What is your favorite video game of all time?

  1. Original Star Wars Battlefront 2. Galactic conquest was an amazing feature, also the 501st campaign was so good.

  2. Star Wars Battlefront 2 was one of the first games I bought when I swapped over to PC gaming. I spent countless hours in galactic conquest. I love / hated getting into multiple space battles and forgetting there was a ground portion to the game!

  3. I am so unbelievably glad this was the top comment. It's exactly what I came to say. There are games that I honestly enjoy better, especially now when they're all so much more advanced. But I still go back to BF2 all the time. It's just so much fun, and I dumped so much time into it. I have such good memories playing that game. Also, you're right. Galactic conquest was the shit

  4. Conquest was soooo fun. I miss that game ngl. I still hear “we’ve captured another command post”’sometimes in dreams 😂😂

  5. When I replayed the enhanced edition I was floored at how amazing this game was. I uncovered every nook and cranny I could and still have probably only seen 60% of the content. No game has made me feel like I’m playing D&D like this.

  6. It's crazy how much memory association I have with THPS2. Like I can pinpoint moments in my life and how I was feeling at the time (the relationships I was in, what school was like, my tastes in music), just by thinking about this game.

  7. I loved making dog and engineer armies. Go in and wipe out any human and then waves of engineers hoping you could take over a building and sell it before the tanks got you. Or rolling into town with a a prism tank fleet

  8. One of my most cherished memories of childhood is my mother surprising me with this game one day. I don't know if that makes it my favorite game, but certainly my most memorable.

  9. Same, and I'd argue its the best video game ever created. The controls, level design and overall experience I have never seen matched. And it's endlessly re-playable, and will be until the end of time.

  10. Halo 3 just holds such a special place in my heart. First game I ever properly played with my dad, and still my favourite game to date.

  11. Custom games. I'd be clock watching in school in anticipation of getting home and playing Mike Myers, Jenga, Fat Kid etc.

  12. I cannot fathom how Nintendo doesn't just... make another one of these. The formula was perfect, a fantastic balance of story, gameplay, characters, and side quests. The only thing worth tweaking was the inventory system, and that's not a huge deal. The closest we've come since to the perfection of TTYD was The Origami King, which had a lot of the same humor and writing chops and interesting locales, but insisted on a weird battle system. Just make a new game that uses the TTYD as a skeleton! People will buy it!

  13. DKC2 was the very first video game I owned. My grandma got it for me for my 5th birthday, along with a sick wallet that already had $5 in it. RIP grandma love you.

  14. Which is you favorite implementation of it? I’m really enjoying Effect, but I had amazing times with the N64 version.

  15. My favorite Elder Scrolls game. Getting into it coming from newer games is a challenge, but worth it. I love how there are no quest markers so you have to immerse yourself in the world to know what to do and where to go, talking to people, asking directions. Even the combat is not that bad once you understand how it works.

  16. nothing compares. CT has 12 different endings (13 if youre on the DS port), each one shows a different story if the game is finished at different points. if you didn't complete certain events, if you didnt meet certain people, the ending changes accordingly. this was in 1995. CT coined the term New Game Plus. absolutely holds up to this day and remains one of the best games ever committed to silicon.

  17. Honestly Chrono Trigger saved my Christmas last year. In the UK we had a complete lockdown which resulted in me having to spend Christmas alone for the first time ever.

  18. Red Dead Redemption is my answer as well. The game was perfect from start to finish in my book. That first time rolling into Mexico will forever be ingrained in my memory.

  19. I'm 25, never played it when RDR came out. I played RDR2 during lockdown then finished RDR1 a couple months ago. I'm glad I played the original second. It was great to go through RDR1, knowing what all the characters had already been through.

  20. I remember Christmas morning. Opened it up and put the disk in my Packard bell with 150mhz processor. Went to install. "This game requires 32mb of RAM.". I only had 24. I was so disappointed.

  21. Definitely in my top 5 all time, especially the re-released version without the fixed camera (can't remember the name of it). Played the shit out of it on both PS2 and 3.

