What movie would be super weird if it had a sex scene in it?

  1. There was a great line on 'I'm Sorry, I Haven't a Clue' (UK radio show) regarding Lionel Blair (camp-but-straight UK presenter, now dead) on Give Us a Clue (UK TV show: essentially, charades):

  2. I vividly remember my friend showing me a tik tok that said “I bet the porche from cars has a tight little muffler pussy” and honestly, I haven’t been the same since

  3. There's adult content in those movies. In the first one the two groupie Miatas (Mia and Tia are their names) call out to McQueen to get his attention and then flash their pop-up headlights at him. The implication could not be more obvious.

  4. There’s totally a sixth emotion called Lust. It’s just never seen because Riley is too young and the adults have Lust under control.

  5. Man, I had to go back and re-read the pages leading up to that as I was like “surely this is Beverly dreaming or something” but no. I understood the purpose, but no that was weird as fuck I felt weird reading it

  6. It had the scene where Joice tried to seduce him. Considering that the whole is a live story, a sex scene would not be too weird.

  7. Didn't I see a parody about this somewhere? Remy turned out to be a progidy in bed as well, and Colette got really mad when she found out that's why Linguini insisted on keeping his hat on.

  8. Can't believe I had to scroll this far for this one... "Honey, I'm home!! Hope your ass is lubed, it is Fisting Friday after all!!!" 😳

  9. Idk what would be worse, daughter in the moms body fucking her moms fiancé, or mom using her daughters body to get dick from some high schooler(therefore cheating on her fiancé).

  10. Fun fact about Good Will Hunting: Matt Damon and Ben Afleck wrote that movie together. When they were shopping the script around to several movie producers. Turns out that they decided to write a scene where Robin Williams character performs oral sex on Matt Damon’s character completely out of any context. Of all of the movie producers they handed the script, only one of them said “Ummm, the script is good, but there’s just this one scene that doesn’t make sense…” And that’s who they sold the script to, because it showed that they actually read thru the whole thing.

  11. Natalie Portman is often perceived as cold and distant from fans. The reason is that when she received "fan mail" after The Professional a non-insignificant portion of it were detailed rape fantasies about her.

  12. Space jam, teenage mutant ninja turtles, toy story, the animated one where you follow the feelings of people in their head I forget name

  13. Most of these are pretty low-hanging kids’ movies fruit, so I’m gonna go with Mrs. Doubtfire. I can’t think of a single damn reason why a sex scene would be in there or where it would even go. I dunno, maybe if the inspector lady was a lesbian? lol

  14. My funny fantasy is in The Incredibles, when Helen punches Mirage and Bob starts reeling her in while she says let go and he kisses her, they start hate fucking right then and there

  15. Oh dude, “I am legend” easily; remember when he’s hitting on the mannequin? If we got a scene where will smith is humping a mannequin all seriously, breathing down its neck and shit.

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