What's a movie that should NEVER be remade?

  1. Mr Bean. No one will ever be able to recreate the character as well as Rowan Atkinson. Really anything from Rowan Atkinson can never be remade. Blackadder for instance

  2. I remember first time seeing Rowan Atkinson being interviewed not in character. And growing up with my only knowledge of him as Mr. Bean, it blew my mind. He is as prim and proper British as his characters are bungling weirdos.

  3. Though I wouldn't mind seeing Atkinson return to doing small-scale Bean specials. There are so many dumb things I can see him trying to do, like "Enjoy the Oculus Rift, Mr. Bean".

  4. Maybe not remakes, but Ridley Scott has tried to recapture the magic with Prometheus and Covenant and neither one quite worked.

  5. Besides the fact that Tom Hanks was perfect, I don’t see a modern remake of Forrest Gump being received well based on cultural shifts alone

  6. The Netflix show The Movies That Made Us has an amazing episode on Forrest Gump. It's a miracle we got the movie we did. Apparently the book was horrible, the budget was lacking, and tons of mishaps. Not to mention new technology to do the scenes with him interacting with Presidents and the like.

  7. There are no advances in technology, cinematography, writing, or acting that could possibly add anything to that movie.

  8. Similar vein but there is a rumour that Seth McFarlane of Family Guy fame wants to make a Naked Gun with Liam Neeson

  9. To anyone attempting to remake Airplane, I just want you to know - good luck we’re all counting on you.

  10. Here's a concept: the remake is actually a movie about they attempting to remake Groundhog Day, but the director is stuck in a time loop until he finally admits they shouldn't remake it.

  11. You’re right, Labyrinth is where I’d draw the line. They try remaking that in any way and I’m quitting media and moving out to a cabin in the woods.

  12. John Cleese would disagree. I saw him give a talk a few years ago after a viewing of Holy Grail. And he was all "yeah, this is a terrible ending to the movie, and if you think I'm wrong, consider these following alterations" and went on to describe something that would almost certainly be a huge improvement.

  13. I'd put Seven right next to Fight Club. Lucky to even have those two made without studio interference. Would probably never happen that way today.

  14. "How could they remake Casablanca? Philistines. The one starring Mira Binglebat and Peter Beardsley is definitive."

  15. I came here to say The Blues Brothers. Jake and Elwood ARE John and Dan and their friendship and their soul brother connection. It wouldn’t work with anyone else plus you can’t replace the band itself seeing as they were highly talented and legendary blues musicians that played with the greats like Otis Redding and Muddy Waters. Plus the supporting cast of legends like Aretha, Cab, James Brown, Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker, etc

  16. Jurassic Park won't feel the same. Jurassic World 1 is good but both the JW films have bigger dinosaur scenes so they need more CGI and it just doesn't have the same magic as Jurassic Park.

  17. Jurassic Park will always be one of the greatest cinematic experiences I’ve ever had. I don’t think I can describe to younger people who are used to easy CGI how incredibly awe inspiring it was to see dinosaurs sharing the screen with people in such a realistic looking way.

  18. The thing that perfectly summed up the difference between the two Jurassic franchises was when the theme song crescendos for both.

  19. It was my first thought. There is importance in making art to educate the world of the reality of the atrocities that humanity has committed. But there are some things that only need to be made a small number of times or else the atrocities lose their impact. It was superbly done and an exceptionally important work, but there is no reason to imitate it or create it again.

  20. I kinda feel like this could be extended to really any animated movie. OG art style of an animated movie is what makes it iconic.

  21. I honestly don't think they could now anyway. That twist ending was such a shock at the time and wouldn't have the same impact now since movies have copied the formula time and time again since sixth sense was released.

  22. Can’t believe they are making a remake. Seems like one of those movies that couldn’t exist in modern times due to, you know, cell phones.

  23. Big Trouble in Little China. It’s already about as close to perfect as a movie can be and is also very much a movie of it’s time.

  24. Not only is the casting absolutely iconic, the trilogy is fundamentally tied to the decade it was made in. The 1955 is not the real 1955, but the nostalgic view its generation had of it in 1985, while 2015 also can only exist in that context.

  25. I actually heard there is a clause in the contract of the screenwriters that said that back to the future cannot be remade in the screenwriters lifetimes.

