Dear people with loud engine cars, what are you trying to tell the world about yourself?

  1. i hear people roar their engines when i’m just chilling in my room. happens very often as i’m surrounded by other college students. just wanna let all the car people know that your engine sounds cool but it doesn’t impress anyone

  2. That they will never satifsy a woman and that if they turn gay they will be power bottoms who drive their tops around. To put it short - small dick energy.

  3. That their small dicks are actually big dicks. I always chuckle because in my mind their cars are loud to drown out them crying over their small dicks.

  4. My car is actually a little louder than I'd like, but I couldn't drive a car with less oomph. I have a need for a certain number of seats, room for transporting my tools and various supplies, and I get aggravated by slow drivers, especially in intersections where I end up blocking traffic when lights change. If I had a little more disposable cash, I'd love to have a more powerful car with better sound dampening, but alas, I drive what I can afford.

  5. A mechanic I go to sometimes is 75 years old. Still likes building engines and putting cars together. Some of them are loud. I know a few people that put engines together out in the garage and see how good they can get them to run. It seems like people aren't getting into that as much lately. I did brakes on a car over the weekend on a car that cost $5000 less than our house. The guy spent so much money on cars that he couldn't afford anything else. His gf left him. I see a lot of that currently

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