  22. Yooooo. I was literally thinking this to myself as I read the title of OP’s post. Was one of the first games I played. Ripto’s Rage to be exact. And then I remember convincing my mom to buy me the three pack, like c’mon mom! Three games for the price of one, what a steal! Great time playing that. Was stoked when they rebooted them. A

  23. Original Spyro for me. First game I got with my PS1, first game I completed, every few years Inget the urge to give it a run through again

  24. Goldeneye. Those late 90s get togethers with my bro and some mates, 4 player Licence to Kill all maps. Glorious, nostalgic and etched firmly in my soul.

  25. So we got so competitive with this, we made a huge [+] shaped cardboard divider that stopped you being able to see the other players screens.

  26. Loved this game, although I think Vice City was the game I enjoyed playing most at the time, with San An very close behind. I think the Scarface references and soundtrack were what made the difference.

  27. Absolutely fucking absurd a game that routinely goes on sale for like $2.50 can keep pumping these free updates full of content over and over again.

  28. ME2 as a vanguard on insanity difficulty is just so much damn fun. It's a struggle at first but once you figure out the rhythm of biotic charge/shoot/melee, you weave through every fight like some kind of unstoppable shotgun jedi. It plays so much differently than every other class, I love it.

  29. Mass effect 2 is so damn good. I was sad they didn't keep ME1's sillyness where you could yeet anyone out of the stratosphere with lift+throw thow.

  30. I'm surprised how low this is in the list. I would have guessed this to be in the top 2-3 comments. As of right now this is 25 comments down. The Witched 3 is in there twice (which I'm ok with).

  31. 2 and Brotherhood get overlooked too quickly or boiled down to their mechanics/settings. I think the characters and plot (inside and out of the animus) were heavily under praised. Those two games gave me so much intrigue and love for the franchise.

  32. Banjo Kazooie. My uncle bought an N64 so we could have something to bond over at his house. He used to just watch me play that game, it was a great time.

  33. This is such an excellent choice. The weapons were second to none (and they all had secondary functions!). Love how it throws you against those creepy overpowered aliens at the end. I had such a blast playing with bots, with the excellent multiplayer level design. The feeling that everything was a futuristic version of Goldeneye was so awesome.

  34. The most underrated game on N64. I call it “Better Goldeneye” because it is. They took goldeneye and improved on it ten fold in so many ways. And yet countless sheeple will tell you Goldeneye is the better game. Superb. You sir are a man of taste.

  35. Totally awesome game! The whole atmosphere, the setting and telling the whole story in just a subtle way, while you are still playing basically without alot of cutscenes.

  36. Yes! All I ever hear is OoT. A link to the past was the first video game I really got into. Really felt like an adventure.

  37. My bf and I were recently trying to find GH or RB but it's all sooooo expensive and hard to find now.

  38. Probably Skyrim, I had never been immersed in that large of a world before. Even made better by my love for all things fantasy. I finished basically every quest and joined every guild in that game. So much fun.

  39. I love Borderlands 2, but Tiny Tina's attack on Dragonkeep DLC is one of my favorite experiences of gaming period. Literally playing out a DnD campaign, with so much creativity and character to it. And Tina's breakdown at the end? LOVE this DLC so much!

  40. same. Handsome Jack is one of the best villains I have seen in gaming ever, and the Borderlands 2 is basically a 'looter-shooter' game made to perfection. Just enough story to catch your interest, characters that are funny and keeps the game alive, and sooo many fun guns to try.

  41. Got this game for Christmas one year because my dad thought the cover looked cool, boy did that shot in the dark nail every target for miles around.

  42. This. I played this so many times. Definitely my favorite. Plus I live about 3-4 hours from Vegas, I’ve been to good springs and jean (saw the Bonnie n Clyde car at of of the casinos at state line).

  43. One of my all time favorite video game memories was having a snowday during high school and playing TF2 all morning cozy inside while the snow came down

  44. I remember when it came out it got crap for the graphics being stylized because everything was all about pushing realism at the time. The style totally set the tone of the game and is awesome.