  26. What if there was a Back to the Future about some dudes coming here from the future to prevent the remake of back to the future which lead to bad times in their timeline? Kind of like Terminator, but instead of Skynet, a shitty BTTF remake starring James Corden as Doc Brown and Rebel Wilson as Marty, leads to a fucked dystopia.

  27. Everyone talking about old movies that are timeless classics. But noone talks about the implications of certains movies, such as American Pie, a great movie but it's a product of its time and would be poorly received if made today or remade keeping its original story.

  28. My immediate thought. You just won’t be able to recreate the same feeling the original film gives. Plus I believe filming on the ocean is a big no no for studios these days. Even Spielberg said he would never do it again

  29. The first was just so real. The shark was huge but nothing in the movie was unbelievable. It was paced beautifully. The "we delivered the bomb" scene is incredible.

  30. I absolutely love the Tremors franchise but I seriously wish they'd stop already lol. My family used to watch 1, 2, and 3 often and we still have several Tremors-based jokes. The newest one completely took me by surprise (probably shouldn't have) but for whatever reason I thought "oh, okay so Cold Day in Hell is the last. Alright."

  31. I’m convinced that POTC Curse of the Black Pearl is one of the finest scripts ever written. For a family-friendly adventure movie, it’s perfect in basically every single way. They just absolutely knocked it out of the park.

  32. It’s definitely a trilogy. Gore Verbinski did 3, so it’s just 3 to me haha. I actually have a quote from 3 on my wedding ring but I refuse to acknowledge 4 and 5

  33. Someone might be able to remake it and make it actually good, but then it would suck because it didn't suck anymore.

  34. The Dark Crystal. That movie was all sorts of fucked up while giving me nightmares for weeks, and I don't want the world to be subjected to any more terror than it has already experienced.

  35. There was actually a sequel to forest gump. If I remember correctly the author would not sell the movie rights as he had a beef with the studio as they allegedly owed him over a million dollars in royalties from the first movie, but with their "creative" accounting somehow the movie didn't make back its budget and he never got paid.

  36. This needs to be higher up. A lot of the other top comments are great movies that just shouldn’t be remade because of a great cast or great actor as the main role, but Peter Jackson’s LotR is the perfect storm that set the bar way too high for fantasy. You not only had a cast of great actors, but many of whom were devoted to making this project great. You had an insane prop and set team who loved the movies and wanted to make Middle Earth come to life, you had devoted writers who agonized over the script and language, you had a team that realized that it should be written and filled as a Trilogy, and then you had Howard Shore’s music. I know some who think the music is too much, but Shore wrote a 9-12 hour Wagnerian Opera as the score to Lord of the Rings, which is such an absolutely incredible accomplishment with some of the most combinations of story, cinematography, acting, and music. (Charge of the Rohirrim at Pelenor, lighting of the beacons, the end of all things). It should NEVER be remade.

  37. I had to scroll so much for this comment...I wholeheartedly agree as everything in it was pure perfection and I'm afraid it could only be made worse. One of the examples of this is the Hobbit trilogy, it couldn't stand a chance against the ot and the new things like cgi only made it worse.

  38. Really one of the best sci-fi films ever made. To date, if I'm somewhere and it's on a tv, I'll just stop and watch, like it's the first time.

  39. Saw it recently for the first time. Holy shit, how did I ever get through life without seeing it? That movie is a masterpiece and Ruby Rod is an absolute gem of a character!

  40. I’ll never forget how bad the reviews were from critics, and one stated that the movie had zero plot. I never read another movie review again after seeing it for myself.

  41. Silence of the lambs one of the best story lines in movie history and no way it can be done better than Anthony Hopkins

  42. Could you imagine the how bad that would be? Especially if all they did was to use the original footage and just fuck with the special effects?

  43. They have tried to do this like 4 times already and everytime something happens and its not made. Its like the ghost of Brandon Lee is fucking it up, and no one will take the hint that it is not supposed to be.

  44. Gotta make the stipulation that the covers can only be done by someone that is a true triple threat and in addition to singing, be able to legitimately act and drive a semi to play Snowman.

  45. “Mr Simpson, this is the most blatant case of fraudulent advertising I have seen since my case against the film, ‘the Neverending Story.’ “

  46. No. That’s the one that DEFINITELY needs to be remade, especially since the author hated the film and it only covered less than half the book, missing all of the important themes of the story. I love that movie because it’s part of my childhood, and without it I wouldn’t have ever come to read the book in the first place. But I hope one day someone does the original story justice. It deserves it.

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