[NSFW] What was the first thing that traumatized you on the internet?

  1. The beheading of Daniel Pearl. Can still hear him gurgle when they cut through his throat. It was a black and white video and you could not see anyones faces who was responsible. Just hands holding him down. His face had tears and looked exhausted and dirty. They muttered something in Arabic, then started cutting with a knife no bigger then a butter knife, maybe a little sharper. Hate has many faces, and the ones hating always think they’re right. They almost always take their hate out on the innocent.

  2. The two cartel snitches that got their heads cut off. The nephew had his head cut off with a chainsaw and the uncles with a small knife. The chainsaw hit his throat and shook his body. Blood shot all over the uncle and he just sat next to him and flinched b4 the other cut into his neck. Fucked me up for awhile

  3. Saw this when I was in 8th grade and haven’t been able to get that gurgling scream out of my head ever since..

  4. My grandma sent that to my mom back when chain emails were a big thing and I was pretty young. She opened it with me there and I was fucking scarred for life lol.

  5. Basically anything with the scary lady screaming. I turned the volume off whenever I browsed the web for years because of this crap

  6. Oh my god. I was sitting on my moms lap and she showed me that. I jumped so much I fell off her lap and hit the floor lmao. I had to be like 8 or 9 maybe.

  7. Oof, and clearly remember being in my dorm room and getting goatse'd from somethingawful. I was 100% traumatized. After I recovered, I grabbed my roommates to make sure they shared the horror.

  8. I was a little older when that hit the internets... And I'm glad to say I was smart enough to not give in to pressure. So, I've never seen it nor will I.

  9. I was in college and it still fucked me up. Recently learned that it was not actual shit they ate, but that’s the video that I could only watch once.

  10. Same. I had seen still images of gore before but none of it was particularly traumatizing, even if I wasn't 100% unphased by a lot of it. The (delayed) audio of him screaming is what really did it for me in that video.

  11. I saw this on my pc with my mom behind me watching too. I remember feeling like it had to be fake Hollywood special effects because my brain couldn't accept what it was seeing even though I knew it was real.

  12. Jeez I thought I was the only one. I actually sought it out and downloaded it from Limewire for some stupid reason. I was like 14 and started dry heaving.

  13. My brothers made me play a maze game where you go along and you're doing fine then BOOOO! some jump scare Exorcist thing.

  14. Yes a friend of pranked by urging me to play that Scary Maze. Before the game starts I even check the volume and is unreasonably loud. I honestly failed several times until he just helped me reach the final level. During that one particular part (if you know you know) damn that scary arse face pops out of nowhere along with a scream. To this day I'm vulnerable to jumpscare although it's a cheap trick to use.

  15. Oh for fucks sake. I remember this happening in one of those chain emails. The email itself was a link to a video of a misty forest scene, and the email says to turn up your volume and get really close to the screen and try to find what’s hiding in the woods, and then Exorcist chick pops up l, absolutely shrieking. My sister and I were like.... 8. Fucked me up for years. To this day, I still am cautious of certain videos.

  16. Is that the guy that exchanges looks with people in the room with a subtle smile on his face, then puts the pistol in his mouth and pulls the trigger in an instant?

  17. I went to a couple hard core goth clubs in the 90s that had that video on a loop. I'm just trying to get down to Skinny Puppy and NIN. No need to destroy me.

  18. It was a horrible video of a man being beheaded. I think it was from the Chechen war. My husband showed it to me thinking it was fake as he was amazed at how realistic it looked. His friend who sent him the video messaged him later and told him it was not fake. It was real. I knew something was wrong the minute a man steps on his head with his boot to hold him in place.

  19. My friend was obsessed with these kinda videos and he tried playing this one to me when we were at school. I turned it off as soon as I saw the knife about to go in. In a weird way the boot on the head was the shocking thing, it has been lodged in my memory since.

  20. This is the only truly horrible thing I’ve watched and honestly it left my memory mostly but you just reminded me. I can still see it in my head. Such a young girl.

  21. The night chris Benoit died, I was young and the guy was my favorite superstar Couldn't grasp the concept of someone killiny his own family then himself was horrible for me as a teenager

  22. I liked him as a wrestler too. Never thought someone else would have that same experience as me. Yeah, I was so conflicted about having liked him. I couldn't (still can't tbf) understand. Then Chester Bennington too. Sadlife.

  23. Right! I remember a picture of a mouse running down a transparent pipe, stuck into someone‘s butt. This was around 1997/1998, I was 12. ;-)

  24. I'm not quite sure I actually saw the video I'm talking about below on rotten.com but that site weirded me out real bad when I was younger. and couldn't stop looking.

