celebrities and seduces them, gets in close with them, ghosts them and writes anonymous gossip articles about their secrets.

  79. I know so many high school mean girls who became nurses. It disturbs me that the meanest people I knew are now apart of the fragile healthcare system

  80. Im a dude becoming a nurse right now (almost finished 🤞🏾). This is so true. I work in a hospital and so many of them are mean as fuck. If you aren’t a nurse and even if you are sometimes. I hope I never end up that jaded in life. I am just down to help people feel better. Fuck the healthcare system, but if good people don’t go into it there will only be the mean girls.

  81. My mom (a nurse of 23 years now) has told me that it has become more and more that way in the last 10 years compared to what it was previously. The next generation of nurses has been comprised almost entirely of those types of people she claims

  82. Thing is, politicians who aren't assholes don't get voted in, because they don't use sleaze tactics to win.

  83. A popular US congressman was a customer of mine for years. He is actually super nice and a normal person when not "working". I never liked his politics (and still dont), but he was always nice. I've had beers with him a few times.

  84. When I went with parents to buy my first car, guy starts cracking bad women driver jokes there right in front of my mom.

  85. That’s why I just do my research ahead of time, tell the car salesmen what my offer is, take it or leave it. I make sure it’s something reasonable instead of asking for some ridiculously low price.

  86. Generally speaking, just salesmen. They don't have to have anything to do with cars to be AH sales jerks. The financial services salesmen that I have encountered have all been much more unpleasant than any of the car salesmen, especially when working with them. Plus, the financial sales lifestyle seem to give them this bad habit where they encourage their staff to live beyond their means because it somehow makes them look better and more successful. It's possible to look professional and successful without the name brands. However, if you're set on your PA wearing Chanel and Gucci and the like, then pay more than minimum wage! (Granted, that specific instance was a particularly massive micromanaging jerk, but from what I heard from some of the other PA's in that and two other financial services companies I've worked with, those types of requests were fairly common.)

  87. People think surgeons are, but it’s actually all the leeches of the U.S. healthcare system that are the true scum: health insurance administration, hospital administration, and pharmaceutical representatives.

  88. I've only ever met surgeons in an, erm, business setting. But all the ones who've chopped into me have been at least nice, and a couple have actually been hilarious.

  89. The surgeon thing is more to do with the type of person that is drawn to becoming a Surgeon, and to an extent it checks out. They do end up with a bit of a god complex if they are good at it.

  90. In the UK I have a surgeon I've been seeing for over a year and he's honestly one of the nicest people I've met, first name terms, actually taking an interest in not only my medical but personal wellbeing, talks to me like an equal rather than down to me, can probably rail off my medical history better than I can from memory, I've had appointments after hours over an hour long while he talked me through my procedure, then the 13 hours it took to do that procedure, followed up with two more smaller procedures.

  91. I worry less about my surgeon being friendly and more about them being good at cutting open humans and doing weird shit to their insides

  92. I'm sure there are plenty of lovely people in MMA, but the ones I happen to have encountered have all, unfortunately, been douchebags who give off rapey vibes.

  93. I met a cool one in a club in Tokyo some years back. Dude was wasted and joking on himself, showing me pictures of his last fight where he got his ass kicked. Wish I could remember his name, he was fun (and didn't give off rapey vibes).

  94. Something about bloodsports seems to invite people with personal boundary problems? I would like to say that it's obvious but I really don't know.

  95. My Dad worked in construction all his life. He's a senior quantity surveyor these days. I once asked him when I was younger, "Dad, what would I need to be an estate agent?"

  96. I think what’s even more sad probably are people who think they’re influencers but are not . I remember reading here some fella talkin about his wife who would not get a job because she was an influencer . She had probably on made 40 or 400 dollars , one of those .

  97. "Your bank won't give you a mortgage on that property, but for £1000 we can help set you up with a mortgage at another bank"

  98. In the uk the people who work for estate agents are generally young and underpaid. The industry itself is a cesspit - unregulated, long working hours, pressure to work over a lot of days. Someone I know who works in the industry contract states they’re not allowed to join a union.

  99. Yep you always see them strolling through their kingdom with a smug smirk and the store management fawning over every little thing, it's fucking pathetic

  100. Similar. I was at a Staples one time. One of those people came out of nowhere to explain to me how to shop. Literally a cart full of calculators and stuff and she just walks up to me and goes: "Hi, I'm from Head Quarters. When you are finished, take your items to the checkout counter where you can then purchase them". Thanks, Einstein. She also ripped the cart out of my hands at the checkout the second the last item was on the counter.

  101. Anyone who claims they have their own business but they're actually just selling Herbalife products as part of an MLM.

  102. "Girl Boss" or any variation of that phrase, often working for an MLM pyramid scheme. Look, I'm a girl too, I work hard, and I don't feel the need to brag about it. Just do your job and stfu.

  103. And this new variant of so many women getting into 'succrss coaching'. Basically they are creating more women like them by flaunting expensive things they bought. Pyramid scheme.

  104. Debt collectors. I personally knew one that took pleasure in making people cry. "ThEy ShOuLd PaY tHeIr BiLlS" when the person in question was on welfare for over a year.

  105. I know one guy who runs a small company and he gets so many people to pay just by being nice and working with folks. I think it's medical collections but I'd have to ask him again - been a while since I talked to him about his business.

  106. Attorneys, they’re the worst. Hate them. Also, am one, married to one and employ some. Definitely the worst.

  107. Toby is in HR, which technically means he works for Corporate, so he's really not a part of our family. Also, he's divorced, so he's really not a part of his family.

  108. My work used to have a good HR person, but she left the company because she could not lie with a poker face and she had to bring a lot of bad news to people who did not deserve it.

  109. Live sound engineers. Love you guys, and appreciate all that you do, but damn, stop taking everything so fucking personally.

  110. I used to think it was finance bros, because all the ones I knew in college were jerky, but then a good friend started dating a finance guy and he’s literally the coolest person and we hang out all the time lol. Definitely can’t judge a book by its cover all the time

  111. When I worked in sales the number one rule was to never talk bad about a product. Try to guide the customer into the right product for their needs, but never talk bad about another product in order to do that.

  112. I'm mentioning this here because I've never had the chance to say it anywhere else. I live reasonably near a place called Camelford, which crosses the River Camel.

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