  45. I wanted Overwatch to be TF2 2 so badly and at the very beginning it almost was. Then the moba crowd latched on and the whole thing became hyper competitive instead of a fuck-around silly sandbox. They've since introduced silly side modes here and there but the community is just not the same and that's half of what made TF2 what it was.

  46. Agree, no game has left a lasting impression on me like Outer Wilds. When I first played it I would have said it was top 5, but it has been over a year and I still think about it on a regular basis. I can't say the same for any other game, which I think makes it my favorite.

  47. Wait.....there's DLC??? I LOVED Outer Wilds but was waiting a while to forget as much as possible before returning. Is the DLC worth coming back to the game?

  48. This is my all time favorite game, and Echoes was killer! I think between when I played it and now, I’ve forgotten enough of the fine details that I can go back through and play it again, pretending I don’t know how to beat it in one loop…

  49. This is the second time on reddit I've seen people praise this game in two days. I love elite dangerous, I know they're prolly two completely different games. But I love space. So I might have to grab it now.

  50. Outer wilds is such a special game and it's so hard to explain to people why. "A spacegame with huge, intertwining puzzles, where your progress is purely knowledge-based. Soundtrack is incredible and memorable, the themes are both beautiful and terrifying. The only way to replay it is by watching other people experience it and anymore i tell you would ruin it."

  51. Halo 2. No other game has come close to the jaw dropping brilliance of that game when it was released, especially with online mode starting then too. I was truly blinded by its majesty.

  52. Got it the day of its release and played 22 hours straight, only bathroom breaks, didn't even eat, honestly one of the most fun moments of my life

  53. This game turned me into a shameless and relentless Halo fanboy 15 years ago. Just a fantastic experience.

  54. H2 multiplayer was a revolution. The granddaddy of all multiplayers to follow. Pretty sure i missed 50% of my classes freshman year of college just drinking natty light and playing halo two with the boys all day every day

  55. Waiting for Silksong is tough, just because Hollow Knight is so good. I believe in Team Cherry delivering a sequel that will rival Hollow Knight's quality.

  56. I think that series really peaked at 3. I tried the later ones but for some reason I just couldn't get into them.

  57. Fable 2. One of the most unique games I’ve ever played and it just reminds me of my childhood. I replay it about every year or two and I just get this huge feeling of coming home every time.

  58. I know there is no such thing as a "perfect" game, but TO ME Bloodborne is just perfect. Everything in the game, from gameplay, lore, pacing and specially the atmosphere is just spot on. Absolutely love this game.

  59. Agreed! Has one of the best game OSTs of all time imo. Nothing is as magical as landing on Space Junk Galaxy and hearing the first notes play as you see the road ahead. My childhood, man

  60. OMG I have 3D All Stars and I beat it again awhile ago. It was so nostalgic! Already need to play again. Like I teared up at some parts on how much I loved it as a kid. Like remembering that life was so easy back then just hits home 🥲

  61. I love that game so much. I can get lost in it for hours. Something about the repetitive nature of it just gets you trapped in the cycle of playing. It’s so calming to play as well

  62. That was waaay further down than I expected. Easily the game I played the longest, and I keep coming back for a different mod set all the time. Currently at ~500h into a pyanodon sea block game.

  63. So many people rave about it. I'm surprised that there's so few with it as their favorite game. Maybe because they didn't play it during their formative years and nostalgia is one hell of a drug?

  64. Uncharted 2 is probably the best self contained game experience I’ve had. The train fight in that game is incredible. I know people hate on the uncharted and last of us games because they’re on rails but there’s nothing cooler IMO than a well executed set piece

  65. Some people hate being told a story. They want to control the story. I remember people being mad when TLOU didn't let you make a decision at the end. Like... nothing about this game ever suggested that you could make a choice at any point.

  66. This was a game I rented from blockbuster. Never returned it. Greatest hits copy. Game was pure enjoyment from what I recall

  67. Similarly, my favorite is Half Life: Alyx. Such an incredible experience. It was the game that helped me see the true potential of VR.

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