  25. The magician... not the most gruesome. But watching you see when the trick fails and she's trying to get his attention.

  26. Nah, Salad Fingers is the most deranged thing I've ever seen. I've seen most of the videos in this thread, and all of them were upsetting/heartbreaking, but something about Salad Fingers just breaks me.

  27. Alright. I never saw this but read a lot about it. I don't want to look it up, but I'm tired of not knowing the context. Can someone explain the storyline?

  28. Freshman year of high school someone showed me a video of people jumping off a bridge over some concrete thing into a river and one guy doesn’t jump far enough and busts his head on the concrete- stupid amount of blood. Then after that they show him in the hospital and his jaw and nose are split in half and the doctors are putting it back together with his tongue flailing all over…. It’s burned into my brain

  29. I honestly thought it sucked. Was just a collection of cliches and an edgelord fantasy that felt hilariously forced. Then again, my ex claimed tonhace a crush on him and I think that's why she dated me, as one of my favorite sweaters was white at the time and I had emo hair

  30. Probably an ask reddit thread. I think it was unsolved mysteries and I deep dug everyone. I was paranoid for like three days after and wouldn't sit with my back to the door. It was weirdly addicting feeling. like I didn't like it but I couldn't stop reading.

  31. Back in the late 90s, dad is on the phone with a friend trying to find a website they had been looking at and then his friend guides him on how to bring up the internet history. This was back when it was common just to have one account everyone used and I was about to die trying to remember if I had cleared the history. I hid half the day.

  32. I was in 3rd grade, and I thought I remembered it well. But I didn’t truly process it until I went to the Flight 93 Memorial for the first time, and they have recorded news coverage of the whole thing, as well as voicemails of people on the plane. It’s.... haunting.

  33. idk about traumatized, but the story of Junko (Fushira? i forgot her last name… ) and other horrific cases of rape, murder, torture etc like the Toybox murders and similar

  34. Bonzai Kitten. A fake website (but I thought it was real) where they sold kittens that were put in jars and grew in those to take the shape of the jar. Supposedly tubes were inserted in the mouth and anus to keep the digestive system going so the kittens could grow inside the jar. I know people are sick enough to try this kind of shit for real, so I was quite upset about it. I don't care much for humans, but I can't stand animal abuse and torture. Luckily I found out the website was fake when I started to take serious actions to get the address of the website owner.

  35. I was going to the chiropractor and wanted to see how the appointment would be, so i looked on youtube. The comments were filled with sexualising and dehumanizing comments about the patients (young woman) body. While i was concentrating on the way she was treated, most comments were just setting timestamps when her boobs jiggled or when you could see her underwear through her tights.

  36. This one video of two guys arm wrestling and then one arm just snaps. The video was low quality and old, but the snap and visual are still super clear in my brain to the point it makes me nauseous

  37. Okay, so in Sixth grade, I was watching Alvin and the Chipmunks. And I liked the dynamic between Brittney and Alvin, so I searched up Alvin x Brittney chipmunks expecting to just see like ship fanart. WELL, when i clicked on the images, I saw a imagine smack dab in the middle of page of Alvin railing Brittney, with the artists addition of X-ray so you could literally see his spunk.

  38. So there’s a car driving along a nice country road, surrounded by some nice green grass with some calm music in the background… know where I’m going yet? And then all of a sudden, a “monster” pops into screen. I saw that way to early and it scared me way to much the more I think about it.

  39. My gf read it and said it just pushed things too far into absurdity. Whilst that's perhaps true, I do appreciate the author's intent and how successful he was in that though the sheer power of memes. Having grown up in New York, he wanted to express the awful things he saw happen to people around him as kind of an awareness thing. Cool shit tbh

  40. Not exactly something I saw as a kid, but a very disturbing video I ran into on Instagram about a year ago of a man getting his jacket stuck to this spinning machine and the machine was spinning so damn fast that literally his limbs were flying off and blood was everywhere and by the time a co worker noticed him stuck in the machine that sucked him in, there like no remains of him left except little chunks of his limbs and body parts and blood splattered all around the room.

  41. I was a gullible kid. When I first read the creepypasta “Smile Dog,” I was terrified because the one I had read had the picture attached and I thought it was going to come for me next. That messed me up for a while.

  42. A cat that was trapped inside a small cage was doused in petrol and set alight. The cats cries and noises it made as it succumbed to it injuries was absolutely heart breaking.

  43. That was also included on the Netflix documentary Don’t F**k With Cats. Very good doc about the internet banding together to track down an animal killer turned human killer who posted videos like that online. They don’t show the actual full scenes of the videos, but it’s enough. He wasn’t the one who did that with the cage and fire, but he recorded similar things as well as murdering a man. Spoiler alert: they caught the POS and he’s rotting in prison now

  44. The comment section of Vanessa Hudgen's nudes leak. I was in middle school and loved high school musical. It was a sad day...

  45. That picture of the iceberg where you can see the huge underside looming in the glowing water. I literally had a phobic reaction and let out a shriek and covered my eyes. I still don't like to look at that picture.

  46. I've seen a guy who looked like 14 years old get [email protected], then chopped up, then later be eaten. I didn't even mean to go to the website, one of my friends back then made me click a link when I was like 12 to what I thought was a YT music vid, shi has stuck with me since.

  47. This will let you know how old I am, but back when file sharing was a thing from download able programs from websites like Limewire. The one I had was Kazaa! This thing was my beginning of internet porn and mixed cd business I ran at my school. Unfortunately I downloaded one wrong file with a false title. I'm ashamed to say it was cp. It freaked me the fuck out and I felt soooooo fucking dirty afterward! It also came with a dirty little Trojan horse that crashed my computer. Never again after that!

  48. There's an old video of a guy walking on top of a train in what looks to be India. There are high voltage wires for the train within arms reach above his head. Guy casually reaches up while walking and gets fired instantly. It's so intense that there's a small explosion that startles the crowd below him. His body falls on top of the train smoldering.

  49. I was about 7 or 8 and learning how to tell the time at school. Went to type 'grandfather clock' into the school computer... missed the 'L'.

  50. I was about 12 helping a friend baby sit his little cousins. They had internet without a filter. He was looking up porn and found animal stuff. It was gross. Wanted no part of it. He laughed and kept clicking.

  51. thatsphucked.com seeing someone cut a captives persons head off with a shitty, rusty knife. First time seeing life leave someone’s eyes.

  52. When I was around 11, my friends and I discovered a website called bloodshows. The Bud Dwyer video, The Beheadings, there was a thousand videos just like that on there. The videos that really stuck out to me, and caused me to become able to stomach that sort of shit, was the BME Pain Olympics. Most disgusting shit on the face of the planet. In the span of just 3 hours, I saw 3 guys 1 hammer, 1 man 1 jar, and the BME Pain Olympics. The video that disgusted me the most, though, to this day, was some woman tossing bagged kittens into a river.

  53. I clicked on a shady link 5 months ago and it opened up a site full of cocks and whatever the fuck you could put in between those images of cocks as long as it is nudity or uncensored surgery images

  54. I thought it was a good idea to search for a website to watch my the cartoons I was obsessed with at the time: Hi Hi Puffy Amy Yumi. Obviously Cartoon Network wouldn't let me because I didn't have any money, so I asked Google. I watched the beginning of a lot of videos, but I couldn't find my cartoons :C Now I know enough pirate resources to watch any cartoon I want, but maybe... just maybe cartoons should be more easily available online, you know? Like, c'mon do we really want 8 years old children getting into websites with adds about viagra and naked women in their neighborhood?

  55. I think it was this…website about gore? Or really really triggering stuff. I went in in screen share on a discord not really expecting anything and there was Russians whipping a guy in Crimea for drug possession or something. I noped outta there.

  56. I’m not sure I would exactly say traumatized, but when myself and my siblings were younger the A*Teens had just come out with a cover of Dancing Queen. My mother loved the original by ABBA so of course we listened to the song a ton.

  57. Back in the early days (late 90's) I remember looking for porn and clicked on a video of a woman using a live eel as a dildo. You didn't really get summary vids it was all or nothing type thing. I can still see the image. Sigh

  58. Rotten.com. There was a picture of a guys face laying on the ground, his head had been blown off by a sniper but his face was just peeled off the skull perfectly. At that point I was pretty young and thought heads just exploded.

  59. I was probably 7 years old and we just got a computer. This was around late 90’s early 00’s. I wanted to meet new friends so I went to girls.com…. I vividly remember the home screen. It’s been 20 years and I’m still too scared to check the link again.

  60. When all the weirdos would send you the “share with 5 friends or you will die tonight” then it would take you to a link of a fake story blah blah blah. 5th grade me would cry and be scared for my life.

  61. The ISIS execution of Fadi Ammar Zidan via tank… I was only 12 lol, but I became desensitized to it so I wouldn’t say it traumatized me, but opened my eyes a bit more

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